Laila Yuile on Dix and the Enbridge pipeline.

Some day the earth will weep, she will beg for her life, she will cry with tears of blood. You will make a choice, if you will help her or let her die, and when she dies, you will die too.

John Hollow Horn
Oglala Lakota

May 3rd, 2009, was the first time I ever wrote about the Enbridge Pipeline proposaland funny enough, I apologised back then for not having heard of it sooner!

Enbridge has been the subject of many blog posts since then, not enough likely, but looking back, I along with other bloggers, were still ahead of the MSM by years…

My recent trip back to Prince George supplied me with all I needed to affirm my future life goals – that will be the topic for another post. Each of us must do everything we can, to make sure what remains of this province is saved, or used in a sustainable manner for future generations. That is absolute. That is non-partisan, that is the truth with no agenda.

A recent interview NDP leader Adrian Dix gave with Ben Meisner of came to my attention today and it cannot, and must not, be ignored. The headline at first seems inflammatory, however upon reading the quotes within, it seems quite straightforward.

 I urge you to click on that link above and judge for yourself – please do not take my judgement as a given, use your own!

There is much I take issue with in this interview but let me get to the heart of the matter. Quite frankly, I am quite ‘done’ with the copious amounts of double speak from the BC Liberals and not eager to hear any from the NDP. Here is the quote I have a major problem with:

“Dix was speaking on the Meisner program on CFISFM this morning, and when posed with the hypothetical scenario of the project being approved and Dix being Premier, he indicated he didn’t believe he could stop the project “The Constitution I think is fairly clear on these questions, the regulatory decision is a federal jurisdiction so you can’t be , shall we say, just harassing  as a Provincial jurisdiction even though we own the land. So we are reviewing those questions, and they are legal questions but the best thing that could happen  is that the pipeline would be dealt with in the federal review.”

Wow. Hello…. welcome to the NDP 2.0. 

Let me tell you something. Screw jurisdiction. Screw Harper and his abuse of the constitution. We can harass the feds and in fact, we expect you to!! Put on the big boy leadership pants and tell Harper to Screw off!!

 I have strong concerns with some of the statements coming out of Dix since he has become leader. Enbridge is a big one. It is, in essence, a deal breaker for a lot of people in this province whether they live in the north or not. For Dix to say that the province can’t be harassing the feds is a joke. In fact, I think it is a slap in the face of everyone who has protested this pipeline from the beginning, including myself,going back to 2009 and earlier.

The Enbridge pipeline is a deal breaker that knows no political boundaries.The impact of a spill in the interior or along the coast has implications that extend into the decades and if you don’t believe that, look at how long Exxon Valdez has haunted us.

Dix has, in two separate interviews now, stated he opposed the pipeline, absolutely! Absolutely! Yet in both he goes on to qualify those statements with mention of jurisdiction issues and now with Meisner he takes the big BUT…. to an entirely new level.

So let’s take another hypothetical journey into the future where Dix is premier. Remembering while we do, that I have worked very hard, for years, to see these Liberals exposed for the rats most of them are, and that I wish to each of them gone; again, that does not mean I wish the people of this province to become complacent in holding the NDP to the same account!

It’s 2014, and Dix of course is premier thanks to Christy Clark having crashed and burned the Liberal party and brand in a spectacular flame out. Enbridge has been pushed through, Dix of course was helpless to stop it because of “jurisdictional issues”, and the dozers and work crews are in place at the B.C.- Alberta border.

And so are thousands of protestors, myself among them, with linked arms refusing to budge. They let us sit, they get an injunction and eventually it will come down to either the RCMP or the military coming in to handle the situation because it is so volatile.

What exactly, hypothetically of course, will Dix do faced with this likelihood? Will he at that point support those fighting for our land,our waters, or is that out of his jurisdiction too? 

I think the people of this province are smart enough to know that while Dix states he is opposed to the pipeline, the stark truth is that there is a very strong union lobby connected to the oil business. It leads me to ask the difficult question,will the unions allow  the NDP to oppose Enbridge if union jobs are involved? 

It’s the same with Site C. Dix hasn’t taken a stance on that, preferring to wait until the environmental assessment is completed, which of course will give the green light. And this too will prove to be a contentious battle with several First Nations signing a declaration in opposition of Site C.  Christy Clark has been very clear that Site C is essential for the energy sucking LNG plants planned for this province, not for export or residential energy needs.

That’s why I’m concerned. I’m worried when Dix talks like a Liberal, and in my opinion,in this interview, that’s what he’s done. He stands in opposition yet qualifies his helplessness and even states the province can’t be harassing as a jurisdiction, even though it’s our land. And what he isn’t saying concerns me even more. Yes, we need to grab this province back from the Liberals, but look to the NDP with open eyes and hold them to the same scrutiny, for they will get no free pass from me.

These are interesting times in the province of B.C., politically and environmentally. After years of endless misuse and abuse of our lands, of horrific mismanagement, corporate giveaways of our resources, we have reached a crucial juncture. We know we have a very small window of time to turn things around in forestry and we know we need to be absolutely firm on managing resources in this province in a sustainable manner, to the benefit of British Columbians. Stopping Enbridge is a no-brainer in my eyes.

 Christy Clark is handing the province over to Dix on a silver platter with champagne on the side.  It’s how he serves it up that will define him as a leader.


 ***This video by The Commonsense Canadian shows the truth behind the recent cancellation of hearings in Bella Bella. It is a must watch. This was a peaceful demonstration of so many passionate and concerned residents,not a threatening protest. It is quite stunning to see the National Energy Board spin this one.