Snowed in.

Not one to blog twice in one day, I’m somewhat stuck at home and bored. While my daughter tells me CKNW weather reports it has stopped snowing (or is raining)  in most areas of the coast, a wide band of snow is hanging around some cities.

And I’m in the middle of it.

There is over a foot of snow in my backyard, and its still coming down by the snowball. Working out today consisted of  shovelling snow, trekking in the snow ,shovelling more snow,  and then making a 6ft + snowman in the front yard with my boys. I’m tolerating it, but barely. One would never think I lived in northern Prince George until I was 19, because -2c  seems incredibly cold to me now. I am officially a wuss, by my hometown standards.

Or maybe I’m just getting old.

I shouldnt complain though. Where else but the South Coast of BC, can you have a blizzard  with a foot of snow , a flood watch, and a torrential “pineapple express” rainstorm all in 24 hours? Never a dull moment and we always have something to chat about.

Thank god I live on the top of the hill.

” Tasers safer than Tylenol”

Here’s an interesting article I read this morning in the Health News section of , regarding the safety of tasers.  Read it yourself, and you might find it  as laughable as I did. Although the fellow in question claims to have no bias regarding tasers , he is getting paid as a consultant by the company.  Perhaps law enforcement officials should start using Tylenol in their arsenals…