For the record, it was a spectacular sunrise…

But again, it’s gone as fast as it appeared. Mother Nature is nothing but a tease.

 This was the view that greets me from my bedroom window everyday during the fair months, and rarely it seems, since November arrived. On clear days, Mt. Baker is etched in black against the fiery backgrop of the rising sun.

Lately, I find those rare moments when I wake up and see beauty like this … essential. 

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6 Responses to For the record, it was a spectacular sunrise…

  1. salvatore bennedetto says:

    Kinda makes a person and their problems seem pretty small compared to it.


  2. Laila says:

    Indeed it does, my friend, indeed it does. ;)


  3. astro says:

    Beautiful shot but isn’t it supposed to be raining? I was visiting a friend in Abbotsford in the spring a few years ago on the North side of the highway up the hill side. All of nature co-operated and Mt. Baker was spectacular and I kept running to get one picture after another as the sun set. It still gets to me. And it is a great shot.


  4. Laila says:

    well astro,that is why I said mother nature is a tease- within 15 minutes of that shot, the grey took over and the rain started…. but it was spectacular while it lasted.


  5. Gary L. says:

    I too stop to marvel what Mother Nature can dish up, when she WANTS to! I’ve always said that the Powers that be, cannot take a sunny day away from us, or tax us on it ……………………………….. yet.



  6. kootcoot says:

    I’m always amazed when I’m down around the coast (hardly ever in recent years) at how much more I tend to notice and see Mr. Baker when I’m on the Georgia Strait, one of the Gulf Islands or on Vancouver Island. It somehow seems even closer from across Admiral Hahn’s Passage than it is from East Van or Burnaby.

    It is certainly a handsome mountain, equal to the guardian of Seattle, Mt. Ranier – though no more lovelier than our Valhallas (they didn’t name them after Norse heaven for nothing).

    Gary L, I see you covered your bases with ………….”yet”!
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the braintrust is working on it. Of course the Campbell policies try to destroy as much beauty as possible, maybe because they haven’t figured out how to tax it.


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