Gang Violence a Sad Fact of Life Within Metro Vancouver

Wow! Time flies sometimes. Here we are, in Novembers incessant rain, and it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything on the blog.Let’s just say, it has been a busy time,for me and there are a couple of stories I’m busy with. Frankly, I’m really just too tired at the end of the day to sit and rant about anything- not from lack of rants though!

Let’s talk about the gang violence and shoot-ups going on. Really, I dont give a shit how many of these “gansta’s” get shot – as far as I’m concerned, it’s one less  idiot for the justice system to waste its time and resources on.  It is the brazen disregard shown for other citizens around them that gets me. In Surrey, it’s nothing new, and there have been many gang related incidents there in the past.

In the first year we lived in our new neighbourhood, there were 6 different Indo -gang related shootings, and one death ,within an eight block radius of our home – and we live in a nice neighbourhood. A major gangster player was shot down with an automatic rifle right in front of his parents home, one block from an elementary school, and right behind our home. We heard the shots being fired that night. In another incident , a young girl was nearly shot as she slept in her bed, when a car full of gangbangers drove by spraying her house with bullets, in error, having obtained the wrong address for their target. Our quiet little family cul-de-sac is often filled with pimped out cars due to one gangster wannabe neighbour, who makes us all wish the earth would just swallow him up, and fear for our safety.

The reaction has been one of surprise by some , that the latest shootings have occurred in a wealthier Vancouver neighbourhood. No surprise there, these men are rich, living well and enjoying the high life, and one doesn’t know anymore if your friendly neighbour is a businessmanor a mobster. Vancouver can no longer make fun of any other city for gang violence, because they are beating us outright in numbers right now.  Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan is once again showing his trademark wimpy style of leadership and I have to wonder where his head is as he has shared his solutions in the last couple days. Thinking that getting addicts onto prescription aided drug programs – that we are going to end up paying for- will curb the drug and gang violence is insane, to say the least. Get out of office Mr.Sullivan, before you are run out. Don’t count on a re-election next year.

The solution to this problem is multi-facted. The lifestyle seems so glamorous to new recruits- women , cash, gems and gold. It needs to be de-mystified, de-glamourised, and the reality of death, retaliation and no way out needs to be emphasized in schools and with parents. The police need reinforcements and unity, with open borders and communication between RCMP and municipal forces . Tougher sentences, zero tolerance and no second chances. Get them while they’re young and impressionable.  This has nothing to do with getting addicts off the street, because an addict on a prescription drug is still an addict, and much like they sell methadone on the streets in Surrey, the  same will happen with other drugs.

Lets hope the next time a “gansta’s” time is up, its not you or I out there enjoying an evening out, beside him, as he goes down like so many others.

I’m Laila Yuile, and this is how I see it.