Here’s an election campaign promise for the record book…..

”  When elected, I am not solving all the problems in the courts, I am merely stating that the Abbotsford Police will not arrest anyone for another drug crime, property crime that is drug related or street prostitution. The APD will also drop all court charges dealing in any sort of drug issue.

I also will not send the Abbotsford Police out to slash the tents of the drug addicted homeless people. As a result, there will be plenty of court time and public funding for domestic violence and more serous crimes.”

Tim Felger, taken from a revised response at

Ahhh, I’m sure all Abbotsford residents will be sleeping much more soundly knowing Tim is on the job….. sniff sniff.. but what’s that funny odour surrounding city hall?





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12 Responses to Here’s an election campaign promise for the record book…..

  1. J (Just J) says:

    “When elected…I am merely stating that the Abbotsford Police will not arrest anyone for another drug crime, property crime that is drug related or street prostitution. The APD will also drop all court charges dealing in any sort of drug issue.”

    Amazing. And quite self serving! You see if Tim Felger were to become mayor of Abbotsford (hahaha..yeahhhhhh).
    Excellent idea. How about people who are impaired as a result of drug use? No way huh? Those mellow pot smokers would never smoke massive amounts of dope and then get behind the wheel of a car/truck/SUV.
    Conveniently, Mr. Felger would love the police to turn a blind eye towards crime..especially any sort of crime that involves drugs.

  2. Tim Felger says:


    I find the fact that you fail to understand the enforcement of drug prohibition and it’s effects on our daily lives, is the same as Alcohol prohibition of the 1920′s. The prohibition of any product including baby diapers will raise the price and create a black market. The level of criminality being put upon us will also increase from any black market.
    You are constantly calling for action of increased inforcement, and that is very dangerous. It will raise the level of criminality being put upon us again.
    That is what is demonstrated by the video below.
    I have yet to get professor plecas to comment about my economic models.

    Multi-culturalism includes the cannabis cultue. The policies you recomend play out in the community as economic policies. Your recomendations agree with Professor Plecas of UFV. I have eighteen criminalogist in B.C. alone, who dis-agree with him.
    I have all sorts of lawyers, judges, and police officers who agree with me, that ending drug prohibition is the first step to taking back our streets, courts and government. They all agree with me that drug peace will lower taxes and make the community more livable.

    They will also agree that this is the path to world peace, since the U.S. government and the C.I.A. is complicit in International drug trafficking.

    Your Professor Plecas will go so far as to admit that the C.I.A. drug trafficking is troubling to him and his school of thought.

    You will continue to look everywhere for the solutions for a more peaceful society and to better government, but until you look at drug prohibition as the causation of most of our social problems and the increased levels of criminality being put upon us, you will not find solutions.

  3. J (Just J) says:

    People smoking marijuana inhale up to 5 times the amount of tar found in a cigarette.

    Marijuana smoke contained 20 times more ammonia, and five times more hydrogen cyanide and nitrous oxides than tobacco smoke.

    People who smoke marijuana can have their spatial perception and reaction time negatively affected or impaired and are at as much risk of causing accidents as alcohol impaired drivers.

    Many marijuana smokers believe that marijuana is harmless and/or safer to smoke than cigarettes.

    Smoking marijuana kills brain cells.

    Tim Felger will never be mayor of Abbotsford.

  4. Tim Felger says:

    The effects of marijuana is irrevelant.
    Gasoline and glue are addictive and dangerous.
    We do not prohibit them simply because a few people abuse them.

    I will be mayor in 2008, I launched my new campaing friday 20 june20, 2008.
    It says, your mom called, she said to bring home a 20 bag.

    It has two marijuana leaves and the name or word Da KIne.

    The media to push the message is small wagons.
    That way the police can not make up some charge and tow my vehicle.

    We can bring the signs in at night, so we will have less vandalism.

    I will send you some pictures later, but they will eventually be uploaded to u-tube.

    remember, mimizing cost is the same thing as maximizing profit.


  5. J (Just J) says:

    Mr. Felger; please take note that the effects of marijuana use and abuse are not irrelevant. You should know this by now. I say “should” but you seem to be a “little slow” on the uptake. (I’m certain that cause and effect would be the marijuana use that you so happily glorify is the cause and effect of your recent (if not all) provincial court appearances.

    At this point, you seem to be lost in the haze of dope smoke because
    you’re a loose cannon with no possibe chance of hitting your target.
    Nevermind that Mr. Plecas hasn’t come forward to debate in a public forum, you have too many public record instances of shooting yourself in the foot.

    It doesn’t take a Las Vegas oddsmaker to realize that you will NEVER be mayor of Abbotsford. Gather your dopey pot smoking idiots and shake your collective heads because it is never going to happen. Your
    pathetic “Liberation Day” march (as seen on Youtube) was more than
    a few hundred thousand short of your “Million Marijauna March”. Sorry sight indeed. A few dope-hazed morons with a sign and a bullhorn can’t be the “grassroots” foundation you dreamed of…(laughingly…or can they?)

  6. Tim Felger says:

    You are invite to the Abbotsford Provincial court on the 29th of July at 9:30 AM to watch me beat the city of Abbotsford and their Police in court again.

    Maybe the city has won most of the time, but the real test is who wins in the next year? I have won the last four times in court and expect to win the next three.

    The only real question is how much is the judge going to order in court cost and damages.

    Again, civil liberties are not too coddle criminals and terrorist, they are to protect us against the government, all of us.

    Just so you know about this fall election, I have already booked the city hall on the 15th and 22nd of October and the 5th of November, 2008.

    I also have started my campaing for office. Maybe I won’t win, but I am still going to spend more money on this election and make it the biggest event in the history of Abbotsford. It will be fun and educational.

    We are going to talk about drug prohibition in front of the national media.

    Winning is not so important to me, as long as we solve some problems.

    You are invited to speak, but you and your opinions will be laughed off the stage.

  7. lailayuile says:

    Or, they just might try and elect me….

    Thats the great thing about Canada, anyone can run for office, no matter how ‘out there’, their platforms seem to be. Unless of course, the governement amends the Local government Act to prohibit anyone who has a criminal record from running for office, thus barring your attempt.

  8. Tim Felger says:

    Or, they just might try and elect me….

    Thats the great thing about Canada, anyone can run for office, no matter how ‘out there’, their platforms seem to be. Unless of course, the governement amends the Local government Act to prohibit anyone who has a criminal record from running for office, thus barring your attempt.

    It is quite obvilous that you don’t understand freedom at all.
    Freedom is where the majority does not impose their will on the minority by force.

    Anybody can run for office, but not like me.

    I put the fear of god in my opponets hearts.
    Just ask Randy White or Mary Reeves.

    Trying to pass laws to dis enfranchise the opposition is not a very democratic move. Because your arguments for more enforcement, have no logical strength, is not a reason to criminalize somebody who does not agree with you and then to silence them.

    Look at bill c-51 and then tell me that the right to put in your body what you want is not important. Now there is another important issue you have missed.

    Hate to tell you this, I hardly smoked pot till I had an accident in 1995.

    I mostly smoke pot for the cameras now.

    I was always into exercising. Check out my high school records.

    Laila, you are really gonna have to come up with something better than barring me from running for office.

    You go for such extreemes calling for the persecution of minorities like the members of the Cannabis Culture.

    Multu culturalism includes the cannabis culture. If they do pass such a law, I will just work to have it struck down.

    The only problem for the christian taliban is that the more they create laws based on hate and intolerance, the easier it is to overturn them.

    So the question remains laila, why have you refused to comment on the economic models?

    Why have you refused to interview members of LEAP?

    Why do you continue to present ideas about crime reduction that are not scientifically based?

    And Finally, why do you look for the law to stifle public debate from people who do not agree with you?

    Banning somebody from running for office because of a law that has no victim is just down right stupid.

    Smoking marijuana is a victimless crime. I could really care less if marijuana was ever legal. The argument is about the lack of public oversight of the police and the fact that the courts and the police are out of control. The argument is to end drug prohibition.

    The police are sucking up too many tax dollars when there is cheaper and more effective solutions to fighting crime that don’t involve violating anybodies rights and freedoms.
    Nobody has to go to jail and have a criminal record with regulations.
    I call it getting smart on crime.

    In the last ten years because of Professor Plecas and the christian taliban in city council, the police budget has went from 8 million to 35 million and we were the murder capital of canada and the number 20 in property crime.

    I nsay the fool professor is giving us bad advice. So why keep listening to professor plecas? More enforcement is not the answer. Regulations are.

    There are a lot better ways of spending government money; single moms, medical, public transportation and higher education are areas that desperately need money.

    These are the areas we need to shift our resources, not behind our hate and intolerance and leaders who preach such.

    My platform may seem a little far out there for you, but anybody who knows me knows I will do what I say.

    I cut the police budget by at least 3 million dollars in the first year. I will cut the drug squad and the downtown beat cops. I will replace them with public restrooms, public pay telephones and housing programs for the homeless.

  9. J (Just J) says:

    “Out there” is a mild and politically correct term for fringe candidates like Mr. Felger.

    Mr. Felger is a convicted criminal. Public records will support this assertation.

    The only way Mr. Felger could win the mayoral race for Abbotsford
    would be to round up every single dope smoking idiot in BC and have them register as voters in Abbotsford and have them vote more than once.

    Mr. Felger, please feel free to throw your money away on a campaign that will not get you elected to office. Take out loans, max out your credit cards, borrow from other dope smokers (if they haven’t spent all their money on pot and junk food). They say a fool and his money are soon parted. Mr. Felger, let the parting begin.

    It’s not too odd that you would be anti-police. Considering the Abbotsford Police are working hard to catch criminals and arresting
    people who commit crimes.

    Mr. Felger, you are a criminal. Abbotsford will never vote you in as mayor.

  10. lailayuile says:

    Here Here !!!

    J, are you following his ongoing posts in the comments section? Really, it is quite entertaining , and his commitment to my “education” is quite dedicated.
    By the way, I never formally welcomed you to my blog.

  11. J (Just J) says:

    Hello Laila, thank you for the welcome!

    I am following Mr. Felger around the internet and seeing him
    spout his one note rants, shooting from the lip, firing blanks
    and coming up a whole lot of empty.

    His “Final Curtain” at was the divorce between
    Fred and Tim. Incredibly, Fred has seen the continuous downward
    spiral that Felger’s life has become and now has cut the lifeline.

    Tim’s pathetic debacle at the Abbotsford Canada Day parade is
    a fitting snapshot of the Felger mind hard at “work”.

    Felger closest ties to Abbotsford is a jail cell not a mayors office.

  12. Dr. Norman says:

    I had to laugh when I read some of the ridiculous propaganda, er, um, comments, being posted by some people in this website.

    Here are the facts:

    1. Here in BC we have very high quality / potent marijuana strains known as “BC Bud.”

    2. When you smoke BC Bud you only need one or two puffs to get a very nice high. Some people smoke a bit more because they enjoy the wonderful aroma.

    3. There are no adverse health effects, and here in Canada medical marijuana is 100% legal. Lots of doctors prescribe it, and it keeps their patients from having to use addictive prescriptions.

    4. I strongly recommend marijuana as opposed to addictive narcotics.

    5. Comparing marijuana to cigarettes is worthless. Most cigarette smokers smoke 20 cigarettes a day. One joint of BC Bud will last a week if you just take a few puffs and put it out. Marijuana can also be eaten in brownies. This is recommended for patients with concerns about smoking-related issues.

    6. Keep up the good work Tim!!!

    Dr. Norman

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