Bits and Bites-a special Friday Edition for May 29th, 2009

There is something wonderful about waking up so early in the morning that the sun has not yet risen. How privileged I feel to sit on the comfy leather chair by the window, coffee in hand and watch the glow to the east run purple, then scarlet, crimson and then….. BAM. The sun is up.It is only in this quiet time of pre-dawn that I am truly at peace, alone with my myself.

And so it was this morning- my coffee and I sitting in the chair by the front window, enjoying( for once) the fricking robin who has the loudest bloody morning song  ever. The newly risen sun cast a warm glow all over the dancing leaves outside, and millions of dewdrops were miraculously transformed into crystals, fracturing the light into rainbow hues. Magnificent.

And then a very drunk, homeless type guy staggered into the golden hued light of my cul-de-sac.

 He whipped out his willy, pee’d on a manhole cover right in front of my house,stretched his back ,staggered 10 paces to the curb with his pants w-i-de open, and then barfed on the neighbours lawn before tottering off down the street,whistling and apparently happy as a clam.

Welcome to life in Surrey…

Public private partnerships ( otherwise known as P3’s) seem to have become a cornerstone for many governments, including our BC Liberals. A sometimes contentious method of financing construction projects and infrastructure, it is a combination of government funding and private sector funding that makes a P3 project possible.

The Harper government has been  so supportive of P3 projects, that it actually created a new crown corporation solely to encourage and promote public -private partnerships back in 2007. In fact, the government even approved $ 1. 25 BILLION ( yes, billion) to fund this agency, known as PPP Canada.  The only problem is, that after two years, the damn agency has amounted to almost nothing but  some guy in charge of a few people,holed up in a temporary office , who don’t even have ” computers and websites  and communications material and the rest of that kind of stuff…”  – and that’s a direct quote from the news article.   Really. Like we NEED more bureaucracy in this country. Enough already. Close the damn thing down and spend that money on something actually important… like say… HEALTH CARE? EDUCATION?

Speaking of government bureaucracy, I hope good king Gordo has all those jobs he’s been promising lined up, because Canfor just announced the closure of three BC sawmills,leaving 570 employees out of work in the interior. Hey, don’t worry!! Remember, Gordon and his crew are going to keep BC strong, and stick to their forecasted deficit right? ( Geesh, does he really expect anyone to buy that line of crap, even now after economists are saying the BC deficit could climb into the BILLIONS? )  Maybe he doesn’t read The National Post.

There is a fundraiser tomorrow night in Surrey that I would like to tell you about, the Zofia Victim Trust Fundraising Dinner.

Please join us for Zofia Cisowski, mother of late Robert Dziekanski,Fundraising Dinner On Saturday, May 30, 2009,Pacific Inn, 1160 King George Hwy, Surrey, BC – Doors & Cocktail Bar opens: 6.00 pm Dinner: 7.00 pm Ticket: $75 per person

 Honorary guests: Zofia Cisowski, Paul Pritchard (to be confirmed),Mike Farnworth MLA, Consul General of Poland Krzysztof Czapla,Walter Kosteckyj, Don Rosenbloom, Bill Sundhu,BC Civil Liberties Association Representative and Sima Ashrafinia. For further information and tickets distribution please contact Zygmunt Riddle: tel. 604-868-7070

At least 50% of $75 will go to ZOFIA VICTIMS TRUST. Thanks to generosity of ordinary Canadians $30,000 was credited to this account. Most of the money was spent already on Zofia legal, medical and living expenses with a current balance about $8,000. In case of compensation money paid to Zofia as a result of future settlement with provincial Government, the balance of this account will be used to help other victims and their families who died in police custody in Canada. ”

Brava to Governor General  Michaelle Jean for continuing to be the outstanding individual that I think she is! I applaud her for immersing herself, however briefly, in the customs and ways of the Inuit, who are facing criticism for hunting and eating seal, which is part of their traditional diet and still sustains them in modern times. In a moment talked about around the world, Michaelle Jean ate a bit of raw seal heart, the most honoured and special portion of the kill, while taking part of a community feast. That’s hot. I have no issue with this whatsoever. Hunting for meat is an ongoing way of life for many Canadians, including my relatives. My family has always hunted for moose and dear, filling the freezer for the long winters.When I was younger, we also raised chickens and a couple pigs that were slaughtered every fall. It’s just a way of life, much like the Inuit  and their seal hunting.People need to quit sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong. Personally, I think it’s cruel to subject  genetically modified Soy beans to all that torture needed to make tofu. Save a soy bean – eat meat. Oh yeah, and I slurp oysters too, right off the half shell, you know, alive.  I actually freaked my husband out once, while we were dating, by grabbing an oyster off the beach, flicking it open and eating it. Yum. Delightfully barbaric, isn’t it?

Last, but never least, a little something-something to get your jollies going on a Friday….. As every marketing whiz will tell you, the name of a product can make it, or break it. Which makes you wonder what the heck happened in the brains of the person who named  the products below…….. Need to see it to believe it?  See the original post HERE, at

That’s it everyone! Enjoy and have a greeeeeeat weekend!

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5 Responses to Bits and Bites-a special Friday Edition for May 29th, 2009

  1. Lancaster says:

    About the fellow who urinated in front of your property, it’s fortunate that he didn’t also decide to leave you a brown coloured surprise, lol.

    When I hear people, like PETA, who always seems to sprew out their “superior moral beliefs”, it frustrates me to no end. There’s also nothing more annoying and pathetic than trying to force your own opinion down other people’s throats.
    As much as I don’t agree that the Governor-General should be making any public stance or poltical views, I do commend her for respecting the Inuit culture and also, indirectly, supporting the seal hunting industry.
    Unfortunately, we live in a society where people believes meat to suddenly appears in the local supermarket for people to purchase.

  2. Gary E says:

    Where I’m living there are still the robins. But the sounds late at night and early in the morning of the Loons is one of the most peaceful I have ever heard. I also live near one (if not the only) of the places on earth where the seagull nests inland.

    For the guy pissing on the manhole cover, don’t miss that at all. Good thing he didn’t have any of that insect repellent.

    Harpers’ P3 dept is nothing but a joke just like his promise to END the long gun registry. And my hat is off to the GG for her actions. It shows me that she knows her people.

    On people trying to impose their will on others. That is the only problem I face up here. It’s usually people who never had any position at the coast who move here and get acclaimed to positions such as the ratepayers. They seem to think that this gives them the license to act as Adolf Hitler. Don’t they ever read existing laws or look over a situation before they pass their silly little rules?
    And to the commenter above I’m so glad I live in an area where I can go down the road and watch the calves being born, help out in the branding, and even help my brother-in-law take the beef to the slaughter house.

  3. Gary E says:

    Oh, and I think there’s a small correction in the unemployment rising in the interior.
    The rustad mill is closing with a total of 205 jobs affected.
    Canfor closed Vavenby and Radium for a total of 570 jobs.

    Grand total under Campbells’ wonderful management of the economy in the last few days 775 people who have to feed their families will be looking for ever decreasing employment.

  4. kootcoot says:

    Campbell’s excuse for government managed to kill off most of the Forest Industry during the biggest building boom (bubble) in US history, only the survivors of that onslaught are falling by the wayside now. That quisling David Emerson didn’t help by selling out to the SouthEastern Lumber Lobby in the US to settle the Softwood Lumber dispute, either! All the impotent people got their money and the loggers and millworkers can learn to be chambermaids, if anyone can afford to come here anymore AND get across the border.

    However as to:

    “Brava to Governor General Michaelle Jean for continuing to be the outstanding individual that I think she is”

    She may be an outstanding individual, but I think she could use a refresher course in Westminster Parliamentary Protocol and Procedures – or perhaps she was educated in Haiti, where they don’t seem to even have government, much less a sensible form of government worthy of study. If she actually understood how Parliament is SUPPOSED to work she would have sent pudgy Stevie packing when he came to hide beneath her skirts to avoid a vote of non-confidence in the House, mere weeks after his “illegal” (under his own Americanized law) snap election last fall.

    He did not get elected “President” of Canada and not holding a majority of seats is only PRIME MINISTER with the consent of a MAJORITY of the Legislative Body, otherwise known as the Parliament of Canada.
    A Co-alition is not another word for a conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected government – indeed most countries with parliamentary systems are quite familiar with Co-alitions. The dude/dudette who can get 50% plus 1 of the ELECTED MPs (of however many parties) to support him/her, gets to sit in the big chair.

    Harper blew his support in the house by disguising a bunch of cheap political shots at the Liberals, NDP and Bloc, as well as women, labor and anything else in sight that Stevie doesn’t like, as an “economic” update, with phoney figures and little to do with the economy AND he’s supposed to be an economist – balderdash!

    I studied Parliamentary Law as something done in foreign countries, but somehow learned more about it than most Canadians, if the dire headlines during the “CRISIS” are to be believed. The only “crisis that was happening last fall, besides the “economic meltdown” was Little Pudgy Steve’s fear that he wouldn’t get to sit in the Big Chair anymore!!!!!!!

    Maybe Canadians and Pudgy Steve watch too much American TeeVee and don’t realize that we are not a Republic and the Prime Minister title is not just another name for President!

  5. Laila says:

    Lancaster, I agree totally with how people think the meat arrives in the store, forgetting it came off the carcass of an animal that was raised to feed us.

    Gary E, I too love the loons, although I never hear them in the city obviously. Growing up and going camping in PG thought, gave ample opportunity to hear them while fishing at dawn on the lakes. Beautiful and haunting all at the same time. Thanks for the corrections on the mill numbers- it only looks worse than ever.

    kootcoot- when do you plan on writing a book about all of this? I’m guessing best seller in certain areas! Your point about Michaelle Jean is a good one. Sometimes we forget her actual duties and look at her as only a representative that entertains and makes appearances.

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