Why won’t Premier Gordon Campbell and StoneWally Oppal just answer the damn question?

Why did Premier Gordon Campbells buddy( and Liberal wizard), Patrick Kinsella,  get paid nearly $300,000 from BC Rail in the period around the sale of BC Rail? 

 And why won’t the premier tell us?  What  more does he have to hide?

Wally Oppal refuses to answer, out and out lying when he says the matter is before the courts. It is not, and  neither are the documents that show the payments made.

Gordon Campbell just sits there and fiddles his thumbs and refers everything to Wally. Except for in the hallway when he told a reporter that ” he believed he answered those questions”…..

There are two fantastic pieces out today concerning this latest political hotbed of Whose on First, and if you want to get some insight into the kind of men in charge of this province, you better go off and read them both. Now.

First up is the Gazetteer. Here you will find every detail, including Youtube video footage of the premier dodging the question again, in a way thats becoming his signature style. Could he be getting a little worried it is not going to be him welcoming the world during 2010 next year? See for yourself at this link:

http://pacificgazette.blogspot.com/ scroll down to the Youtube link from yesterday.

And Vaughn Palmer stunned all of us with this piece today, http://www.vancouversun.com/Stonewally+fore+pounds+Kinsella+connection/1380115/story.html  for two reasons.

The mainstream media has not been paying very much attention to the entire Basi-Virk- railgate hearings until the recent release of the 8000 documents to the NDP, and I for one, am happy to see more than the usual amount. In conjunction with Michael Smyths offering: http://www.theprovince.com/business/fp/Rail+paid+Liberal+insider/1379900/story.html, this political disgrace is finally getting the widespread coverage it needs.

It’s about damned time. Now, one can only keep our fingers crossed that the Judge releases those phone records too…. which the Liberals are also fighting in court to have deemed exempt due to parliamentary privilege.


**** It appears the mainstream media has begun to pay attention to the story that certain bloggers ( Bill Tieleman, BC Mary, Gazeteer, House of Infamy) have been following diligently since it began. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!  Read all about the television coverage last night here :