Burning panties and deer ticks, or, my week in paradise…

Life is never dull.

Taking advantage of an extra week of spring break this year, the family and I took a jaunt up the Sunshine Coast to our secret paradise getaway.

What a getaway it was! Yesterday was an unbelievable example of why the island is just so wonderful – much of the day was spent savouring the sun on a white sand beach, sans shoes and socks, with sleeves rolled up to expose as much of our winter white skin as possible,double digits baking in the sunny heated sand… It was heaven, and yes, it was in B.C. Today I’m sporting a lovely little bit of pink all over as a tangible reminder. But the week left us with some other reminders too – some funny and some not so funny.

For example, I learned just how flammable my modern material panties are, or should I say, were. Having only packed a few pairs along, I did a bit if hand-washing in the sink, and in an effort to speed up the drying process a little, I stood in front of the wood heater waving my undies back and forth  by the little window. Don’t ask me how, but suddenly, the panties in question were sucked onto the hot glass of the heater door, and burst into a flames with a puff of black acrid smoke! Shocked at this dramatic turn of events, I turned to my husband and daughter with the smoking remnants in my hands only to see that both of them were practically on the floor laughing- but only until my husband grabbed the camera to document the event ! To add insult to injury, the material that burned away was plastered onto the front of the wood stove, for everyone to see…and the story of how Laila burned her panties is sure to be one that is going to live on for generations to come. Who knew that something so small could burn so well ? Thank God I wasn’t actually wearing them when I was warming my bottom by the fire…

Not to be outdone in the drama department, my three year old, in his words, ” found a bug who loved him so much it got into his head”.

Translation: He picked up a tick somewhere on the island, and it crawled onto the warm spot under the base of his skull and burrowed itself in deep, hidden in his thick hair. We had been hiking up and down the cliff trails and the beach all day, so when I spotted a dark spot in his hair that evening I immediately thought it was just sand or dirt. After dragging him over to my chair, my heart sank when I saw an insect. Out comes the magnifying glass and bright light, and bingo, The little guy has tick. An adult female deer tick. The island has a sizable population of deer,but in all my visits there, I’ve never seen or had a tick bite. The island is off the grid, with no clinics or things like that, but one of the local first responders advised to try oil first, in a effort to suffocate the damn thing and cause it to back out. Nope. Not happening. It took 4 adults  to hold down a screaming mad kid, and 1/4 bottle of olive oil, but no way was this tick coming out. An hour later,and another call to another first responder, who removes ticks from her dogs all the time. She comes down immediately and in less than 10 minutes, yanks the tick out in one piece and plops it into a little jar for safekeeping. Nasty little thing, it was,and after everyone checked their own bodies, we all spent the rest of the evening scratching…

The unfortunate thing is that it was a deer tick, and someone  else on the island who has been bitten this year required a full course of treatment for lyme disease.  So, tick in hand(jar) we will be off to the GP tomorrow , because today he developed a strange rash on his arms, and I’m not taking any chances.

Kids. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new comes up.

Regardless of  the little  bumps, the time away was rejuvenating and driving back to the city was like driving back to prison…Gone are the hot outdoor showers under a blue and windy sky, seafood feasts by candlelight, and crackling fires in the evenings. No more symphony of bird calls, Rick’s latte’s or getting spanked at crib  numerous times – it’s back to a John Les fiasco, and work.

Reality beckons – I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for sticking around!

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3 Responses to Burning panties and deer ticks, or, my week in paradise…

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  2. Iain Hall says:

    Here in my part of OZ we have lots of ticks and some of them can cause a very nasty paralysis as well! The best way to remove them is with a pair of pointy nose tweezers. They are in fact not insects, but arachnids,still nasty critters though :)
    i love the burning panties story that is the sort of thing that can become the stuff of family legends! :lol:

  3. GetReal says:

    Removing ticks is tricky business. You have to be careful not to leave the tiny head embedded while removing the body. They say to rotate the tick while you gently pull it out with tweezers so the spikes of the mouth holding it the skin will fold into the direction of rotation, and the head will come out easily. Lessons my mother taught me…..

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