Just when you think you have heard it all…

You see something like this, courtesy of Neal Hall, the Vancouver Sun:

The Mountie who repeatedly Tasered Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver’s airport two years ago has filed a libel lawsuit against the CBC.

The legal action by Constable Kwesi Millington claims that CBC’s coverage of the incident since Nov. 4, 2007 has caused him to suffer “serious embarrassment and distress” and has caused him “public ridicule.”

Millington claims CBC’s coverage has “seriously injured” his reputation, causing him to seek punitive and aggravated damages against the CBC

Makes it seem like he’s the victim in all of this, no?

 I have no sympathy for the ” serious embarrassment and distress “, or the ” public ridicule” caused by the media coverage of the horrible and tragic death of Robert Dziekanski, Cst. Millington.


I guess you would have preferred that everyone shut up and pretend it never happened.


These are my questions:

How much money, exactly, will it take to ease Cst. Millingtons embarressment and distress, and restore his tarnished reputation?

    ~ and~

What legal recourse does the deceased, Robert Dziekanski have, to recover the remainder of his life ?



” 10 arrests in Quebec building industry bust “

Will we ever see a similar headline here in British Columbia?

Quebec police say they have arrested at least 10 people linked to the province’s construction industry.

News of the arrests follows a recent announcement by the Quebec government about the creation of a special squad to crack down on corruption involving the construction sector and public officials.

Read the  rest of the details HERE.