Breaking news: 200$ million coming for Surrey schools… pending arrangement of a photo op.

Here is a little something something that made it across my desk this afternoon…

Sources in Victoria indicate the province has committed to a sizable $200 million funding boost to assist in easing Surrey’s longstanding education crisis… but that money is being delayed  until a photo op can be orchestrated between three cabinet ministers and Dianne Watts…conveniently closer to the coming municipal election date.

If this was the result of the meeting held between Watts, Christy Clarke and only the BC Liberal MLA’s here in Surrey on September 27th, why must Surrey students wait even longer just so a campaign friendly photo op can be arranged? Let’s just see the money flow, and get on with the big job of making that money go as far as possible. Education officials, students and parents alike have been begging for help from the province for years, and while I personally am happy this money is on it’s way- finally –  it’s a sad statement on how things work to see the funds only coming when an election in Surrey is on our doorstep and the BC liberals at death’s door.