We Live in a Selfish Society

What could people walking by and ignoring someone in obvious medical distress possibly have to do with the firing of Dave and Simi?  A lot, in fact, because the two vastly different incidents are telling examples of the society we live in.

It’s become a selfish society, in many ways that bear commenting on.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I attended a memorial service this weekend. It brought to light the need for changing the way we all live our lives, so more so than others. The incident at the mall on Friday was disgraceful.

So many patrons just kept walking by this young woman twitching on the ground, and I beside her. Had there not been mall security close by, I’m pretty sure I would have been alone until professional help came. Some turned their heads away as if to block it out. Some just stood in a circle and gawked like chickens. One kid actually fell down and ‘played dead’ in a mocking manner right in front of the young woman. If I should happen to see this particular lad again, I think I will be forced to  ‘educate’ him a little.

It’s very sad to see things like this in a day and age where we allege to be such a ‘progressive’ civilization. Clearly not everyone is like this, but far too many are for my liking. Take the firing of Dave and Simi. From the response here on my blog its clear that the pair were loved far and wide. Although you only see names on the comment section, I see where these people are writing from. Their fans exist far across Canada, into the U.S, and I’ve heard from the UK and Australia. So many fans , so loyal, and yet SOMEBODY in management made a judgement call to take a “calculated risk” and get rid of them,( along with many other behind the scenes staff) and take the station in a new direction. Did this person care about anything other than money and ratings? Did he/she really think about the PEOPLE that contributed to the total success of that show? Did they think about their families, and ours? No. Its the selfish corporate mentality that money is the almighty God, and people really don’t matter. The only problem is that the bigwigs in those comfy leather boardroom chairs rely on all of us to make that profit, and that’s a risk no calculation can figure. A successful production relies on the equal contribution of all its components – remove one or two, or seven, and you have dismantled the success of the whole. You can replace the humans with other humans, but you cant recreate the chemistry and relationships over night, and more often than not, its gone forever.

Were has our civility gone? When did it become ok to ignore someone in need, or fail to consider others needs when moving through our daily lives?  I’ve always been extremely respectful of our elderly citizens, but yesterday a man in his seventies felt compelled to continually push me aside with his umbrella in the aquarium.It was packed and there was no where for me to move to, AND I had my infant son in his sling on my front. When I turned around in shock to see this older man who had been pushing me so harshly, he just kept it up. I felt compelled to tell him that most people use the words “Excuse me”, but he just scowled at me and muttered something nasty under his breath. When did this become ok?

We pay for our addicts to have free supplies and occasionally, drugs, while people are waiting months, if not years for vital surgery. We work our fingers to the bone to be”successful” while our kids grow up with strangers in daycare, some of those whose morals and ideals will be inadvertantly be passed onto. We fail to speak up where we should, and then complain at parties about the same thing we earlier kept silent about. We pretend we dont notice when our neighbour is being abused, because its not our business.

“Not our business”

Sadly, thats probably how we became the way we are.

The way we treat others as a society is very telling about the people who comprise it.  Think carefully: What have you done lately that might be conributing to making our world better….. or worse?