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5 Responses to Contact

  1. Hey Laila,

    I just popped by to read your take on the ‘NW experience. I was a semi (quarter?) finalist – I can never remember which one is the last one but I was knocked out – rightfully, I think – by Colleen Brow, who, as you heard, was very good.

    I didn’t hear your whole final show but I heard a couple of segments and you sounded great: well prepared, calm but with contagious enthusiasm. And I know how much work goes into putting the show together: I spent multiple hours putting my last one hour appearance together (and I have a two-year old at home too!). Three hours is crazy, particularly if you don’t have a producer working with you.

    Don’t be bummed if ‘NW doesn’t come through with an offer. From all I hear, the cost-cutting that has gone on at Corus would mean even if they did offer a gig, it would probably be really poorly paid for the amount of work you’d have to do (you’d be working a lot on ‘passion’!).

    All the best!


  2. Frank says:

    Algerian Gamil Gharbi was responsible for the Montreal Politechnic murders yet the media still uses his ‘alias’ Marc Lapine. Is there a valid reason for this or is the media afraid of something?

  3. A.B. Hansen says:

    Marc Lepine changed his name at age 14, it is not an “alias.”épine

  4. TRUTH PARTY says:


    Co-Op Radio Cancels The Monday Brownbagger Program
    December 9, 2010 by Alex

  5. Ole Nielson says:

    Sorry, I thought I forwarded the URL in my previous message. Here it is:
    Public-private partnerships could be the answer to Canada’s infrastructure woes

    Read more:

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