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Governments ” Bad News Friday” continues tradition with release of report that says: “…the board and executives at B.C. Ferries get paid too much and it’s too easy for officials to earn bonuses…”

It get’s even better.  B.C. comptroller-general Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland released a report today, on the affairs and status of Translink and BC Ferries. The Sun has the full story HERE. Among her findings: TransLink is plagued by “significant operational issues” and has … Continue reading

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HandyDart dispute adds to growing discontent in the BC labour force

I feel a storm brewing…and it’s not going to be a short one. We have BC paramedics being forced back to work by a government minister so unscrupulous that he would sell off surgery spots – most likely in violation of … Continue reading

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Post coming after kindergarten drop-off

It’s Friday, and in my house  that means Show and Tell day in kindergarten. This requires a great amount of discussion on the part of my son while he decides what is going make the biggest impression on his little … Continue reading

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