– Protect our Communities by Keeping Criminals in Jail!!!

If you are as fed up with the wimpy, limp-wristed sentences being handed out by judges these days, as I am,  then this IS the site for you !!!

Created with the vision of a group of Langley residents who finally said enough is enough, and decided to take action rather than sit back and whine about it, this site allows you to voice your concerns, share your stories, and sign a petition for tougher sentences.

 This group of proactive residents were repeatedly victimized by the same offender who keeps being charged by police,  and yet is subsequently released by judges who dont think his criminal actions warrent any jail time!! 

Tougher sentencing is an issue close to my heart,  as it is the only way to address the atrocious lack of penalty given to many offenders, including those who commit domestic assault.

Stand up and allow your voice to be heard. Go to, and take action by adding your name to the list of outraged citizens and victims of crime.