Coming soon : An all new, 100+ reasons the BC Liberals must go. Now accepting reader submissions

As someone who has blogged about politics since the last election in this province, I’ve seen so many stories and examples of the current governments cronyism/unethical behavior/questionable policies/ corrupt activities that quite honestly, it still astounds me.

Following the 2009 election, I was so disgusted with having to put up with several more years of Campbell & Co, that I even declared that I was going to run in the next election. At the time, I expressed an interest in the NDP and even met with Carole James, but with some serious reflection I knew that party politics of any kind just weren’t for me.

I still think it is a very big dis-service  to voters to put a party agenda before the needs and wants of the voters in a constituency, in particular with parties where MLA’s don’t have free votes. I’ve never been a member of any party, and never will be, and have supported and fully endorsed good, solid independent candidates as a very credible alternative to party politics in representation, such as Bob Simpson and Vicky Huntington. I believe a collective of good independents can hold each of the two partys to account in the legislature in a way that hasn’t been seen before, and hope to see more after the coming election.

That all being said, after a decade of BC Liberal policy, many sectors in the province have suffered greatly from a shortsighted and often haphazard approach to long-term planning, and in several cases, a failure to simply see the relationship between cause and effect. For example, closing 24 courthouses across BC to save money? Cutting legal aid, closing law centres and cutting staff all resulted in stupidly long waits for trials that now increasingly results in people getting off scott free because their right to a speedy trial has been impinged upon.

You don’t have to be an NDP, a Conservative, or a Green to see the never-ending list of failures, and you don’t need to be partisan to believe the people of BC deserve better government. That’s why I have worked on an updated list of the Liberal failures  documented on a dedicated page at the top of this site, titled 100 Reasons the BC Liberals Must Go.

I believe the entire province was hoping for more from Christy Clark, who right out of the gate as premier by default, reneged on her leadership campaign promise of calling for an immediate election to get a mandate from the people .  Since then, she’s become the laughing-stock of British Columbia, full of reactionary policy( or lack thereof), and garbled,nonsensical sound bites that have amused and confused interviewers on TV and radio alike.

With superglue like tenacity, Clark has remained perky in public, despite being all but abandoned by the best of her party who have dropped off one by one in silent opposition to her leadership. And say what you will about her questionable and chameleon like mannerism of portraying whatever persona she thinks will garner favour and votes – I’m just waiting for the “In my heart,in my heart….I’m a desi-girl !” sound bite at the Bollywood awards –  it’s her policy.. again, or lack thereof… that really makes an impact with the voters.

That’s why I want to hear your reasons the BC Liberals Must Go, but  first a few rules. You must support your reason with facts, not just opinion. I don’t want to hear insults and derogatory comments, and please keep it clean or it’s gone. Just like the previous list, the updated version will contain links to documents or links to news items to support each reason.

I’m off to work on a some tips that have come in with regard to the south Surrey Casino story and Rich Coleman, but I look forward to reading your reasons the BC Liberals Must Go as I check in throughout the day!