” How the Conservatives stole environmental protection.”

It is not often -well never, actually -you have found me quoting Elizabeth May. I guess there is a first for everything. This piece is a must read for all. And it gives some extra heft to the very reason why Robyn Allans request for Clark to repeal the agreement signed with Ottawa… scroll down  for details… is so damn vital to every British Columbian.

“The single biggest assault on environmental law was tabled last Thursday morning in the House – to nary a whimper. No front page headlines. No media interviews for Opposition parties for the major networks. True, we will likely hear more outrage as people wade through the 428 page Budget Implementation Bill, C-38. But, for now, the Harper Conservatives have stolen environmental protection in plain sight.”


“It had never been mentioned that the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act was to be repealed; and that an entirely new act of 67 pages would be tucked in to the Budget Act. No longer will there be predictable “triggers” for federal reviews. And if there ever is another federal review, it will only examine “environmental effects” of a very limited nature… Nor were the restriction of requirements… for authorization to destroy habitat for those commercial, recreational and Aboriginal fisheries. It had not been mentioned that the Species at Risk Act would be amended to give the National Energy Board (NEB) power to approve the destruction of the habitat of endangered species – or killing rare species through the building of pipelines.”

Now go, read and keep a bucket handy for when the bile rises in your throat.