Impromptu Poll !

 So, in a recent conversation it was alleged that the majority of my readers must be male, because with the exception of BC Mary, and the rare other female commenter, the majority of blog comments are left by men, and it’s been this way since day 1.

Now, I’m sure there must be more women out there reading, right ? In the effort to settle this one once and for all, I invite you to take part in the poll below… ( C’mon, help me out here !)

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9 Responses to Impromptu Poll !

  1. Gary L. says:

    It is very comfoorting to note that “I am not sure somedays” has not been voted on…………………. yet.

    Now, about that river otter…….

  2. Laila says:

    Coming Gary, coming!! I’m having some major issues with being able to save drafts on WordPress today, so am having to find time to go back and forth on my PC files to wordpress.

  3. Gary L says:

    I know it is coming someday! I was just being a jerk with that subtle prompting! I wasn’t born a jerk, according to present and past family members, I was a very nice young lad, but Life has made me a jerk. You see, I was born quite young, my Mom never bought me a pony, and always had to eat vegetables or no dessert…………………..
    I, as I am sure many that follow your Blog for our dose of Information, Entertainment and a healthy serving of Common Sense, just appreciate the hours that you put in on our behalf. Compounded of course by Mom’s little Helper, crawling in and unplugging the Computer!

  4. Laila says:

    Yes, it was( is) one of those days…. getting the run around from DFO, talking to the 4th dept in the MOT, schooling my usually reliable daughter on why spending an entire paycheque in 3 days is not good financial planning for college, then chasing one rug rat out of the palm tree planter of which he has a particular affinity for the taste of the dirt mix, only to see the other one has pushed a chair over to the fridge to climb up and get a remote control that I hid from him.

    Some days,I have to look at their baby pictures and remind myself about when they were cute and innocent….Thanks for the kind words Gary, don’t worry- I didn’t think you were being a jerk. Just wait until I really unleash myself. There’s been a few time’s when I’ve gone so far past “jerk”, that it would take a zillion light years for the glow of jerk just to catch up to me…

  5. Laila says:

    By the way,where are all the women? From the start of this poll, male readers have been outweighing female readers by a vast majority…. and all the regulars seem to have stopped by today, so what’s up? What, do I smell bad or something?

    I’m not quite sure what to make of this.. not that I mind men, far from it- I love men! ( You know what I mean) But I think it’s a little weird….

  6. BC Mary says:

    Laila, m’dear:

    How do I answer that question?

    I have no idea whether the majority of your commentors are male or female.

    I can only answer for the one person I know: that would be me. But then, you already knew about me.

    Is this an exam? And did I just get a Fail grade?

  7. Laila says:

    Well Mary, if you click on ” Poll results” in the above very informal highly un-scientific reader demographic poll, you will see that currently, 73 % of readers who follow my blog are MALE.

    And I do know that over 90% of the comments left are from men. Or at least they represent themselves as men.

    So the question would be, do men simply read blogs more than women in general, or do I ( or my subject matter) not really appeal to women?

  8. Gary L says:

    Sorry to Post more than once in one day Laila, but your last paragaph above raises some interesting questions. I have no knowledge if men read blogs more than women, but I do know that your subject matter and style of composition, is appealing to my spouse. She does not blog at all, and is not fond of reading anything of great length, however we both share many Topics that we are passionate about. So, when our time is appropriate, I read parts of your Blog to her, and we will discuss the contents. We both respect you sharing the private parts of your former life, and enjoy your tenacity regarding issues that really matter to you and your’s. So in summary, both genders in this household derive learning and pleasure, from your Blog.
    Hope this helps, and is a wee bit clearer than mud!

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