Bye, Sam…

Wow! Did the photographer who snapped the front page photo on yesterdays edition of the Province score , or what? If the adage ‘ a picture tells a thousand words’ is true, than the look on Kim Capri’s face in that photo speaks volumes!  Gee, the last time I saw a face like that was on my teenage daughters face after I told her she couldn’t go to Quebec… I guess no one ever schooled Kim on the merits of accepting defeat with dignity. Thanks Kim, I haven’t laughed that hard in I don’t know how long!

Even though I am not a Vancouver resident, I too, am happy to see the end of Sam Sullivan. No more smarmy comments to the press, no more crazy plans and no more ‘Sams Stats’- meaning sometimes I think he just pulls this crap right out of some dark recess in his brain. Take for example the article on CBC.CA today.

Even disabled citizens are happy to see the mayor go, because they claim he has been doing a huge disservice to them by playing the media card of Vancouverites living in the most accessible city in the world. In fact, the BC Coalition for Disabled Persons agrees this is a very misleading statement for the mayor to be continually touting, allowing for the impression that every thing is ok for those in wheelchairs when it clearly, is not.

Funny this comes up, because my husband and I recently saw a woman in a motorized wheelchair who was experiencing great difficulty in crossing the street because the curb was so high, just off Commercial. She wheeled to the edge, saw there was no ramp to cross the street, shook her head and sighed, and headed off down the side street to the first driveway she could find that was sloped enough for her to access the road. She then had to try and find another  similar driveway on the other side to continue on her way, and head back to the main street. Wow, I felt so helpless to assist her, sitting in traffic like we were, watching what was obviously not a safe situation for her to do something as simple as crossing the street. If this is what she had to go through every time she had to cross a street, a simple 4 block trip would take forever to complete.

In the CBC article, the mayor even admits he doesn’t review plans for accessibility issues, because  he ” sets policy and that’s it. ”

Nice work,Sam. A disabled mayor who obviously refuses to use the power he has inherent to his position, to assist those who need it most.  He yaks and yaks and yaks endlessly about how great everything is, but in actuality, has done nothing. In fact, one of the women interviewed in the article says, the cause of accessibility would be much better served if he simply ceased to address it. 

Bye Sam, Its been fun watching you spout your nonsensical rhetoric and rules. Too bad you cant take Kim Capri with you.