This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Ousting homeless without a plan is unacceptable.

There were no winners in last week’s duel, and as I suspected, Syria has already faded from discussion for many people in favour of whatever outrage has their attention this week. For the people of Syria, there is no win.

This week, Brent and I take a look at the how the city of Abbotsford is dealing with their homeless population. Quite frankly, they aren’t.

Is the City of Abbotsford right to evict residents of a homeless camp?

Last week, Stats Canada and the Broadbent Institute both released surveys that indicated British Columbia leads the country in social well-being.

Not surprising when you think about it. After all, this is beautiful B.C. It’s the land of plenty, where the ocean meets mountains and opportunity can be found around every corner.

But in a province that leads the country in social well-being, why is homelessness still such a big issue for so many communities? Case in point is the City of Abbotsford. This Fraser Valley community found itself the target of several media reports earlier this summer for dumping chicken manure on a site where homeless people were camping.

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While the city manager took responsibility for the issue, several media reports have since revealed that many city departments were involved in one of the most disgusting methods of dealing with homelessness I’ve ever encountered.

Last week, city staff “evicted” homeless squatters off another site in Abbotsford. So where did these people who have no homes go? Much to the chagrin of city officials, they went back to the location where the city had dumped chicken manure earlier this summer…

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