No baby Yet.

Yes, its  extremely early Tuesday am, and no baby yet. I’m passing the time with great discontent,and impatience and clearly, I am not a “good patient”… ; )  I don’t follow orders well.

Limp Dickedness and Beavers…….  Stressed out? Need some comic relief ? Then you simply must check out this post by fellow blogger ( and what else doesn’t he do?), David Berner :  

By the way, I caught a program on Sunday evening on Channel 49-OLN, and the host was Robbie Coltrane. A rather immense man, he travels around Britain showing interesting (and odd) bits and pieces of this and that. One of the bits was about a town out of London that still practices a tradition dating back hundreds of years, and revolves around determining accountability for politicians.

Every election, the new mayor and council are sworn in and publicly weighed. That’s right, I said weighed.

The townspeople erect an outdoor scale in the town square, and every elected official must sit in the scales chair and be weighed. The idea is that if the politicians are being faithful in the duties and responsibilities they are given, they will not gain weight over the year.Clearly, they must have been frugal with tax dollars.

 However, should they be making excessive use out of public coffers by having many business lunches out, government dinners, and social activities to excess, a weight gain will occur.

So, in this once a year event, the mayor and council must report to town square, sit their bottoms on the chair scale, and have the weight gain, or not, called out to the towns residents. Talk about pressure! Lucky for this mayor, he didn’t gain weight, but the same could not be said for the lady council….

An interesting and funny method of accountability. One might wonder how our politicians might measure by that standard… ; )

And today, we finally see who gets the last laugh in the case of Tuan “Tony” Minh Nguyen, the Michael Levy attacker who was seen laughing several times after being sentenced to house arrest. Seems Tony may now get the chance to find out what it feels like to be someone elses ‘ beeatch’, while he serves the remainder of his sentence in jail.

Finally, a small move towards justice. House arrest? Whomever created house arrest surely never meant it to be used for cases like this. Perhaps an accountant who failed to file tax returns, or other white-collar criminals who are non-violent etc, are better suited to the standard of house arrest, but never should it be used for youth participating in violent crimes. Michael Levy has no recourse, no breaks, no relief from his injuries, and all the young men in this crime should truly realize and feel the heinous nature of their actions. I still think they should be legally forced to make financial restitution towards the victim for the remainder of his life. Garnish future wages, whatever, but do it. if you ever read this, I wish you and your family well, Michael.

And before I go, check out this link on the CBC website. I’ve thought for a long time that free speech does not exist as I think it should in Canada, and its evident in major newspapers across Canada that refuse to publish news that should be told. The ongoing Basi- Virk debacle is a fine point of example.

Where do you stand on this issue? Do you worry about what you say, and who will be offended by it?

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