If a man falls in the ghetto, does anybody hear?

Air one is over head – 10:30 pm Saturday night. I just finished watching ‘ The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and I’m still kind of wondering why the director figured the Nazi’s should all be played by British actors using their Brit accents.

 Imagine that. A proper British sounding Nazi. Definitely not a date movie though, if you know what I mean. But a good one nevertheless.

The choppers back again.It’s been circling around low for about 10 minutes, rattling my windows, setting my nerves on edge. As if they needed any help. The whine of the engine as it banks  to turn yet again sounds not unlike a giant mosquito coming in on target.

I told a cop once that she should tell her superiors to outfit that helicopter with ammunition, preferably with an RPG. That would handle this drug war. The cops could have it all covered…Up in the air, it’s night, No one will notice ( it is Surrey after all ) they see the target below and… BAM!!! 

 It would work .Who knows what these guys carry in their cars besides guns and cash and  three inch thick steel plates. ( No Sir, I have no idea what happened. We were flying over the suspect vehicle, and the next thing you know, it just blew up!! Weirdest thing ever…)

Imagine that. Technicolour fireworks and you didn’t have to beat the crowds at English Bay to seem them.

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