” …become familar with the corruption within your system…research and educate.. ”

“The” post you have been waiting for is slated for the end of the week. Until then I will be posting bits and bites that catch my eye, like this one, a video banned by Facebook. It gets really good about the 7 minute mark.

Another video that bears scrutiny is this one, forwarded via BC’s personal guardian. It was sent to him and I agree, it certainly brings forth some serious questions about those smart meters. Certainly the information in the video is startling, and if correct in even one small portion, raises a compelling new dimension to the meters so many are objecting to. Please note, this is an American video,but I welcome comment from BC Hydro on the issues raised in this video.  Share with your friends. ( this is a link to BC Hydros PR on radio frequencies and smart meters, no where does it talk about signal interception, at this link, BC Hydro states your information is encrypted like online banking, however I think that would be after the point where the information is radio transmitted to the collector)