Defense suggests Mayor Scott Youngs behavior ” completely out of character..”

There is nothing more disgusting than hearing a defense lawyer defending his client well , especially when something like the above quote comes out of his mouth.

Today, Richard Peck, defense for Mayor Scott Young, presented his closing comments before the final sentencing hearing on July 25th . Did I call it in my column a couple weeks ago, or what?

And so we hear the sad tale of a grieving father and a broken man, who suffers from depression (which runs in the family, no less!), who was off his meds, “self-medicated” with alcohol and then acted out in a moment of grief, depression and God knows what else.

Oh, the wonders of the alcoholic depression defense. Acknowledge the problems with intoxicants that created this “uncustomary behavior”, and all is well. Gee, hes even going to AA!  All I can say is its a damn good thing that not all depressed drinkers act out in violence, because I don’t think the hospitals or the police could handle that case load. Give me a break. His lawyer even had the letters of reference I spoke of in the above link, written two weeks ago.  So gosh- darn predictable. I would think a man like Richard Peck would have tried something a little more creative, but I guess one has to stick with what works best.

One : Alcohol and depression are neither an adequate defence for violence, no matter how often defense plays this card.  Please note- AND DO NOT FORGET – there were 4 charges of criminal harrassment  against Scott Young that were stayed, when he entered the guilty pleas to assault and breach of conditions. 

Why is that? What kind of a deal was cut with crown, and why?

Was it a cost saving device for the courts and both lawyers? Was the mayor running out of money for his very costly defense ? Was the thought of avoiding a long public trial so enticing  that the previous harassing behavior he had been displaying even before the attack was let slide ? Oh, I forgot, he was depressed…..

 Richard Peck certainly isn’t some small -time cheap fly by night attorney. Hes one of the best. His fees would hit anyone hard financially.

Two: Global news reported recently in an interview with one of the victims, that although this attack is being treated as a first time ” completely out of character ”  offence, the fact  remains that a restraining order was granted at one time to Scott Youngs first wife as a result of some incident, and that charges were actually laid against him following an incident with his second wife. Those charges were stayed and the couple was routed through counselling, but later divorced.Although this little bit of Scott Youngs history is well known and had been reported by numerous media outlets throughout the trial, neither of these past incidents could be played into the crowns case.  It wasnt  even mentioned to establish any kind of behavioral patterns, which both astounds, and angers me.

And lets not forget about the ropes in Scott Youngs pockets that night he broke in and displayed such “uncustomary behavior”… the forgotten ropes that speak such dark and ominous tones in this entire story.

Who carries ropes around, two lengths at that? The same kind of rope his daughter hung herself with, no less. Scott Young  even cleaned out his desk before that night ,did he not? Sounds like he didnt intend on being back at city hall , and this is before the fateful evening began.

You tell me how, looking at the entire sequence of events, how this could be anything but  a premeditated visit. Just try.

One man. Three different women. Three different sets of events.  Years apart, granted, and yet to me its as clear as a bell ringing in my ear. Been there, done that.

One wonders why the restraining order was granted to keep him away from the first wife. One also wonders what happened with his second wife to result in charges, despite the fact they were later stayed and they attended counselling.

It’s pretty customary for a psychological assessment to be asked for in this kind of case- was one  even done here, and if not, why not? Why didnt Crown ask for Dr. Don Dutton, who is reknowned as an expert in the field, to ascertain the risk of another offense? Holes. Holes everywhere.

Defense has asked for a 9 month CONDITIONAL SENTENCE, with a mere 6-12 months of probation.

Do you know what that means, “conditional sentence” ? 

It means dear Scotty wont have a lasting criminal record if he follows all the conditions of his sentence. None.

Happens a lot with cases like this one, in fact, it happened to me. As a result,because the first offence left my attacker without a record, when he attacked me a second time, the first offense couldn’t be used to show the second wasn’t a one-off thing. It clearly wasn’t, and yet the charges were stayed and he walked.

This is why I’m so damn angry with this faulty system, to the point I’m sitting here 40 weeks pregnant, having contractions, making sure that this is known far and wide.

This is why I call for changes to be made to the domestic assault policy NOW.

 This is why Ida Chong should step aside, because as far as I’m concerned, she has failed women badly in her role as minister of womens issues. 

This law is faulty, its unjust and its time is certainly done. Men who commit an act of violence against any woman need to have a lasting ,residual record that ensures they don’t walk – not once, not twice and certainly not three times between incidents. No more conditional sentences, no more free passes of stayed charges in lieu of ‘counselling’. Sitting in a room of men with anger management issues does not ,a good man make.

Men who abuse women physically and mentally,  most often cannot be rehabilitated. They dont change, they merely hide their behavior and mask it until it erupts again.

I fear there will be more cases like Peter Lee tragedy on the island, if something drastic isnt done.

I fear no one is listening, or that those who are listening  simply fail to find the balls to take the assertive action needed to enact a change.

Scott Young, you may be fooling some people, all of the time, but you dont fool me.

If you are a woman who has been through a similar situation, I hope you feel compelled to come forward and speak about your experiences with the system, as a victim. Please, let me know through my contact page -all messages are confidential unless you state otherwise.  Lets ensure this change begins now.





One thought on “Defense suggests Mayor Scott Youngs behavior ” completely out of character..”

  1. GetReal

    The defense is always thrown a bone when they want to plead guilty. Crown always deals off some charges to get guilty pleas even if all their charges are slam dunks. This is the way the legal system works, for expediency due to inexperience, cost savings, and crowded calendars. The Crown does not worry about the future second time this happens, or the third, or the fourth. Get this off the plate and onto the next. BC is the only Province that has charge approval by the Crown beforehand who uses the old standby “substantial likelihood of conviction” which is a euphemism for if its not a slam dunk we can discard it. In the other Provinces police lay charges and the Crown prosecutes, or not, or deals.

    Sounds like the lawyer is earning his 300 dollars an hour making a silk purse out of a sows ear. Never kid yourself, they will use whatever lack of information to their advantage in such cases. No convictions are a prime retort. Rules of evidence not allowing certain prejudicial information to be entered into evidence are a boon to them.

    There should be a reverse onus on cases of abuse that force the accused to prove why he should not be severely treated, which would enable rebuttal to any evidence he calls. However, with the reigning mentality that reverse onus is unconstitutional, it would be an uphill legislative battle followed by some bleeding heart judge striking the provision down just as the case with the YCJA recently.

    The legal system is slowly degenerating public confidence, demoralizing the police, eroding public safety, and they only have themselves to blame.


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