Bits and Bites – Wednesday May 21st

Ohmygod… what a morning.

 If I didn’t think I was a little anal about my daily am routine before, today confirmed it. I cannot function without technology.  After a power outage thwarted all of yesterdays work,  I woke up even earlier today to make up for it. However, after getting my coffee, breakfast etc ready, I sat down at my home office station only to discover the internet was out – again. Ok, I thought, I can handle this. I’ll watch the early news while I call it in. I turn on the TV – no cable. Really pissed now, I grab the phone to call Shaw, my wonderful cable/internet/phone provider, and – you guessed it- no dial tone. *!@^&!*  I grabbed a swig of my coffee, which by now was tepid. *$%%$&$!    I get the cell, call Shaw, where of course I am on hold forever, and after I finally get the most helpful clerk on the line (really, he was, considering he had an irate, 9 month pregnant woman on his hands !), I discover that whomever the worker was performing routine maintenance in my area this morning, he failed to either complete the job, or test the system upon completion.

So here I finally am, 4 hours later, sitting in my desk chair, working away, and  happy as a clam in sand.  It better not happen again.

-First up on our weekly hump day trip around the web, is the story of Port Coquitlam Mayor Scott Young, who is spending his hump day in the courthouse, where he is facing seven charges including assault, break and enter, and criminal harassment. ****** UPDATE******** Mayor Scott Young has now plead guilty to two counts of assault and one count of breaching conditions, in the incident at his ex-girlfriends home last year.  Crown has stayed the proceedings on the remaining 4 charges. Sentencing will occur at a later date.

Mayor Young made several headlines and was the subject of heated debate and criticism following an alleged break and enter and assault at the home of his ex-girlfriend last year. An admission of  alcoholism was pegged as the source of his evil ways, and he refused to step down from office, playing the  good ole’ “Woe is me, I have done wrong” card. Yes, apparently we should all feel sorry for the tragedies within his life that led to the unacceptable behavior surrounding the allegations.  This is where I stand on this issue. We are all human, and  certainly we all make mistakes. That being said, when someone in a position of trust, who holds that position as a result of being elected on his reputation and beliefs etc., allegedly commits and is consequently charged with a crime such as assault and break and enter, that previously represented reputation is no longer enough to continue to hold office. Scott Young should have stepped down or been removed, until the outcome of the trial has been reached. Why are we so forgiving? The actions within the personal life of a politician certainly do play into his/her ability to hold public office, and considering the provinces role and stance against domestic violence- and this is domestic violence – Scott Young should have shown some class and removed himself.His judgement is questionable. Can anyone spell arrogant?

-Gasp! Criminals have been money-laundering at BC casinos? Nooooo !! Gangsters and drug dealers have been filtering dirty money through local casino’s for years? How scandalous!!!

NOT!!! Since when has illicit activity not been going on in casino’s? Hello??!!! Casino’s have always been a hotbed for a variety of criminal behaviors, including loan-sharking, drugs, prostitution, as well as the reported money laundering. And the fact that the provincial government has known about it for years and turned a blind eye, is par the course. What does anyone expect them to do, shut it down and consequently turn away all the revenue they depend on ? Turn off the massive cash flow that filters down to all the municipalities and charities that depend on the cheques and grants administered by the gaming commission? NAh, of course not.  Its business as usual for the BC liberals. You want to know whats going to be done about all this ‘sanctioned’ criminal activity thats going on?  To use BC Gaming Head, Derek Sturko’s words, “Generally speaking “,  how about a BIG FAT NOTHING !!

They’ll hem and haw, and wait for the story to die down, and back to business  – chop ,chop. Good grief, how about some real news?


- Quote heard in the taser inquiry from Dr. Charles Kerr: “There should be a realization that the potential for sudden death does exist.”

Sure there is. In the words of WCB and RCMP, who are not allowed to taser themselves in testing any longer, one could potentially fall down and bang ones head, sustaining injury.Ha !……I think there might be a little more to it than that, don’t you?

-And simply because I’m an avid gardener who loathes wearing gloves while doing so – I love to feel the soil- here is a warning for others like myself. The Sun is running an item to warn gardeners to wear gloves and get their 10 year tetanus booster if you haven’t in the last ten years. 3 deaths have been reported from tetanus on Vancouver island, and a non-fatal case in the Valley, which is surprising in this day and age. The bacterium that causes tetanus can be found in soil and manure,and should you scratch or cut yourself without adequate immunization, you could be at risk. Tetanus shots, unfortunately, seem to be one of those things we often forget about until we actually sustain an injury such as stepping on a rusty nail, but the reality is that you can die from an injury that is much more minor than than. Now,do yourself a favor and  go check how long its been since your last  shot.  

- And here’s a link you need to check out. Here’s a fellow who is actually doing something about crime, rather than just complaining about the cops inability to catch thieves. He has started a website called, where anyone who has been a victim of crime, has a police file and video of the suspect or crime being committed, can upload the video for others to see. The hope is that someone will recognize these suspects and call it in. Word is, however, that police and Crime-stoppers aren’t too happy with the site, but it’s a free world after all….and it certainly cant hurt.

Ciao people, hope you enjoyed the post today!

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4 Responses to Bits and Bites – Wednesday May 21st

  1. lailayuile says:

    Well said Colleen, you have handled yourself with grace and class, and that speaks volumes to your character.

    Yes, media is wonderful at painting a story they way they want to…. unfortunately unless people speak out,like you plan to, it often goes uncorrected. There are two sides to every story, as the old saying goes, and unfortunately, we often do not get to hear the perspective that most urgently should be shared.

    I have learned that the people who do know the truth, are really the only ones who matter. It is my personal experience that those who need to be exposed, will be forced to face the reality soon enough. They always do.

    Thank you so much for commenting ,ad it means so much to me that you stopped by. Tune in tonight. I’ve emailed you personally with my thoughts.

  2. GetReal says:

    Once again the media does a sloppy job of dutifully reporting both sides, or in some cases a number of sides. I took some time and went over several months of blog entries and their related media initiates. I must say it is worse than I thought. We seem to allow this slovenly delivery of events to us. It causes heated debates without benefit of the facts almost in every instance. Inference is another specious aspect to various reporters efforts. Case in point is the unacceptable reporting in the above issue. Just what can be done to bring the media in line with ethics?

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  4. lailayuile says:

    Good question GetReal…good question. I wish I had the answer to that one. Lets start with media conglomerates that contribute large sums to certain political parties, and then fail to report crucial instances where those parties are facing serious allegations.

    The good majority of the public assume that their daily papers, tv and radio outlets are all reporting unbiased and fair coverage – this is what we have been led blindly down the fairy path to believe. How sad, considering that in reality, its all about corporate and political ass-kissing, and very few media sources actually represent both sides. Skewed versions of reality, and self serving agendas.

    Unbiased, fair reporting? Does such a thing exist?
    Read this and you decide….

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