” Gordon Campbell implicated in alleged fraudulent deal with Haisla First Nation trial, which resumes Monday, Oct. 26, 2009″

Wow, a gal gets swamped for a couple weeks, sequestered away from the news and looks what happens…. yet another implication of less than upstanding behavior on the part of our premier, Gordon Campbell?

When I say this on BC Mary’s site this morning, I couldn’t believe that this was apparently overlooked by our local dailies, The Sun and The Province, nor have I found any indication of this being covered by Global or CTV.

 The Terrace Daily Online has been covering the ongoing developments of an ongoing defamation lawsuit, where Premier Gordon Campbell’s name has popped up via a letter written from Steve Wilson, Chief Councillor of the Haisla Nation, to Gordon Campbell. This letter contains the implications that could have far reaching impact should they be proved true. Here is an excerpt from Mary’s post, of a portion from the article she refers to:

BC Premier Gordon Campbell was implicated in the trial when Wilson acknowledged writing him a letter claiming he fulfilled his part of their conspiratorial arrangement to keep the Haisla from interfering with the electricity purchase agreement between Alcan and BC Hydro during the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) hearings.

….the crux of the trial, which continues in Terrace today. The allegations made against the Kitamaat Village Council (KVC) are that they, through past Chief Councillor Steve Wilson participated in a fraud with Gordon Campbell to ensure the Province approve and facilitate the Independent Power Projects (IPP) on the Haisla traditional Territories at Crab and Europa water courses.

See historical article with copy of letter Wilson wrote to Gordon Campbell talking about a deal HERE ( scroll down the to end of his article to see the scans of that letter)

Steve Wilson and the KVC are suing for defamation. The only defence those being sued have is that the statements and writings are true or that they were not defamatory. If they were true then this would have serious consequences for the Province and the BCUC decisions. This is what makes this trial so important for the Province of British Columbia and the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada authorized Kitamaat Band Council. It is why the lead lawyer for Steve Wilson and the KVC is taking so much time with Morris Amos …

 I’m sending a big  ” Thank You!!! ” over to BC Mary for this one, because without her post this morning, it’s very possible that it might have slipped quietly by.

The funny connection in the timing of this story, is that BC Mary also recently posted the brief, but pointed response from Gary Bass, Commanding officer of “E”Division, RCMP, to Robin Mathews.

 Robin recently asked Mr. Bass, by letter, to conduct  ” a full RCMP investigation of Gordon Campbell, premier, and all others directly connected to the corrupt “sale” of BC Rail in order to determine the innocence of each one or to allege criminal impropriety where suitable and to lay charges…”

What did Mr. Bass have to say to this?

I have to say that your classification of the Government of BC in this latest e-mail, as a “Criminal Gang” is disturbing to me as the head of the Provincial Force and does a serious disservice to the many men and women who have devoted their lives to public service.

Should you come into information capable of being viewed as credible evidence of criminal wrongdoing by anyone in the Government, I would give it the attention it deserved.

Clearly, implication and evidence are two very different matters.Nonetheless, documents exist that cast enough questions in both the Railgate hearings, and this Kitamaat lawsuit, that one would have to shake their head at how long this charade will continue.