Laila Yuile on The World Today with Jon McComb this afternoon to talk about the search for the HST agreement – and the reality check coming for BC’ers in 2015.

Join me as I chat with Jon McComb this afternoon right after the 4:30 news spot, until about 4:45 and a reminder you can listen in live online, as well as radio !  We will be talking about my search for the HST agreement, as well as the reality check likely to come for British Columbians in 2015 if the HST is not extinquished in the referendum…

If you were unable to listen live, you can go the CKNW audio vault, , select Thursday July 21st, and pick the 4:pm time slot. Fast forward to the 4:40 mark, and listen in to the interview which plays until about the 4:53 mark.

The HST agreements can be found at this link( or scroll down)

And the search for those documents can be found here:

Of course, you might also enjoy reading comments from Mike Jagger, of the Smart Tax Alliance that is pushing for the HST, and a couple other important HST related stories  HERE:

” Circumstances do not make the man… they reveal him.” ~ James Allen, former defence minister of New Zealand

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. what does this one tell you?  ( And a reminder to scroll down and read the HST agreements that the government would rather you not see, and how far they would go to prevent that from happening.)