” BC Sergeant who championed tasers use in Canada had stock options in US Taser manufacturer”

 Here is an interesting article from the Globe & Mail, telling the story of veteren police officer Darren Laur, the Victoria Sgt. who initiated the use of taser in the first detachment in Canada.

A subsequent research paper he wrote – which concluded that tasers were safe and effective – laid the groundwork for the devices’ spread to police departments across the country. There are questions surrounding Laur’s motives and actions during that time period, as  it is revealed he owned stock options in US taser manufacturer, Taser International.


Read, and let me know what you make of the story. Was he financially motivated? Do you feel this is conflict of interest?  Does it change how or what you think of taser use by the RCMP – or not? One thing that always, always , raises an eyebrow with me, is an undisclosed financial relationship in which the monetary benefit is clear.  One must then question the credibility of the  words and actions conveyed by the person in question.  See my previous post on conflict of interest in the archives.