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When good things happen to awesome people.

The best part of writing this blog has always been the incredible people it’s brought into my life. From diplomats to farmers, loggers to ceo’s and everything in between, the diversity of my audience has lead to long lasting friendships … Continue reading

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Things that make you go “Hmmmmm…”; Or who is gauging support for former premier Gordon Campbell in Vancouver telephone polling?

It’s interesting what pops up out of the blue sometimes. For example,Thursday morning I posted a story about Harper visiting Annacis  Island to facebook. That post prompted the memory of a friend living in Vancouver, who left a comment that … Continue reading

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BC Government releases Chief Inspectors 2013 Annual Report on New Years Eve, to Lego Movie soundtrack hit “Everything is Awesome!”

Yes it is true, the annual report was released at 12:01 pm, on December 31st, 2014. ( No they didn’t actually release it to the Lego movie soundtrack, but since everything is awesome it’s rather fitting ) The full … Continue reading

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A look back at 2014 through my lens.

Why venture out of this province,when we have so much to explore right on our doorstep? Here’s a look back at 2014 travels,moments and community. – most of which can be found within an hour of Vancouver. Enjoy.

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Hurry in, 2015, so we can have another chance to get it right!

For me,I will remember 2014 most for being the year I wished more than a few times, that I could magically go back to being one of those blissfully unknowing people who go about their lives paying no attention to … Continue reading

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Hiraeth, the word with no easy translation

There I was, sitting late in the evening taking care of some (admittedly) very late Christmas cards, when it hit me – the expected feeling of homesickness that nevertheless slams me every year in the most unexpected manner. Arriving with … Continue reading

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Real Canadian Superstore once again in the spotlight after denying customers redemption of points

I’m really starting to wonder what kind of a company Loblaws is after a recent experience where I and other customers were told we could not redeem our points on the PC plus card. Time for another grocery shopping rant. … Continue reading

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There is no defence – period.

I missed an interesting story  yesterday with my focus on waiting for the Site C announcement – I’ll have a blog post on Site C soon, but I’ve received quite a few messages asking what I think of this: Where to … Continue reading

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Every pundits worst nightmare – Mom calls the open line.

Tis the season to be jolly…unless you happen to be these two pundits who are brothers when they realize it’s Mom calling to bawl them out live on C-span for bad behavior! The looks on their faces are priceless – … Continue reading

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Update:79 comments and zero response from Loblaws on about to expire product discount rollback at Real Canadian Superstores across Canada

If there is one thing I have to shake my head at, it’s when a corporation can’t, or won’t take ownership of their decisions. Case in point, my recent post: Inundated with both comments and emails from readers right across … Continue reading

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