Do we really need another raindrop in a city where it rains for months on end? Do we?

The details behinds the latest health and welfare cuts become known today, and I for one, am pretty pissed off. Especially since this news came on the night CTV ran a very interesting story.

 Here are just a couple of the cuts and the cost savings behind each one:

– Cut domestic violence worker in New Westminster = $44,000 savings to budget

– Cut 12 contracts for seniors services, close two senior daycare programs and reduce services at another 6 = $550,000 savings to budget

-Cut 11 contracts for mental health and addictions programs = $500,000 savings to budget.

                                           – however…

Very, very quietly, a new and very expensive  piece of  ” art” has been installed outside the new – and  vastly overbudget –  Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center.

It’s a giant bright blue raindrop, designed by German artists, but built in Calgary. At 19 metres tall, it had to be transported to Vancouver by truck, carried by a barge to the center and then erected by crane.

 That giant drip- oops, ‘drop’ –  was  actually created out of a type of Styrofoam, hard coated with polyurea and lovingly polished for that gleaming shine…in fact, it took the Calgary company  1,200 hours to build the darn thing!

Now, here’s the really funny part. This raindrop was partially paid for by you and I!


 Taxpayers dollars paid for this raindrop – mind you, they told CTV that this expenditure was built right into the convention center budget, which might explain partially why it was so out of control…. ( the story on runs at the 19:34 mark on the August 13th newscast at )

                        One Giant Styrofoam raindrop = $800,000.00 

                       Hearing the Liberal explanation of  this purchase ?  PRICELESS

Seems to me, that $800,000 would have bought a lot of piece of mind for seniors, the mentally ill, and quite a few beaten up women in BC. That raindrop could have eliminated the need to cut those programs.

But hey. That’s just the way I see it. Oh yes, and here is a photo of that drop, taken by yours truly….

" The big blue drop"