” BC Sergeant who championed tasers use in Canada had stock options in US Taser manufacturer”

 Here is an interesting article from the Globe & Mail, telling the story of veteren police officer Darren Laur, the Victoria Sgt. who initiated the use of taser in the first detachment in Canada.

A subsequent research paper he wrote – which concluded that tasers were safe and effective – laid the groundwork for the devices’ spread to police departments across the country. There are questions surrounding Laur’s motives and actions during that time period, as  it is revealed he owned stock options in US taser manufacturer, Taser International.


Read, and let me know what you make of the story. Was he financially motivated? Do you feel this is conflict of interest?  Does it change how or what you think of taser use by the RCMP – or not? One thing that always, always , raises an eyebrow with me, is an undisclosed financial relationship in which the monetary benefit is clear.  One must then question the credibility of the  words and actions conveyed by the person in question.  See my previous post on conflict of interest in the archives.

Attacker laughs after release, “Full of Remorse.”

***Dec.13/07- CBC reports that Tuan Nguyen claims his laughter was a “nervous response” to the media attention that day, and that he is very apologetic to the Levy family and for his actions. Of course he is going to be very remorseful, now that Wally Oppal has called for a review of his sentence. Regardless of his obviously inappropriate actions before and after court, my view remains that the sentence is far removed from what he should have received. He still remains free ,and at home, which could hardly be considered punishment of any kind considering the heinous nature of the attack. ***

Something is wrong, very wrong , in Surrey today. Today, Tuan(Tony) Minh Nguyen  is walking, WALKING free, while his victim, Micheal Levy, will be spending his holdays in his wheelchair, as he may for the rest of his life.

CTV news Vancouver  had video coverage showing Tuan laughing on his way into court,and on his way out, yet the judge felt his sentence was appropriate because he had shown such remorse for his actions. 

Sure. The guy is laughing all the away to whatever party he had last night. Another of Micheal’s attackers ,Robert Alexander Green ,was given three years in jail, less one year for time served at a Burnaby youth facility.. the third attacker will be sentenced in 2008.


Three kids attack another kid with broken beer bottles, pepper spray AND take a hatchet to his head and neck, and its considered assault? Are you trying to say that they werent trying to kill him? What did they think was going to happen when they hacked at his neck with that thing? Wait…… that’s it – they didnt think, did they?

Kids  who know the system, know they can get away with murder as a youth offender. The system occasionally comes down hard, but not often enough. Steal a car, no time. Do it again, maybe youth detention. Big Freaking Deal.

Sitting in a nice house, with tv, books, internet, some nice meals…..some punishment.

Take these kids, and bring them to a good old-fashioned, work camp, out in the boonies somewhere. Uniforms. Hardwork all day long, regimented schedule. Repercussions for giving lip,or not following the program. Actually make them feel punished.

I’d like to know something else about these kids. Where were their parents through all this? Did the parents not know what these kids were into? What did they do, or not do,  to contribute to kids that thought this kind of assualt was fun. Do you think this sentence was fair? What is your recommendation to curb youth violence and youth offenders?