Cracked out Gansta’s, Pudgy Paramedics and WHY does it take 7 men to dig a hole?

Well, Sunday morning is not a usual blog day for me, but thanks to the new neighbour behind the fence, you are going to get a treat.

I have a rant. Its a big one.

So there I was,all snuggled into bed, dreaming dreams that made me smile… bliss. The next second, I’m shocked awake by the foulest gangster rap I’ve EVER heard in my life. ” Hey motha-f***er, get your ho on her knees, shove your d**k in her mouth and make her plead…..”

Nice. REAL nice.did I tell you this was at 5am?  I never want to hear that garbage when I’m awake and coherent, let alone when I’m in the middle of a deep sleep. I woke my husband up and ran over to the window, and are treated to some very bad, poor boy gangster, wanna be karaoke. Yes, Mr. Gangster is out on his upper deck, windows open, door open, lights on, and hes dancing all over the freaking place with his arms in the air, in his full gangster fashion regalia. Cracked up, or coked out, I don’t know, but at one point he was sitting up on the railing and (God help me) I wanted to throw a rock at him to send him off balance and make him fall off. P-diddy he’s not.

 This guy has been nothing but an issue since he moved in- we are all treated to his half-assed and often half naked singing on the deck, continual foul language and  questionable activities, and they always seem to occur at the loudest volumes and weirdest hours. This morning I called the RCMP, so we’ll see if anything actually happens. But this guy wouldn’t be an issue for anyone here if the landlords actually did their jobs properly when renting out this suite. That’s a huggge problem in Surrey-uncaring and unscrupulous landlords. As long as they get their cash, they don’t care if you are a hooker, a crack addict, or a gangster withweapons. Might as well chime in on the city bylaw enforcement while I’m at it, and the inspection department for 1) approving homes that they know are made for multiple suites- as soon as the inspector is out the door, they rip out  drywall and separate the spaces into multiple dwellings. 2) Bylaw officers need to actually enforce the illegal suites bylaw.

One to rant 2. Friday afternoon I was shopping in a major mall with my daughter. Right beside us, a young woman passed out and fell hard to the floor in what looked to be a series of seizures. In shock, I ran over and immediately started attending to her, but you know what? The other 20 or so people who were also right there, just kept walking by as if nothing was going on. Hello!!!!!   Not care much ?  I stayed with her  to administer first aid, and was soon joined by some wonderful security  staff, until the fire department arrived. She would come to and then go back into seizure like activity, but when she came to she would grasp my hand in terror, as if she didn’t want me to go, and unable to speak most of the time, I wasn’t about to leave her. Here’s the other part of this rant. The firemen had no issues whatsoever with me holding her hand and comforting her. None- great men from the Surrey fire Dept. I had gotten some medical history while  she had a coherent moment, gotten her care card out, checked for medical or emerg info in her wallet. After about a half hour, the paramedics show up. I don’t know where these two men got their bedside manner training, but as they came towards us, they  began to yell at me, like I am a criminal, to ” Move away from the body!!!!” Uh, duhhh, hello, shes alive you idiots, so why are you calling her ” a body” ?

But, the girl is still very scared and although shes awake, shes gripping my arm in a death grip, and looking at me with very scared eyes, and she starts whispering to me. I know they have to take care of her, but I’m also trying to hear what shes saying ! So the paramedics are shouting at me to get away, don’t touch her, or her stuff (??)  and I ignore them. She whispers for me to call her boyfriend on her cell , and tells me what number. Pudgy Super-Paramedic Man is still treating me like shit, and as I get up, I shoot him a very nasty look, and talk to the fireman who was still there. He says its fine to call her boyfriend. These two paramedics had no interest in hearing from anyone, least of all me, what happened to her( she had no memory of the fall, but she had hit her head extremely hard on the floor when she went down- I think its important information in treating her) and what we had found out about her medical past. Not like the fire department, who had asked me all of those questions, and were  extremely glad to talk to someone who actually saw her fall, and saw what her condition was during that time before anyone arrived to help.  And, whats the deal with really overweight paramedics anyways ? Isn’t that a bit of a job hazard? This guy had issues bending  down to the floor.

I have to say, this was so far off my experience with paramedics in the past. I’ve met many, and they’ve all been fantastic, but this one guy in particular was an egotistical,arrogant ass. No bedsidemanner, and not a hell of a lot of comfort or caring to the patient. And,considering she had no memory of even falling, you would think he would want this information. Imagine Commando Rambo in a stuffy white shirt. So, if anyone knows of a Satinder( Satty) that was from Port Alberni at one time, I’d love to know if shes ok or not, because the hospital wont tell anyone anything. She wasn’t much older than my daughter, I think.

And last, but not least, rant three.

Road construction and repair always occurs during the busiest of summer travel months. WE know this, we deal with it, albeit grudgingly. But someone tell me this, please.

Why does it take 7 men to dig a hole? No kidding, On 64th ave near 152st. a work crew was doing their thing, and the first time I drove by there was one man in the hole digging, and 4 watching.

On the way back, the same one man was in the hole digging, but now 6 were watching. 7 men!! 7 Men??  Why does it take all those men to watch a guy dig a hole? Its a round hole, there are no dark corners. They stood there forever watching the poor guy dig. Come on, help a guy out, at least take turns or something. That, my friends, is our tax dollars at work. 1 man digging, and 6 men watching. Democracy is a fine thing.

And, I found something funny this morning in the news. Iain, If you are reading, perhaps you have some input, being from that area. The mayor of a remote little mining town in the Australian outback has put out a call for ugly chicks. Apparently there are so many men in the town, that they outnumber women 5 to 1, and he thinks that its the perfect opportunity for the beauty challenged to hookup. Too funny, but I wonder if he’s get any takers ?

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