Breaking News July 26th – Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts named as defendant in civil suit relating to 2010 car accident




photos  of the April 2010 crash



Global news July 28th screen capture, Watts vehicle, 2010 accident.

Recently, a businessman from Coquitlam obtained some information that prompted his attention to look a little deeper into the traffic accident involving Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts in April of 2010. I spoke with him today about his information surrounding the incident.

At the time of the accident, media reports varied greatly on the details. Police  initially told reporters from several different news outlets, of which archived copies of those articles remain, that Watt’s car was T-boned, something that has been again recently repeated in media reports of Watts horseback riding accident in the interior by The Province and The Sun.

( Two reporters from the Province printed a correction in a subsequent edition after a  complaint was made by a reader of this site who is a former police officer, the Sun has not and the story remains unchanged) I also brought the contradictory statements made up with the CBC Ombudsman, detailed in this post :

It was also reported that police believed Watts had the green light,despite the fact they were continuing their investigation ,and did so for several months.

But questions remained. The husband of the other driver repeatedly stated publically that his wife insisted she had the green light, that the mayor T-boned her car, not the other way around, as stated in this story the Chilliwack Times.

SURREY – How do they know the mayor had a green light?

That’s what Les Redekopp would like to know. His wife, Shawnene, 55, was driving a sedan involved in a collision with an SUV driven by Mayor Dianne Watts last Friday night.

“How can they tell she had the green? She T-boned my wife; not the other way around. There were no skid marks or anything. Usually when somebody runs a red light, they T-bone the other car,” Redekopp told the Now Wednesday.

“Mind you, I’m not saying it didn’t happen. It’s just that, according to my wife, she said, ‘I was going through on a green light.'”

On Monday, Surrey RCMP Const. Peter Neily told the Now, “We do have information that the eastbound SUV was proceeding on a green light. There’s no indication at this time that alcohol was involved.”

Redekopp said he’s not out to get the mayor.

“I like the mayor. It’s just that there’s all this stuff being put out there about how my wife T-boned them and it’s not true. I’m trying to talk to the police and they’re not calling me back. Meanwhile, my wife’s in Vancouver General going through operation after operation.

Redekopp said he’s frustrated by the lack of information coming from both the RCMP and the mayor about what happened that night.

Tara Foslien handles communications for Watts.

“The reason the mayor’s not doing any media calls right now is that the doctors have her on morphine for the pain and she’s not feeling up to it. She’s not being secretive or anything.”

Police say Watts was driving her white Cadillac SUV east on 24th Avenue with husband, Brian, in the passenger seat, when it collided with a dark-coloured sedan heading north on 128th Avenue around 11 p.m. Watts suffered a cracked rib and both she and Brian sustained soft-tissue injuries.

Shawnene Redekopp is in Vancouver General Hospital recovering from her injuries. Doctors removed her spleen and are treating her for a swollen pancreas, broken ribs, a broken collarbone and fluid buildup in her lungs.

At one point, Redekopp said, surgeons thought they would have to remove Shawnene’s pancreas, but exploratory surgery revealed it could likely be saved. Now, he said, they’re just keeping an eye on the organ and waiting for all the swelling to subside.

“At one point, she said to me, ‘I’m going to die,’ because of the pancreas. I said, ‘You’re not going to die.’ You worry. I don’t care about the vehicle, you can always get another car, but the people…you worry.”

A Surrey RCMP spokesman said the investigation into the collision continues and no new information was available.

Watts is recovering at home.”

This is a link to the same article, but less edited that contains a statement from the police

In July of last year, police issued a ticket to the driver of the other vehicle for failing to stop at an intersection red light and the story seemed to end there.

However, while the majority of media reports had quoted RCMP as stating Redekopp had T-boned the mayors SUV, one report said something different:

“Police have said Watts had a green light when her vehicle T-boned a car driven by a second woman at the intersection of 24th Avenue and 128th Street in South Surrey”

Did the other reporters get it all wrong when speaking with the RMCP and city staff? Or were they given inaccurate information?

In contacting Richmond court services, which handles the provincial traffic violations, they were unable to locate a red light violation ticket for Shawnene Redekopp entered into their system, which would indicate if one was issued, it was not disputed.

Further inquiries indicate JUSTIN does not show this violation ticket either.

Another possibility, albeit less likely, is that the ticket was void due to an error made by the issuing officer on the ticket, which had and does occur with more frequency than one might guess.

Watts recovered and went on to officially launch the Alexa’s bus campaign with the city of Surrey and the MADD campaign against drunk driving.

In the statement of claim filed by Ms. Redekopp, it is alleged that Mayor Watts ran the red light and hit Redekopp.

It is also alleged that Watts was driving with undue dare and caution, excessive speed for the conditions,and that her ability to drive was impaired by drugs, alcohol or fatigue.( It was raining heavily that evening and roads were wet.)

Watts and her husband, Bryan -who is also named in the suit – deny all allegations in their statement of defence.

The lawsuit was filed December 8th, 2010, shortly after Watts announced she would not be running for the Liberal leadership, citing the importance of family commitments.

* Update April 14th, 2012. from CKNW:

Lawsuit against Surrey mayor going to court next year
Surrey/CKNW (AM980)
Laura Baziuk | Email news tips to
4/14/2012A lawsuit against Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts is going to court next year.Shawnene Redekopp is suing the mayor after the two were involved in a car crash.In April 2010, Watts and her husband were heading home from a work event when their SUV collided with Redekopp’s vehicle at 128th Street and 24th Avenue.All three were taken to hospital.Police at the time said alcohol was not a factor.There have been conflicting reports on who had the green light and who t-boned who.Redekopp is suing the mayor for driving without due care, among other allegations — which have not been proven in court.The matter is set to go to trial in October 2013.

***Update * September 27,2013- A consent order was entered agreeing that the issue of liability and quantum will be severed and that the liability trial will be heard prior to the trial on quantum,subject to the direction of the trial judge.

*The liability portion of the trial is set for June 17th,2014, at 10am in the Vancouver Courthouse on Smithe st.

**** Update April 27th,2014: Court documents were entered into the Supreme Court Registry February 25th,2014,requesting that the liability trial be adjourned – the case has been settled via mediation.

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63 Responses to Breaking News July 26th – Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts named as defendant in civil suit relating to 2010 car accident

  1. Heather Lapierre says:

    Wow! Unfortunately, the lawsuit will probably come to naught because it’s pretty much a case of “she said, he said”. How sad.

  2. North Van's Grumps says:

    Correction, Not quite the case, it will come down those present he/she said HE/SHE said.

    Lift the hood on the Mayor’s vehicle and you’ll find a GPS black data box, recording speed/time/date. Wasn’t too long ago that the Police wanted access these data boxes because some vehicles were involved in accidents where deaths occurred. ICBC stepped into the court proceedigns and wanted the same data. The owners of the vehicles said it was theirs.

    But out of the blue came another “owner”, the manufacturer of the cars because the data would prove just how badly their vehicles were built.

    One other source of data would be the controlled intersection switching devices themselves, set by a human hand(s), hopefully not under the thumb of someone from City Hall.

    • Laila says:

      There is also accident reconstruction, which is often used in cases like this. Damage on vehicles can be telling as well, like skid marks are analyzed.Certainly interesting circumstances all around.

  3. olga says:

    YIKES! ( edited for legal reasons, Olga.) I ask that readers please keep your comments factual and non-litigious.

  4. Grant D says:

    In the picture it appears to me that the black sedan got t-boned.

    • Laila says:

      I do find it strange the ticket they said they issued doesn’t show on CSO online, which means she didnt dispute it and that is why I checked the court registry office in Richmond, as well as made further inquiries- there was nothing in JUSTIN with her name on it either. To me, the massive and serious injuries suffered by the driver of the Chrysler 300 are notable. I was surprised the media did not follow up longer to see how she was.

  5. Dan e Boy says:

    Wow!! I guess this leaves Dianne the hammerhead shark fighter who sleeps with monks out of contention for Liberal leader to save the world right? I showed that photo to a friend who is an autobody guy and he says that car was T boned and even though he cant see the other side of the Caddy, the front end of that 300 aint damaged all that much. Wow.I hope that woman is ok.

  6. Rhonne. says:

    What a pimp car the mayor drives, I thought only the gangsters here in Surrey drove those.

    I just looked around at some articles,and yeah a few different versions. The Sun and Province have been telling everyone she was tboned in all the stories about her horse accident -I heard there were more stories on her too. You doing any?

  7. The media didn’t follow up on Shawnene Redekopp because she didn’t have a degree in BS and wasn’t flipping the bill for that nights news cast. It’s it amassing how influential all the city adverts are in the local rags. Always follow the money, because Ms. Shawnene Redekopp didn’t have any monetary value to the media they didn’t have any time for her well being, as cold as that sounds that’s just the way it is, prove me wrong, good luck JVR

  8. Beatrice says:

    I thank you for bringing this forward for public knowledge. I heard many things about that accident that night because I live around there and so I am not so surprised by this. I am old,have lived a long time and learned many things along the way, and what I see her doing in the new area over past by Morgan Creek sickens me. Its all about the money with her, all about the money and developers. I am sorry she fell off a horse but that is life sometimes. I dont wish her badly, but she has fooled people long enough. Nothing bad is ever written but those people dont live here and drive around Surrey and see reality. So much poorness here, so much drugs and so many miles and miles of giant houses with no trees and concrete. I am retired now and I see this when I go out to do errands and visitings. I read you everyday and I am happy you are here for us in Surrey and BC, and thank you for telling about this becase I get scared when I think about her being a premier with Surrey how it is now. It never gets better, only bigger.

  9. Sarb says:

    The tide is turning for Ms. Watts. Speedy recovery and all that,for sure, but there is no difference between her and Campbell or Clark. Everyone in town knows it who works with the city.Man, theres so many stories the news sits on with her,small and big. Like, where did this story go in the local paper? No where is where it went. and Le-Ron plastics is her husbands company too, he is Vice President and they changed names when this story got out, I should know I work as a contracter and this guy has his cake cut and iced well. Did you know her husbands company is what is known as a preferred contracter for the city of Surrey,and he supplies all the pipes and other stuff for city projects? How convenient is that eh? You should look into that for us. Keep it in the family for sure. Theres a lot more going on too, like this other story that went dead, if this was that vancouver goofy mayor, whats his name gregger, it would be all over the moon about it in the paper.

    Surrey mayor Dianne Watts has declined to comment on the extent of her involvement in a business that operated from her home address for an undetermined period of time without a municipal licence. It is unclear how long Pro-Line Fittings Inc., a wholesale pipefitting supplier, has been based at the mayor’s residence.
    The shipping and mailing addresses for Pro-Line Fittings are displayed on the company’s Web site as 3022 176th Street and 3020 176th Street in Surrey. The first is the mayor’s residence, and the latter would be next door.
    The Web site states that the company was established in 2008. Chris Anquist, a spokesperson for Watts, told the Straight that she would be available for an interview before deadline, but he called back later to say that the mayor no longer wanted to comment on the story. He said this was because the business does not belong to her husband but to her brother-in-law, Ron Watts. The Web site lists Ron Watts as president, Linda Watts in marketing, and Travis Watts as shipping-and-receiving manager.
    In October, Indo-Canadian Voice editor Rattan Mall questioned Watts as to why a licence wasn’t applied for until June 2009. The paper quoted Watts as saying the business belonged to her husband. When asked whether or not businesses are allowed to operate without a licence, Watts told the Voice, “Well, you know what, it’s not my business, so if you want to talk to my husband, you can go right ahead and do that.”
    When the Straight asked why Watts didn’t want to speak to the fact that the business is operating from her address, Anquist had no reply.
    Watts, who was elected mayor in 2005, has been touted by some pundits as a potential future leader of the B.C. Liberal Party. Respondents in an Angus Reid Strategies poll in September were asked if several prominent politicians would make a good or bad premier. Watts was the clear favourite, with a score of +14, followed distantly by former B.C. Liberal deputy premier Christy Clark, with a +1 ratingrrey mayor Dianne Watts has declined to comment on the extent of her involvement in a business that operated from her home address for an undetermined period of time without a municipal licence. It is unclear how long Pro-Line Fittings Inc., a wholesale pipefitting supplier, has been based at the mayor’s residence.
    The shipping and mailing addresses for Pro-Line Fittings are displayed on the company’s Web site as 3022 176th Street and 3020 176th Street in Surrey. The first is the mayor’s residence, and the latter would be next door.
    The Web site states that the company was established in 2008. Chris Anquist, a spokesperson for Watts, told the Straight that she would be available for an interview before deadline, but he called back later to say that the mayor no longer wanted to comment on the story. He said this was because the business does not belong to her husband but to her brother-in-law, Ron Watts. The Web site lists Ron Watts as president, Linda Watts in marketing, and Travis Watts as shipping-and-receiving manager.
    In October, Indo-Canadian Voice editor Rattan Mall questioned Watts as to why a licence wasn’t applied for until June 2009. The paper quoted Watts as saying the business belonged to her husband. When asked whether or not businesses are allowed to operate without a licence, Watts told the Voice, “Well, you know what, it’s not my business, so if you want to talk to my husband, you can go right ahead and do that.”
    When the Straight asked why Watts didn’t want to speak to the fact that the business is operating from her address, Anquist had no reply.
    Watts, who was elected mayor in 2005, has been touted by some pundits as a potential future leader of the B.C. Liberal Party. Respondents in an Angus Reid Strategies poll in September were asked if several prominent politicians would make a good or bad premier. Watts was the clear favourite, with a score of +14, followed distantly by former B.C. Liberal deputy premier Christy Clark, with a +1 rating

  10. Sarb says:

    sorry, forgot to put that link to that corruption story that the big papers didnt touch.
    sorry for that, maybe you could do some more on this story?

    • Laila says:

      Dan, yes I did notice that hammerhead sharks and monks indeed. for those who have note read this yet.

      And indeed, it does mention how her SUV was Tboned as well.

      I don’t know the answers to all your questions Dan, we hope to have some soon. Certainly the police ruled the other driver was at fault, we are trying to find out how that happened. Now, either initially all those reporters quoted the police wrong about who Tboned who – except for one, shown above- or the police told the reporters inaccurate information. Either way, the version even being reported now, was never corrected by anyone and I think that bears scrutiny.

      Rhonne, I believe you will be hearing more about Watts soon, not just from me , although I do have a couple stories I have been sitting on until the fall ( and municipal election time) . Should be interesting to read, to be sure. Sometimes things just get to a point where the dam breaks and you can’t stop the information from gettng out.

      Jim, I linked to your site as well. I don’t think I can prove you wrong Jim about the media not caring about the other woman, I did find several stories updating Watts broken rib and soreness, but nothing to detail the extensive and life altering injuries of the other driver. I hate to think if she had been a mayor mover and shaker, that the press would have payed more attention to her, but then again….since the RCMP said she was at fault, that she ran the light and that she Tboned the mayor.

      Make sure to keep us updated here as well Jim too, ok?

      Beatrice, with age comes many rewards, wisdom and life experience are at the top of the list. I do know the area you are talking about actually, I think you mean that new concept neighbourhood along 32nd area, am I correct, out towards the new industrial complex? Yes, sad for sure, but residents there are rebelling already, and she has lost a lot of support in a very affluent area. Take heart, I believe truth always finds a way, sometimes it takes a bit longer, but eventually, it comes out.

      Sarb, Thank you for stopping by with this and I do remember both stories actually, because I wrote about them!! You must be a new reader, because I have a long history of writing about Watts,and city activities ( Google “laila yuile+ Surrey” or ” laila yuile + Dianne Watts” to bring it all up over the last few years)

      Here is the link to a story I did a while ago, when the news of the corruption at city hall was posted to a CBC Story in the middle of a Playoff hockey game… and was far down on their list of stories by the time Monday came around. No coincidence there I think, but that story had long legs and I would like to see more on that, considering the allegations in the story and the KPMG document. Time for a followup on it. I am surprised no criminal charges were laid considering that there seems to be enough for the city to move on civi suit there. I couldnt imagine the taxpayers footing the bill if it werent a sure thing.

      As for the story about her husbands business – that came to me right around that time as well. As I stated in the link above, I called a local reporter I know and he said he had talked to the mayor and was letting it go so he could get comment and cooperation on other stories….a free pass on what some may call small potatoes, but many feel is a great indicator of how this city operates.

      Check back as Jim keeps up updated. There are still more questions than answers and several people are trying to get to the bottom of where all the wrong information came from.

  11. cherylb says:

    Bad picture angle, but it sure looks like the sedan was T-boned. How would Ms. Redekopp’s car be so banged up on the side if she was the one doing the T-boning? Not possible for them both to be from the same accident.
    Also, it seems to me that generally the one that gets hit in the car accident usually suffers more injury that the one doing the hitting. Generally……

  12. I know Dianne Watts and like her too – my company conducted polling that put her into office in the first place – abruptly removing former Surrey mayor McCallum.

    I think there are a couple of considerations evident in the lawsuit as this relates to fault. First of all, the plaintiff Ms. Redekopp obtained a lawyer – most likely on contingency basis – and NO lawyer takes ICBC plaintiff work on contingency basis if the client is either (a) at fault; or (b) has a high degree of contributory negligence (fault) in the case – that’s 30% of too close to nothing for often tens of thousands of effort–and folks – lawyers don’t do their business that way.

    The other consideration is that Dianne Watts is the defendant. Usually ICBC hires the defense lawyer which knowledge is available to the public. If ICBC did not secure the services of a lawyer for Ms. Watts than it would only be if she were in breach of her insurance contract Lastly, Dianne Watts was reported to be injured in that MVA and most media has reported that the other driver was at fault, yet Ms. Watts did not counterclaim the lawsuit against her – for her injuries, nor initiate her own ICBC claim against this allegedly at fault driver for causing her injuries.

  13. ron wilton says:

    Courtesy of Global TV this am (don’t ask), a photo of the crash clearly shows the front of the white vehicle destroyed almost back to the firewall.

    The black vehicle clearly appears to have been hit front center on the drivers side.

    As a former traffic officer responsible for determining probable cause, from the nature of the damages, I have no doubt the black vehicle was indeed the one that was “T-Boned’.

    Perhaps someone could post the Global picture in addition to the one above for confirmation of my determination. (photos of skid and/or slide marks would be helpful).

  14. Laila says:

    Ron, will need to know the time of the story, subject- I imagine it was about Dianne being transferred back to Peace Arch- but also the reporter who did that story. Anyone watching noon news today please screen capture,I am unable this morning as committed to a project, but would appreciate any readers who can dig up or get that photo for me, alternatively the video clip showing it.

  15. Ian Vaughan says:

    Look at the wheels in your photo. The vehicle was hit front left side hard enough to bend the front suspension, and to also spin the vehicle enough to bend the rear suspension the opposite way.

    Get the accident investigator on the stand, you’ll either hear the forensics or a big lie.

  16. Leah says:

    Laila, having been the recipient of a t-bone 15 years ago…I can tell just by looking at these photo’s who hit whom. The white hit the black…and the black is lucky to be talking about it, by the look of it.

    • Laila says:

      I just want to know the truth. Did all those reporters get the story wrong, and did the mayor and RCMP allow that misinformation to go uncorrected all this time…. or did the RCMP give the wrong information to the reporters.

      I want to know. . I know some of the reporters and say what you will about the corporate media, the reporters I know would not get that information wrong. At least I would hate to think so.

  17. Richelle says:

    I just want to say that it is possible to T-bone a car and not be the one at fault. In fact, this happened to my mom recently. A car ran a red light and was t-boned by my mom. My mom is NOT the person at fault here, the person who ran the red light is. There were plenty of witnesses to the accident I am speaking about, so there is no doubt where the blame is, and should be, cast.

    I am not saying the mayor, or the other driver for that matter, are to blame. I’m just saying that you can’t be sure of who ran the light and who didn’t by the photos of the crashed up vehicles.

    • Laila says:

      I’m quite aware of that Richelle, and I am not saying the other driver wasn’t at fault, or that Dianne was.
      What I am saying, Richelle…. is that media stories at the time reported that RCMP told them DIanne was T-Boned by the other driver.

      Those media reports exist still today in cached versions. Media reports repeated this again in the last few days, that Watts vehicle was T-boned by a driver who ran a red light.

      Now…. if all those reporters who talked to police, got all the information wrong as reported to them by RCMP, and published that erroneous information…. AND the RCMP and the Mayor allowed that to stand uncorrected… something is wrong. The husband of the other driver as shown in the story above, disputed those Tbone reports immediately, so why was that never corrected by RCMP or the mayor? Or was it and the media was lazy about it? Is it better to let incorrect information stand? Not in my world.

      Now, the other scenario is that the RCMP gave reporters incorrect information on who Tboned who to begin with, or implication thereof. Either way for over a year the information in some articles was never corrected and that information was again printed in the last week.

      Truth matters.

  18. sue says:

    Screen shot of the Peach Arch News April 28, 2010:

    Says the SUV hit the sedan…..

    • Laila says:

      Great link and one of a very limited that show that version.- thank you!! The widely accepted, uncorrected story since that accident has been the other car hit Watts. Thank you for this Sue, Kevin is a great reporter and one of the most accurate. More questions, fewer answers, in particular with what has come to light this afternoon and evening.

      It is important to point out that Watts denies all claims of the civil claim other than that her husband and her were occupants of the vehicle, that Dianne was operating the vehicle and who the lease holder was. Forewith, this includes a denial that the vehicle Dianne was driving struck the vehicle that the Redekopp was driving. See the statement of defence and statement of claim.

  19. Laila says:

    And there is a an entire trail of emails that prompted this between a reader who is a former officer and two reporters from The Province that had different views on what each was told.

    and Glen, the police said Redekopp was at fault and ran a red light, which she disputed vis her husband in the press. We want to know how they determined that without a traffic camera at the intersection.

  20. Kim says:

    It appears that Glen is right, you have the “ProMedia” on the run. Do they stop in here regularly? Great investigative work here, Kudos to everyone!

    • Laila says:

      Hi Kim,

      To be fair, there are a heck of a lot of good writers and reporters in this town who take stories that have legs into editors and have them squashed for one reason or another. It’s not up to the reporter what gets printed and what doesn’t, or what gets edited out and what remains. I’ve seen some slice and dice pieces that totally changed the real story.

      I do have a lot of friends in the media, and yes, press often stops by here, some have What bothers me is when I see something like this, where I wonder what happened- did so many reporters get told the wrong thing initially, or did they get it wrong on their own? Either way, that impression was allowed for the most part, to remain unaltered even with last weeks reports of her accident, where it was again, reported the other woman tboned the mayor.

      The other issue I have is when a certain reporter repeatedly uses my past work and stories for her personal research station because it saves her doing the work herself. Not being credited for published work is not professional, ask anyone.

      And of course, I am still of the vain belief that newspapers and stations should remain impartial in matters of politics and never recommend readers or viewers to vote or choose a certain direction as our local papers often do.

  21. Kim says:

    Just in case they do, I’d like to point out to them that I no longer go to their websites for my morning news. I come here instead. And RossK’s place, and BC Mary. Maybe I go there to check the spin and corruption, if it is pointed out to me on facebook.

  22. Advertisers used to advertise for the sole purpose of product recognition. Now advertisers (often) are a part of organizations and funders of lobby groups and pro business information which impacts on what is published in news media. Its my opinion that the good writers/reporters Ms. Yuille speaks of – are placed in the position of having their stories quashed – too often – and they stay one with the newspaper – they are no longer good writers – because they are complicit – with their good writing – in propping up unethical news media.

    A good and ethical writer-reporter would find another place to earn their money and continue to use their writing skills for the betterment of society and the truth – which is would characterize as a series of facts – which bear out a reasonable conclusion.

    The truth was obviously butchered here – and done consciously – many times. Trying to moonwalk away from the ‘accident all around’ – does not preclude this from happening again and again.

    Kim has the right idea in my opinion – find your truths elsewhere – until the money captive news finds its way. Don’t buy into – bad script.

  23. ron wilton says:

    Bravo Glen.

    In reviewing video of crash tests for 2009 Cadillac suv, none of the doors on the crash test vehicle flew open.

    In the picture shown of the crashed vehicles it is clear that all four doors of the suv are open.

    This suggests to me the possiblity that four persons could have exited the Cadillac after the accident, which in turn suggests possible witnesses.

    Perhaps the investigating officer(s) could comment on that contention.

    • Laila says:

      Ron, may it not also have been possible that those doors were opened by first responders, who may have gone in behind the driver and passenger to brace their necks or check them before removal?

  24. Don F. says:

    The discussions about this accident and the right or wrong of it though interesting, seem moot.
    It is a given seeing who is involved that any pretense of right or wrong will be of little importance, it is who is involved that will decide the outcome.
    The fact that Mrs. Watts is a prominent politician, that the RCMP will lie, that the courts are corrupt and the fact that this occurred in the province of BC is all that needs to be known to realize any judgments will be in the favor of Dianne Watts. It matters little the circumstances surrounding the accident, they will be manipulated and experts called to lie and deceit.
    Justice will be a mockery again and we will be insulted again! It matters little or not at all what the truth may be or be proved to be in this instance. My condolences to those hurt by our shameful cowardly leadership one and all!

  25. Canadian Canary says:

    Laila you have done the citizens of BC a big favour outing this story and its myriad contradictions. Thank you.

    That there has been a wall of silence from the parties involved in the accident, the media, the police, etc. speaks volumes. If they have nothing to hide, or evidence to dispute what you and others have written, why don’t they speak up, hmmm?

    Corruption and lies abound in BC. I cannot fathom why any BC citizen would spend their money or time on a single newspaper or tune in to any media. They should be avoided at all costs, because it’s gotten to the point where it’s almost guaranteed that whatever you read will be false or twisted beyond comprehension.

    Your breaking story is a very important one — not just because of the lack of trust in the media and police — but also because you exposed Dianne Watts. ( edited for legal reasons- ly)

    ** Thank you for your kind words Canary, and I hope you understand why I have to edit your comment.This post has recieved an incredible number of visitors. Officially, the RCMP investigation found the other driver ran a red light and issued a ticket and fine. Until we get more facts behind what has led to this result of the civil suit,I must be diligent in what is written here about the allegations in the civil suit. I will be posting more information and some articles located with great effort by fellow writer NVG of Blog Borg Collective that are relevant,but yes, I agree with what you wrote that I felt compelled to edit. We know how things generally work in this province.**

  26. This might be a bit fanciful – but we may be presenting in totality the best case of prudent 5th estate and Judge-Jury in the history of the province – all in one week.

  27. I was thinking about this – and it dawned on me that during a civil suit – legal counsel can initiate examination for discovery on any relevant parties. Since the mainstream media presentation of the circumstances was clearly fabricated – I would first subpoena the mayor’s communications people – starting with the most recent on the horseback fall. The idea would be to determine if they have any contact or communications with any of those in the press who were so dead wrong on this matter of the MVA.

    Thereafter, I would subpoena those who wrote the incorrect – quite possibly libelous renditions of events – and ask them where they obtained their information prior to publishing. I would also subpoena the Editors – Editor in Chief of the media from which the incorrect reports were provided and send those media reports Third Party Notice (could be included as a defendant later).

    If the chain of transmission doesn’t add up properly – a competent lawyer would amend the claim and include those parties as defendants – and really leverage Ms. Redekopp’s case. Personal Injury lawyers in my experience are notoriously lazy – and often operate on a half measures approach to obtaining bigger percentages. (I would note also a recent case back east where contingency fees of 30% were later reduced to 15% out of fairness).

    Also, a plaintiff needs to make sure their lawyer isn’t being issued ICBC defense claims through the back door on a wink and nod basis. You can find this information out by going to ICBC’s head office on West Esplanade and paying $5-10 dollars for their book of recipients of dollars – and find out if your lawyer is doing defense work as well.

    Glen P. Robbins
    (not a lawyer)

  28. North Van's Grumps says:

    The information below, from an RCMP website, lays out the details in regards to which department is dispatched to motor vehicle fender benders in Surrey. There’s a couple of criteria for the dispatchers to use. If there isn’t any alcohol, no need for the RCMP. If there isn’t the occurrence(s) of deaths, then the RCMP are NOT involved again.

    However in this particular case at 11:00pm on April 23rd, 2010, the RCMP either arrived first because they were nearby, or because the Fire Department’s discovery of multiple injuries to two motorist, one serious enough to prompt the RCMP’s quick action to intervene, and then call the shots on who had the green light…. which made the headlines in several newspapers.A backgrounder to dispatching emergency services…….The City of Surrey has been cash strapped when it has come to the RCMP since 2005 and to remedy that problem, the Fire Department have been designated as first responders over the RCMP, possibly via a 911 dispatch protocol.“Gazette – Pooling resources

    By Len Garis, Fire Chief, City of Surrey and C/Supt Fraser MacRae, Surrey RCMP
    MVA response procedure improves use of fire, police services

    Surrey fire officers arriving first at an MVA are now assigned responsibility for determining if police involvement is required.

    Partnership between the fire and police services in one British Columbia city is improving the response to motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) while freeing up resources.

    Implemented in 2005, the joint initiative by Surrey Fire Service and Surrey RCMP has reduced response duplication by an average of 60 per cent, by streamlining response protocols and handing over some scene management capacity to fire crews.

    One of the main results is that RCMP are no longer attending minor “fender benders” that used to eat up significant time and resources, while fire crews no longer have to wait for the RCMP to arrive to start clearing the scene…… Snip

    By the numbers
    City of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
    Population: 462,000
    Motor vehicle accidents per year: 4,000
    RCMP hours spent attending MVAs in 2005: 1569
    RCMP hours spent attending MVAs in 2009: 774
    Average time saved by RCMP since protocol with Surrey Fire Service: 900 hours per year


  29. Nice NVG – it is interesting that in the mid 90’s then ICBC President McCourt brought in the whimsical no crash (damage) no cash policy. This policy had no basis in science – but instead allowed ICBC to subvert injury claims of those persons hit from behind, where liability was previously never at issue. It was retrogressive in the sense that persons with older cheaper model cars possessed steel bumpers which would reflect only nominal damage – while newer vehicles particularly expensive Japanese models would reflect major damage even in accidents under 5 mph. The scientific facts out of studies like Blackpool and others were revealing that whiplash victims remained injured in nominal speed accidents often for 3 years or more. The poor became the walking wounded – personal injury lawyers were often disinclined to their case – owing to poor income loss. North Van is describing the eventual outgrowth of this vis-a-vis the police.

    One one side the police not showing was presented as cost savings – while on the other litigation side of the equation the conversation from the enabling courts – did the police attend? No? Oh – went the presumption – the accident wasn’t serious. Moreover, the persons with the police trained in providing measurements and other accident scene information were replaced by engineers after the fact – eager to be retained to assist in the apportionment of blame as to 50-50. This coupled with BC’s Attorney General deciding to (a) send out subpoena’s to prospective jurors in civil MVA claims from Sheriff Services to people in lower income or government residences – resulting in overall lower awards from juries, to (b) establishing huge bottle necks at Trial Scheduling where 10-15 plaintiffs would show up for trials – with only 2 or 3 Judges available to hear claims – underscoring the proverbial courthouse steps settlement (in an aleatory setting to be sure).

    Police should have attended this accident and if they did not – how is it that the newspapers arrived at the conclusions they did?

    • Laila says:

      Another question to be examined- who arrived first, what did they say, and when did police arrive?

      Police clearly stated within 24 hours they believed that Dianne had the green light, I would suspect, based on her word considering articles where her husband made comments about the accident. Glens observations are astute.

      Here are some articles that could not be found on the web, but only by my friend NVG.

      Some south Surrey residents heard a “big thump” as a vehicle carrying Mayor Dianne Watts crashed in a two-car collision on the weekend.

      “I was actually in bed,” said Adele Wheeler, who lives at the corner of 128th Street and 24th Avenue. “I heard on the news it was the mayor.”

      Watts was resting at home Sunday but was still very sore from the crash that happened around 11 p.m. Friday as she and her husband, Brian, were returning from a work-related function.

      “She’s in a lot of pain, but will make a full recovery,” said Watts’ assistant, Tara Foslien.

      The mayor’s white Cadillac SUV and a black sedan collided in the Crescent Heights neighbourhood.

      Watts was treated in hospital on Friday for cracked ribs and bruises and returned to hospital on Saturday for further tests. Her husband was treated for neck injuries and bruises, while a woman driving the other vehicle suffered broken bones. It has not been made clear whether the mayor was driving her vehicle or a passenger in it.

      “The doctors told the mayor to take time off and let her ribs heal,” said Foslien.

      Surrey Coun. Judy Villeneuve has assumed duties as acting mayor in Watts’ absence.

      Initial reports had Watts’s vehicle being driven east along 24th Avenue when the sedan crashed into it. Unconfirmed reports had the sedan running a red light.

      Surrey RCMP Insp. Dave Attfield said Sunday he had no details about the crash, but said alcohol was not involved. He said the incident is being investigated by the traffic section.

      At the point of impact, both 24th Avenue and 128th Street are four-lane feeder roads that are controlled by a set of traffic lights. The area is well lit, but it was raining heavily.

      Watts’ SUV and the sedan ended up virtually facing each other on 128th Street, north of 24th Avenue, with Watt’s car apparently being spun around by the force of the impact.

      “There was damage to the SUV. The front end was pretty smashed,” Wheeler said.

      • Laila says:

        The full text in this message is either included in the message or attached in PDF format.
        Citation style: APA 6th – American Psychological Association, 6th Edition

        Driver hit by Watts’s vehicle given ticket
        Spencer, K. (2010, Jul 14). Driver hit by watts’s vehicle given ticket. The Province, pp. A.12. Retrieved from

        View this document in ProquestFull Text
        The black sedan that collided with Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts’s vehicle almost three months ago was seen running a red light when the crash occurred, say Surrey RCMP.

        A police spokesman said Tuesday that a $167 ticket has been issued to Shawnee Redekopp for running a red at the intersection of 24th Avenue and 128th Street at about 11 p.m. on April 23.

        Redekopp suffered broken bones and serious internal injuries, while Watts suffered cracked ribs and bruising. Watts’s husband Brian was also bruised.

        Watts’s white Cadillac SUV, which was eastbound on 24th, T-boned Redekopp’s sedan, wrecking both vehicles.

        At the time, police said Watts had a green light.

        Credit: Kent Spencer; The Province

        Note, contrary to what was said in a recent email, the RCMP claimed a witness was found .

        • Laila says:

          Surrey’s Watts quits mayor’s party: [FINAL C Edition]
          Spencer, K. (2003, Jun 11). Surrey’s watts quits mayor’s party. The Province, pp. A.23-A23. Retrieved from

          View this document in Proquest
          Abstract (summary)

          Surrey Coun. Dianne Watts, calling Mayor Doug McCallum’s behaviour “abusive,” has quit the Surrey Electors’ Team civic party. McCallum wouldn’t comment on Watts’ charges of abusive behaviour and yelling. Coun. Gary Tymoschuk replaces Watts. She will continue to serve as an independent councillor, leaving SET with a slim 5-4 majority. Full Text
          Surrey Coun. Dianne Watts, calling Mayor Doug McCallum’s behaviour “abusive,” has quit the Surrey Electors’ Team civic party.

          “I realize this may mean the end of my political career,” Watts said yesterday. “If so, so be it. I won’t put up with it anymore.”

          She said a long-simmering dispute over the mayor’s approach to issues came to a head last week over whether the city should have its own police force.

          Watts, chairwoman of the public safety committee, has come out publicly in favour of the RCMP.

          “I was called into McCallum’s office on Friday, where he told me I was too close to the RCMP,” she said. “I was removed as chair of the public safety committee, effective immediately.

          “His manner was inappropriate. I was yelled at, which wasn’t the first time. I won’t put up with it anymore.

          “Life to too short to put up with abusive behaviour.”

          McCallum, a fellow SET member, said he knew Watts was “unhappy” but it was “her option” to resign.

          McCallum wouldn’t comment on Watts’ charges of abusive behaviour and yelling.

          “Dianne’s done a good job and worked hard on the safety committee, but it was time for a change,” he said. “Sometimes you have to face up to things when you don’t agree with the majority. Hopefully, she’ll reconsider.”

          Coun. Gary Tymoschuk replaces Watts. She will continue to serve as an independent councillor, leaving SET with a slim 5-4 majority.

          Independent Coun. Bob Bose said Watts “is beside herself with anger.”

          “She put her heart and soul into the safety committee, but she wasn’t dancing to the mayor’s tune,” he said.

          Watts has filed a notice of motion to stop council looking at acquiring a civic police force and instead work out issues with the RCMP.

          Now, we all know McCallums reputation and what he DID NOT do for Surrey… but interesting article nonetheless. Watts has been called out for not addressing the need for a regional force to combat gang violence and other integrated task force crimes more effectively.

          ” Friday, February 20, 2009
          METRO POLICE

          I am surprised at and disappointed by Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts, who convened a meeting of Metro mayors the other day to discuss a regional police force.

          “What we have right now is a good policing model,” she said. “We will be working with what we have because it does work.”


          What has made Watts such a rare and valuable politician in the past few years is that she has not been hide-bound to the status quo. She has shown repeatedly a willingness to move on to new approaches when the old clearly wasn’t working.

          How in any conscience can she claim in the face of the last two weeks of gang shoot-ups on our public streets that the current system of a dozen separate police forces is working?

          Now read in its entirety Retired Justice Wallace Craig on the same subject.

          February 18, 2009
          ON Oct.17, 2007, British Columbia’s inter-gang feuding went far beyond the pale of human decency.
          Two innocent men, Ed Schellenberg and Chris Mohan, chanced upon an execution-in-progress and were immediately shot to death alongside four gangsters.
          Premier Gordon Campbell and Attorney General Wally Oppal stood on the sidelines while the RCMP’s Integrated Homicide Team began a massive and glacially slow investigation that has yet to result in the arrest of any suspects.
          In the immediate aftermath of the killing of Schellenberg and Mohan, the premier and his attorney should have acted swiftly to deal with this absolute circumstance: that gangsters in British Columbia are contemptuous of police and the judiciary; that they go about their dirty business with impunity with only the slimmest chance of being apprehended, convicted and ending up with a long and hard jail sentence.
          Since October 2007, it has been business as usual for the street gangs with their feuding kept on simmer. But the heat was turned up between Feb. 2 and Feb.12 with a spate of shootings and shootouts, some of them involving the use of automatic weapons.
          On Feb. 6, in Langley Township, a gangland shooting in a mall aroused the ire of Mayor Rick Green. “In some respects, you feel helpless, but Lower Mainland mayors have got to try and raise the level of our voices. We’ve got to absolutely stand up and say enough is enough,” said Green, who believes that federal legislators must write tougher laws.
          In the same report in the Vancouver Sun of Feb. 9, Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts said that the violence throughout the Lower Mainland “shows how brazen these individuals are.”
          After nine shootings in the first two weeks of February, Premier Gordon Campbell finally woke up to reality and talked tough. Flanked by two top cops, Vancouver Chief Const. Jim Chu and RCMP Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass, boss of B.C.’s massive E Division, Campbell promised 168 more police officers and a handful of prosecutors.
          This magnum-force, Dirty-Harry impersonation by Campbell, coming just three months before an election in May, should be compared with his inactivity before and after the murder of Schellenberg and Mohan in October 2007.
          The way I see it, Premier Campbell has ignored the solemn commitment in section 2 of the Police Act of British Columbia “to ensure that an adequate and effective level of policing and law enforcement is maintained throughout British Columbia.”
          Campbell seems oblivious to the dysfunctional coupling of two distinct police models in the patchwork of municipal parochialism in the Lower Mainland – a coupling incapable of dealing with free-ranging street gangs.
          And Campbell seems oblivious to the precarious state of the RCMP, so badly managed by an inept command structure that it must now endure the ultimate ignominy of working under the direction of a civilian commissioner.
          Viewed through the lens of gang activity and rampant drug activity, we are revealed to be a metropolitan community that is far short of adequate and effective policing and law enforcement.
          Compare the way policing is carried out in the cities of Vancouver and Surrey using two different models, and make your own assessment.
          Surrey, policed under contract by the RCMP:
          · no control over hiring, firing and disciplining of officers;
          · a detachment commander who does not have the independence and authority of a chief constable;
          · all members subject to the authority of the Deputy Commissioner in charge of E Division and the ultimate authority of the Commissioner of the RCMP in Ottawa.
          The Surrey detachment is not bound to comply with the provincial Police Act and its complaint process; nor can the municipality govern it with an independent police board; and it is not responsible to the provincial minister in charge of policing in British Columbia.
          Vancouver, policed by the Vancouver Police Department under independent command of Chief Const. Jim Chu:
          · all constables in the VPD including its chief constable are hired, promoted and may even be dismissed by the Vancouver Police Board;
          · the command structure is in constant change with promotions from the lower ranks;
          · the force is firmly rooted in Vancouver and is capable of generating short and long term analysis of criminal activity in Vancouver, and the manner in which the justice system deals with offenders.
          In keeping with an essential and traditional aspect of his responsibility and duty as chief constable, Chu is proactively engaged in public comment and debate on anything that interposes between his force and their goal of maintaining adequate and effective policing in the City of Vancouver.
          My prediction is that mayors and councillors of Lower Mainland municipalities, policed by RCMP detachments, will continue to whine and complain about murderous gangsters while they cling to the status quo. The alternative is too tough for them to manage: to venture where they have never been before and work together to institute a metropolitan police force.
          One thing they should do is to constantly remind themselves of the horrific murders of Ed Schellenberg and Chris Mohan by placing a small sign on their desks: The Buck Stops Here.

          Posted by David Berner at 9:39 AM

          Anonymous said…
          The province has ultimate authority of the police structure in BC. However, Victoria doesn’t want to alienate Metro mayors, who are comfortable within their fiefdoms, by imposing a regional police force.

          It would be a slam-dunk if the mayors were on board, though.

          And if the Metro mayors don’t change their tune soon, perhaps we should amalgamate Metro into one city – similar to what’s been done already in Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax.

          Imagine the influence an expanded Vancouver mayor would have on the Provincial and Federal scene, instead of the current situation where Vancouver sits humbly in 8th place in Canadian cities, snuggled humbly between Hamilton and Winnipeg.

          Maybe then the Province would also keep their noses out of civic affairs, as they should.

          February 20, 2009 10:26 AM
          Anonymous said…
          Next thing we are going to see is Campbell wearing a black watch cap and his plaid shirt again with a side arm strapped on and hanging low, prowling through the streets looking for those “miscreants” BAH!

          The guy’s a wimp and would melt at the sight of a gun held by someone who would use it.

          February 20, 2009 10:50 AM
          David in North Burnaby BC said…
          Watts talks a good game, but as readers of Laila Yuile’s blog have been learning, its all talk.

          February 20, 2009 3:14 PM
          Laila said…
          David,I urge you to visit Surrey, so you can see what the press does not show about Dianne Watts and her methods.
          Come walk around my neighbourhood.

          Come see the still not done and past due Olympic Volunteer centre that was approved by council -without her revealing to all of them that she had actually signed away the legal rights of the city and its taxpayers in the event of a dispute in the project- which could happen.

          People worried about what happened to the Millenium project in Vancouver, and yet here in Surrey this project has missed one deadline and they are already planning for what they are going to do if it is not done by the next one – and possibly having to rent other community facilities out to VANOC to cover their failure.

          The money spent on all of this would have paid for quite a few new cops here, but running the Olympic flag was more important.

          Dianne Watts has never wanted a regional force- this is nothing new for those of us who live here.She thinks we have different policing needs because “we have more children in Surrey” – this reason and a host of others that make no sense to anyone but her.

          One should be questioning not only why she refuses to consider this solution,but also questioning the flawed statistics and plans in her entire crime prevention plan.

          It simply does not work.Given much more time with this situation left unchecked, Whally and Newton will be just as bad as the DTES – and this was just recently mentioned to me by an RCMP officer stationed here.

          We have just as many, if not more, social agencies as the DTES, and yet the homeless,addicted and mentally ill are everywhere.Just as the DTES continues to decline, as do we.

          The police shuffle all of them from one area to another in ” Crime sweeps”- which is what has happened several times in Whalley. Crack down there, they all move to my neighbourhood -or the next one. Nothing is fixed, just moved temporarily.

          I speak for many when I talk about frustration in getting her to address the real issues.
          This latest move is only the most public of them all that is getting noticed by people not actually living here in Surrey.

          Her insistance of a community court without all the resources to back it up properly will be the next in a long line of decisions that will do little to solve the rampant crime that makes Surrey it’s home.

          February 20, 2009 6:19 PM
          Anonymous said…
          It seems that in order to creat a regional police force we should eliminate the unending waste of the 10 or so little cities with the supporting infrastructure. One big city with one set of councilors. One garbage one sewer etc. We could save millions or more.One city hall. One set of scandals.

          February 21, 2009 8:46 AM
          Anonymous said…


          February 21, 2009 4:52 PM
          David in North Burnaby BC said…
          “…eliminate the unending waste of the 10 or so little cities with the supporting infrastructure. One big city with one set of councilors…”

          Without the ward system, that would be lead to an even more atrocious “taxation without representation” situation than we have now.
          Instead of mayors and councilors in each little fiefdom living in well-off enclaves with private security, they’d all live in Point Grey and be even more out of touch with the neighborhoods, like Ms Yuile’s and my own, for examples “out in the boonies”.
          Amalgamation, without the ward system (and the sheeple have shown themselves easily bamboozled on that one), such as exists in other “mega cities” like toronto, Halifax or where have you, would be a disaster for anyone east of Main or south of the river.

          February 23, 2009 2:39 PM “

          • Laila says:


            In response to my posting that comment seen below, David posted it…

            • Laila says:

              The full text in this message is either included in the message or attached in PDF format.
              Citation style: APA 6th – American Psychological Association, 6th Edition

              Surrey mayor had green light
              Spencer, K. (2010, Apr 27). Surrey mayor had green light. The Province, pp. A.6. Retrieved from

              View this document in Proquest
              Abstract (summary)

              Foslien said the city was prepared to release more information Monday, but it was delayed because the mayor was “unable to do media calls [due to pain and pain medication].” Full Text
              Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts was driving through a green light when her white SUV struck another car on the weekend, RCMP said Monday.

              Watts was driving in accordance with traffic rules at the time of the accident, RCMP said.

              Watts and her husband, Brian, were returning home from a work-related “dinner meeting” on Friday at 11 p.m. when Watts’ SUV collided with the black sedan in south Surrey.

              RCMP spokesman Const. Peter Neily said Watts’ SUV was travelling eastbound on 24th Avenue when it struck the northbound sedan on 128th Street.

              “The SUV was proceeding through a green light when it collided with the sedan,” Neily said. “Alcohol was not a factor.”

              Neily called it a serious accident, based on “significant damage” to both cars and “serious injuries” to both drivers.

              Watts was at home Monday, recovering from cracked ribs and bruises. Her husband’s injuries were minor.

              Neily said the driver of the second car, believed to be a woman, was “seriously” injured with broken bones. The unidentified woman is believed to have undergone a five-hour operation at Vancouver General Hospital on Saturday.

              Neily said the investigation continues. He would not comment on whether the black sedan was travelling through a red light. We’re looking for witnesses,” he said.
              Watts’ assistant, Tara Foslien, said the mayor has been advised by doctors to stay away from the office for a “few weeks.”

              “They want her ribs to be rested,” said Foslien. “She’s still in pain.”

              Watts’ absence delayed the release Monday of information related to the RCMP’s investigation of an unidentified city employee.

              Foslien said the city was prepared to release more information Monday, but it was delayed because the mayor was “unable to do media calls [due to pain and pain medication].”

              Coun. Judy Villeneuve has assumed Watts’ duties as acting mayor. She has signing authority in the city of 446,000 and will chair the May 3 council meeting if Watts is unable to attend.


              And that would be the city employee mentioned in the CBC article posted close to the beginning of this thread.

            • Laila says:

              Ex-Surrey worker suspected of defrauding city
              Spencer, K. (2010, May 28). Ex-surrey worker suspected of defrauding city. The Province, pp. A.15. Retrieved from

              View this document in Proquest
              Abstract (summary)
              The male suspect, whose name has been withheld pending an ongoing police investigation, was a longtime employee of the planning department. Full Text
              A Surrey employee, who has since been fired, is suspected of defrauding the city of “hundreds of thousands [of dollars],” Mayor Dianne Watts says.

              “We have acted swiftly and decisively,” Watts said Thursday. “We will do everything in our power to make sure the money is returned to the city.”

              The male suspect, whose name has been withheld pending an ongoing police investigation, was a longtime employee of the planning department.

              “He was a middle manager who was suspended when we first suspected something and was subsequently fired with cause,” she said.

              Watts wouldn’t reveal details of the alleged scheme or say how it came to be uncovered.

              Sometime around February, after officials became aware of irregularities, the audit firm KPMG was called in to do a forensic examination. KPMG’s report went to the RCMP two weeks ago.

              Watts said the delay in releasing information was because examining files and conducting interviews took time.

              She didn’t rule out the possibility of charges being laid against people outside of city hall who may also have been involved.

              “Anybody inside or outside of city hall will be dealt with. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” she said.


              Credit: Kent Spencer; The Province

              Seems Kent Spencer must be assigned to Surrey… or the mayor.

            • Laila says:

              Surrey city hall doesn’t run us, Mounties insist: [Final Edition]
              Spencer, K. (2003, Jun 12). Surrey city hall doesn’t run us, mounties insist: The Province, pp. A.5-A5. Retrieved from

              View this document in Proquest
              Abstract (summary)
              His comments came at a media conference over allegations by Coun. Dianne Watts, who told The Province on Tuesday that Mayor Doug McCallum had asked her about firing RCMP officers while she chaired council’s public-safety committee. Watts — fired by McCallum as chairwoman of the committee late last week — said the reference to firing police officers came during a meeting a month ago with McCallum in his office. Photo: DOUG McCALLUM: denies asking for firings; Photo: Wayne Leidenfrost, The Province / RCMP Asst. Commissioner [Gary Forbes] assures Surrey citizens he is free from political influence. Full Text
              But RCMP chief won’t say whether mayor ever asked for terminations

              Surrey’s top Mountie waded into a firestorm yesterday over allegations the mayor had discussed firing police officers.

              “I have full control,” said Asst. Commissioner Gary Forbes, who is in charge of Surrey’s large RCMP detachment.

              “No one in this office has ever been moved, transferred or fired as a result of outside influences. And they never will be, under my command.

              “I want the citizens of Surrey to know that the RCMP are independent from any political influences.”

              His comments came at a media conference over allegations by Coun. Dianne Watts, who told The Province on Tuesday that Mayor Doug McCallum had asked her about firing RCMP officers while she chaired council’s public-safety committee.

              “He told me I should be putting more motions forward and I should start by putting motions forward to fire RCMP officers,” Watts said.

              Watts — fired by McCallum as chairwoman of the committee late last week — said the reference to firing police officers came during a meeting a month ago with McCallum in his office.

              She would not reveal the names of the officers mentioned by the mayor.

              Yesterday, McCallum disputed Watts’ account of the meeting.

              “We don’t get involved in personnel decisions at the RCMP,” the mayor said. “I respect the RCMP’s mandate.

              “There’s only one officer we have a say over and that’s the police chief.”

              Forbes agreed that McCallum has some influence over whether he remains in the top job.

              “McCallum could put in a recommendation to remove me, but it would be the RCMP commissioner’s decision whether to do that,” he said.

              And he said he would be concerned if McCallum had in fact talked of firing police officers.

              “The mayor has strong views on a whole number of issues,” said Forbes, adding he has told McCallum in the past to speak with him in an open and frank manner.

              He praised Watts as “an exceptional individual who has worked diligently for her community. She has held our feet to the fire, but also worked for solutions, which I wholeheartedly support.”

              Last fall, McCallum issued a public apology over allegations he tried to dissuade the Mounties from releasing information about crime in Surrey.

              He also made it known he was displeased over the frequency of crime stories being released by RCMP spokesman Const. Tim Shields.

              Yesterday, Forbes defended Shields, saying he is “doing an excellent job” and will “remain in his role.” Forbes wouldn’t say if McCallum had ever asked him to fire anyone on the force.

              “I will not talk about our private conversations,” said Forbes.


            • Laila says:

              Yet another report done by a well known and reliable reporter, stating on the 27th, that another vehicle hit the SUV not the other way around, a good read on this/

              In the various articles quoting information from RCMP, three different officers were spoken to: Inspector Dave Attfield, Inspector Paulette Freill ( watch commander) , & Cst. Peter Neily

  30. watcher says:

    In Surrey, for example, the RCMP operates its largest and most multicultural detachment in Canada. The national force will relocate its B.C. headquarters– E Division– from Vancouver to Surrey in 2013 and is already constructing a $996-million, four-building HQ complex to accommodate its 2,700 workers at its 140th Street and Fraser Highway site.

    No doubt attracting E Division to Surrey was an economic development coup for Mayor Dianne Watts, who told The Province’s editorial board last week her city now has a very good working relationship with the RCMP.

    Regardless, many of the advantages Watts cites for having the RCMP serve Surrey — sharing resources with other detachments, for example — also apply to implementing a B.C. or at least Lower Mainland regional force. The latter could encompass metro and the FVRD, given common issues like gangs and pot grow-ops.”

    • Laila says:!

      “But the case for deeper reform gained momentum this month when former Solicitor General Kash Heed called integrated teams a “band-aid solution” and said B.C. should consider creating a new force.

      Rob Gordon, director of SFU’s School of Criminology, supports a provincial police force replacing the RCMP for all but federal policing matters and predicts costs would come down.

      But he said the provincial government is “under siege” and the new missing women inquiry – which could weigh in on the merits of regionalization – means there’s no chance now to form a provincial force and terminate the RCMP in 2012.

      Gordon said it would be a mistake, however, to roll over the 20-year RCMP contract without including an escape hatch giving B.C. freedom to act later.

      “It would be grossly irresponsible at this point to go ahead and sign without some sort of opt out.”

      He also said UBCM cities may not be getting the best advice because their lead negotiator is Murray Dinwoodie, manager of the City of Surrey, where a new $1-billion RCMP E Division headquarters is under construction.

      “That doesn’t necessarily allow for clear thinking about the options,” Gordon said.

      Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts rejected Gordon’s claim Surrey is in a conflict of interest.

      “I don’t think that plays a role at all,” she said. “I’m not supportive of paying more money because E Division is coming.”

      Sources tell me that several mayors questioned Dinwoodies role in this negotiation because of that new E division construction,when the RCMP just centralized 3000 of their employees in a billion dollar facility in Surrey to be completed in December of 2012. The city gets what it wants. New building, more employment, more power, higher profile, more recognition, more tax revenue. one would think that would exempt Dinwoodie from that role of negotiator.

  31. G.J.W. says:

    Campbell and the BC Liberals, turned BC into a cesspool of corruption. Nothing has changed. BC is also the province of special prosecutors. We have seen what they do, more than once. There is also the, BC two-tiered judicial system. The media is predominately, pro BC Liberal.

    Mrs. Redekopp, doesn’t stand a chance.

  32. That’s why – every time a regular citizen gets rolled like this – We political – social media execute one or more of theirs. Eventually, the insiders – politicos – judges – media – will step over so many riddled bodies of colleagues – they will be too nervous to lie, cheat and steal any more. (Watch out for the pretenders like media who pretend to be activists – but are in fact agents for LiarsInc.

    I am happy to say I possess plethora of inside information on many insiders – for distribution all in good time. Dianne Watts is one of the few politicians I personally liked. This is unfortunate – but I need to follow what I believe is the truth – or overnight you become like the other side currently is.

    This deft effort by Lailla Yule – initiated by Van Rassel and others has been extraordinary – and frankly intoxicating – it provides me and my crew with the energy – to climb that metaphoric tower with daisy cutter in tow – and drop one, two or a few.

    It is my belief that you can make significant changes to the status quo — without flying an airplane into a building or actually killing anyone. (See Kennedy, Kennedy, King, 9-11).

    I agree with one blogger – BC is very corrupt – the NDP was no better – Campbell was awful – just awful – and the arrangement is that the corporate – union cartel will control the money – and the Redekkops and everyone else will be compelled to pay for the party – until more and more of these efforts – in this case, with easily the most popular politician in the province – who cannot reasonably go on now – injured ——————will send a powerful message to the others.

    I would like to follow through on the experiment and see Lailla and Jim run for office in their respective cities. Will they be able to follow their principles – or will they be drawn into the rationale of compromise – ooops groupthink? Then, we need to add more people like them – independent and strong – rinse through the cartel and see over the next 10 years if we can take back control from the special interests.

  33. SB says:

    I will comment on the doors being open as a 1st responder it is normal that c-spine {neck support} would be applied and maintained until a patient is secured to a board or stretcher depending on the situation so other doors being open are likely for that use , interesting blog though will have to keep up on it .

  34. Ms. Redekopp’s lawyer – in my opinion should have insisted on a Master signing the Consent Order for the RCMP information. A Registrar is too low on the judicial totem pole – notice at the bottom – what is often written on any Order – By the Court – is crossed out.

    This is a very weak Consent Order—-her lawyer could have done better here imo

    Glen P. Robbins
    (not a lawyer)

  35. Laila says:

    Anyone new here should be reading this thread and the comments relating to this.

  36. Ranger Tom. says:

    Hi, I was just reading the hellraiser of the blogospheres story on this and now read this again and am left wondering if he is nuts or did he even read what you wrote here? I read you both and saw this when you posted it a couple weeks ago, and he’s going on about drinking and how you are smearing Dianne his love, but I cant find you talking about that here, only this Jim guy is. All these comments are about where did the press got the story wrong? oh yeah and the links to the other stories that arent good about her.

    What a blowhard.No wonder everyone is scared of him, theres a bolt missing there. I always figured there was something about him that no one pays attention to his stuff. Did you read his rant yet? He says you only addressed the drinking(??)didnt say about the other allegations,didnt say the ticket wasnt disputed and that you make up shit about Surrey. Guess he doesn’t really ever get to my neighbourhood either. Just wanted to say I only read him for bc rail shit and even thats getting old because he only talks about “snookie” clark,and since no one pays attention to him anyways,nothings ever gonna happen anyways.

  37. Beth says:

    Good questions.

  38. Jack Simpson says:

    If a vehicle runs a red light and gets T-boned by vehicles going through on the green, is the vehicle that ran the light then “in the right”? Explain
    In Canada, there MUST BE some evidence of impairment PRIOR to the administering of ANY breath or blood analysis. IF there is NO PRIOR evidence from either driver, an analysis cannot be administered. These are facts, not some conjecture or wishes dreamed up by some political wannabe rumour-monger.

    • Laila says:

      Very true that not all people who Tbone another vehicle are at fault, not by far. What is so hard to understand in this post that THE PRESS repeatedly reporteded numerous times that the mayors SUV was hit, rather than the facts which is that she hit the Chrysler 300 ? No where have I determined fault, however, I have questioned how it was that the initial reports already stated the mayor had the green light, despite an ongoing investigation. Again, to find out where that information came from and how it was this falsehood could have continued for so long by the press, uncorrected by RCMP or the mayors office. As I said above, RCMP clearly stated the fault was with the other driver.

      I know the law in Canada, if you take issue with what others who have questioned why no test was done, take it up with them, on their site Jack. Be clear who you are directing your comments to as so many have commented here, but do not make the mistake that I have said something I have not.

  39. Laila says:

    Hi “Ranger Tom”.. quite the handle you’ve chosen!

    Yes, Ranger, I did see Mr. Tsakumis’s post this mornng and it sure beats how he maligned me over Falcons loss at the I have nothing to say other than I too, wonder if he read my post, and my statements! I see another reader has noticed all the incorrect points in his post and addressed them in the followup post here. I stand by my concerns and statements and note that I have never had to issue a retraction, nor have I been asked to, in the years my site has been operating. There remains serious concerns as to whether the media involved simply made events and statements up on their own, or whether or not they reported what was told to them at the time, which to me, is quite clearly the point of my post and the vast majority of comments on both threads. Of course, the question still on everyones minds is how it was determined that Redekopp ran the red light.
    I think Tsakumis clearly needs a vacation of longer than a couple days, but then again, it must be frustrating to have done so much hard work on the BC Rail files he has been working on for so long,day and night sometimes, without anything really coming from it,since the majority of British Columbians will never read his fine work as long as the corporate media continues to ignore it.

    Beth, I agree, good questions.

  40. island papa says:

    I read AGT’s rant and began thinking I had never digested your blog…so reread and can’t figure out why he needed 3500+ words to say “I love you and I hate you”.
    I promised my wife to keep her flowers and veggies alive until she returns and since testing the fire pump was on the “to do” list today, there I was directing a not so fine mist of H2O high above the garden. Watering a 200sq ft garden with 90psi of simutated rain made me feel a certain comradship with Alex…an active analogy if you will.

  41. North Van's Grumps says:

    I’m surprised that in Alex’s rant yesterday that he didn’t use Lee Harvey Oswald up in the School Book Depository to describe his frustrations of how bloggers have been commenting on an event a year ago, rather, he went with the “Grassy Knoll” scenario, which means that he believes in the Conspirator theories…….. Who’d guess.

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