“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed.” ~ William Faulkner

With a coffee in hand, and two children sleepy with flu settled to ride out their fevers cuddled on the living room sofas, I was finally able to sit down for a few minutes to try and write a quick post of things that came across my desk this week.

Except that instead of posting immediately, I headed over to RossK’s place first, where his small font postscript in his latest offering, really caught me off guard…

“Finally….Here’s the really important thing…Our great and good friend Mary Mackie passed away one year ago this week…I’ll be back with more to say about that, later, as well, including the van Dongen stuff in considerable detail (eg. what happened immediately AFTER Ms. Clark attended the June 18th 2003 Cabinet Mtg involving BC Rail) which I think would have made Mary and her Anon-O-Mice very happy indeed…”

And of course, the tears flowed because after a year of her being gone… really gone…and finally not really getting used to her absence but reconciling oneself with it instead… it was all fresh again.

And yes, RossK is absolutely right –  Mary would have been very happy to see the latest by John Van Dongan, because while it clearly shows consistent inconsistencies with Christy Clarks statements surrounding any involvement in the BC Rail deal... like a snowball rolling downhill, one inconsistency tends to lead to another … and perhaps eventually.. the truth.

Which leads me back to International Women’s Day, and Mary’s  strong support of others to question everything, to find answers, “to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.”  If the word driven had a picture beside it in the dictionary, it would show Miss Mary Mackie.

I’ll never forget a particular post that to this day, is held close to my heart.

“British Columbia by Laila Yuile

 BC Mary comment: my political boycott is over. I say let’s send Laila Yuile to the BC Legislature.

Here’s why …
Laila sent me the LINK for her interview yesterday with Guy Gentner. She is breathtaking! 
The first 1/2 of the broadcast talks about the financing of significant “P3” projects like Sea-to-Sky Highway, the Port Mann Bridge, and the South Fraser Perimeter Road. Detailed, impressive. But that isn’t all.
It’s when Laila takes the conversation into a new issue — the recent, secretive,  apparent “revitalization” of The Consolation Prize once rumoured (2003) to be on offer to OmniTRAX … remember that?

Well, now it’s Kevin Falconer, current  Minister of Transportation, causing the diminished BC Rail to take up a new mandate of buying prime agricultural land along the route to Roberts Bank — so far, 150 acres of prime A.L.R. — thus breathing new life into “The Consolation Prize” that was once reportedly offered to Omni-TRAX …
Here’s where Laila is spectacular. I think she has caught Falconer with his pants down …

To hear the broadcast (with another interview coming up soon), here’s what Laila said to me this morning:

If you missed the live broadcast [Friday, Feb. 4, 2011], you can listen to the podcast at the following link:http://guygentner.ca/podcasts/p3s-partnership-bc-sea-sky-hwy-south-fraser-perimeter-road-railgate-and-more
The broadcast will begin  automatically on the above page. [End of quote]
This is the first time in recent years that  I’ve felt the slightest inclination to promote anyone for election to the BC Legislature.

I’m still totally disillusioned by political gangs who can barely keep themselves awake, or on the right side of the law. A pox on them.
But Laila’s podcast conveys something entirely different — the kind of voice  which we’ve been desperate to hear  speaking for the province.
So … I’d like to see Laila Yuile in the BC Legislature.

I don’t know her plans for the future but if (in a perfect world) I had a choice, I’d like to see Laila Yuile take on the role in the next election of an Independent M.L.A. representing citizens of all political persuasions.

Enough squabbling … let’s get our teeth into the real issues which are killing this province. And that’s precisely what Laila Yuile does, in this interview.
Of course, Big Media wouldn’t publish very much about her efforts but maybe, just maybe BloggerWorld could take up that task, too.
I wish good luck, good health, courage, and lots of help to Laila Yuile if she’s willing to take this gigantic step into our future.

You’ll see. Listen to that podcast.”

It makes me smile… seems like longer than a couple of years ago to be honest, more like back in the day. Mary was always there, poking and prodding all of us to help find the truth….Her faith that I could do good in government was heartfelt, her words rang strong and loud inside my head like churchbells on a fine Sunday morning.

Indepedents.  Independence…

I’m lucky, I think, to have found so many people who support my work, my writing,  and my voice, from across the political spectrum. We don’t always agree on the way to get things done, and we definately might argue or debate political strategies, but at least we get the conversations started that need to happen. There are people who’ve coached me, urged me, advised me and yes, even scolded me when needed, and I thank them all. I wouldn’t be where I am now, without them …or without you.

Even though it’s Womens Day, I wanted to recognize the support of many wonderful male colleagues and readers who’ve helped me learn the ins and outs of the transportation sector, highway/bridge building, and procurement and without them I couldn’t have written some features the way I have. You know who you are.. thank you.

I think it’s also vitally important to recognize that it’s not just about women supporting other women on this day of recognition, but also about women taking charge of themselves, and their choices. I’ve worked hard in my life and nothing’s come easy… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t wait for something to come to you, go and get it. Get to where you want to be, because of what you’ve been through… not despite it.Be an example for others.

Mary definitely was an example for me, in many ways.

Happy Women’s Day to all my wonderful,strong, passionate female readers, friends and colleagues .. and to Mary… thank you for seeing,understanding and nurturing that independent spirit, and voice.

One day Mary, I promise, we’ll cross the Legislature threshold together, in spirit.

At long last, a return to Bits and Bites,Tuesday June 8th, 2010

Good evening, my loyal friends and readers!

 I have to thank all of you for your continued patience and let you know how much I appreciate your faithful stops even though the pages here have remained vacant of posts for some time. All I can say is that sometimes life lobs you a hard-ball, and then sometimes life burns in two or three in succession, and as a result, I’ve had to take time to attend to my health and my family. I’ve still been working on various stories behind the scenes, but at a far less dedicated level than previously. I promise to be back to filling these pages with insight and revelations as often as I can over the summer, and who knows, you may even see a special feature of  the Laila Yuile Road Trip across BC…

And out of the starting gate today… It seems there was much ado about nothing at the Basi-Virk trial today, as we all wait -again- to find out the decisions of the two jurors who were not sure if they could continue their duty well into 2011.  I invite all of you to tune into my three favoured sources for all things Basi- Virk ( Railgate) ,each of which posts continued and detailed updates on the proceedings: The Gazetteer, my good friend BC Mary’s site, The Legislature Raids, and of course, my friend Bill Tieleman, who has had some interesting experiences in the past when it comes to Railgate related incidents.  

Next up, I have to say that if there is any grace, any tiny blessing in the horror that continues down south with the BP oil disaster, it is that it may jolt the minds of locals who have yet to form an opinion on the Enbridge pipeline, of which I have been blogging about since last year.  see these posts for my coverage of this issue:  Support divided for Enbridge Northern Pipeline, Close Call on BC coast should be “Wake-up call” for all British Columbians ( contains links to several other posts of mine, and a great video link of the Exxon Valdez) . I called it then in the first post about the fact that the alleged moratorium against tanker traffic is baseless, as did others before me- but did anyone listen then?

I think, I hope, that they are all listening, and watching now. What we have here in BC is unique, precious and must be saved and preserved at all costs for future generations.

I was thinking about all of this when I was surfing through YouTube recently, when I found the  following two videos.

The first is taken from Question Period in the Legislature, March 23rd, 2010. The entire video is worth watching ,but is you are short on time, FAST FORWARD TO the 2 minute mark and pay close attention to what Premier Gordon Campbell says in his rare moment of speaking in the house.  He says , quite clearly, ( and I paraphrase here ) that if the First Nations say no to the Enbridge pipelines, THEY WILL NOT PROCEED…. This is a very,very important moment caught on tape.

Now, the following video was taken the day BEFORE premier Gordon Campbell’s great speech declaring that if First Nations were opposed, they would not proceed with the pipeline. The date is March 22nd, 2010

This video shows the Coastal First Nations press conference  stating unequivocably that they will not allow, support or endorse in any way, the Northern Gateway project and the Enbridge pipeline. Clear as a  bell to me. 

So. Please tell me why this project has advanced to the environmental review stage, and why Enbridge is still spending tons of money emailing people like me their glossy new project brochure?  ( PDF)

And, if that wasn’t enough, check out this link  to the great people at the Dogwood Initiative :

By arranging to attend as official representatives of Enbridge shareholders, I and whoever comes with me have a once-in-a-year chance at holding Enbridge CEO Patrick Daniel to account, by asking him point blank questions on the record. For representatives of First Nations who make it to the AGM, it’s a unique chance to assert their jurisdiction in front of senior executives, the Board of Directors, shareholders, and the financial media.

This year the AGM team included myself, Vice Tribal Chief of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council Terry Teegee, Chief Namoks (John Ridsdale) of the Wet’suwet’en, and Nikki Skuce from our colleague organization Forest Ethics.

I’m not gonna lie; trips like this are always stressful. There’s the logistics (e.g. my Greyhound bus broke down on the way to Calgary), the preparation, making sure media know why you’re there and what you’re doing, and the worry up until the end that something’s not going to go according to plan.

But somehow it always works out, and this time was no different. Super Calgary volunteer John Vickers pulled through with an entire series of professionally designed posters to be used as rally placards outside the meeting; we were able to speak with TV and print media about the issue; John and Terry did an amazing job of asserting First Nations’ jurisdiction over the project; and, we got Patrick Daniel on the record admitting to three crucial points:

(1)    That Enbridge hasn’t been completely upfront with all of the shippers they’ve been negotiating with about the inadequacies of the review process for the project.

(2)    That the broad opposition to Enbridge’s oil pipeline and tanker project creates “significant” risk for the company, which the Board of Directors discusses virtually every time they meet.

(3)    That the “protocol agreements” that Enbridge has signed with some First Nations don’t actually indicate support for the project, and that at current count, there are zero First Nations he is aware of that are publicly supporting it; in contrast to the 28 who are publicly opposing it. Enbridge’s project is on shaky ground

These statement’s by Daniel proves what we knew all along, the Enbridge project is on shaky ground. More importantly they give us the opportunity to drive home the message that Enbridge is in for a fight they can’t win

Campbell proved he was a liar with the HST, and continues it with Enbridge. 

The premier needs to put an end to this and stick to his word, for once. We do not want an environmental disaster here, in this place of incredible beauty and diverse ecosystems.

Speaking of the HST, a curious note to mention here , direct from my blog stats. WordPress shows me what search terms people used to find my blog ,and one of the top search terms for the last month has been : ” How much will my HST rebate cheque be if I am low-income?”

What does that tell you? People are freaking out about paying the HST and already counting on getting some money back. Yes, we know  the Liberals are going to issue rebate cheques for those among us who are hurting, but it is far too little in the end to save any of the woefully lagging Liberals. Especially now that the First Nations in BC have joined the fight.  (Let me guess if that is going to help. ..or hurt, the treaty process…)

Last, but not least, there will be more to come this week on an interesting angle to the South Fraser Perimeter Road, and let me tell you, it’s quite a PR angle that may not have been discussed yet.  Call me a tease, but that is all I’m going to give you right now.

A quick bit of insanity for you relating to the Canada Line: Who exactly decided giant orange Cheeto Bears make any kind of sense at all coming out of this wall ?  Yep. I thought so.Seriously, what’s the deal with these bears, and more importantly, how much did they cost?

Under the  ” Bet you won’t see this in the Sun or Province ” banner, I bring to you a very Proud to be Canadian moment from our friends at The Galloping Beaver ( and let me tell you, this would be a crowning blogger moment, if I may so so myself!)  

The Galloping Beaver – Banned in Guantanamo

Friday, June 04, 2010

We get mail :


Your website is one I have long visited and I was quite surprised when I was visiting Guantanamo last month and I was not allowed to visit your website while at the base. I received a notice that the website was not allowed to be accessed by the “administrator” (military censors) (not an exact quote). I was quite surprised, went to other websites that I thought might be more controversial but had no problem and checked at various times to get on to your website (I was there for almost a week this visit) but I never could get on to your website.

So, please take my congrats….I would consider it an honor to be barred by those thugs!

Best regards,

H. Candace Gorman

Well … just … wow. We at The Beav also consider it an honour to be visited by Guantanamo human and civil rights lawyer Candace Gorman.

Ms. Gorman was successful earlier this year in freeing one of her clients from Guantanamo and maintains The Guantanamo Blog to “provide updates on developments concerning the plight of the detainees, the ongoing injustice of current U.S. detention policies in the “War on Terror” and efforts to hold accountable those men and women responsible for the war crimes”.
Today she writes :

Of course Bush only spoke about his joy in waterboarding KSM…..I wonder how he will respond to questions about waterboarding Abu Zubaydah (some 100 times) as the government has now been forced to admit Abu Z was not al-Qaeda or taliban …. just some shmuck who had the misfortune to be captured by my criminal

Another recent blog entry asks you to lend your support to a military lawyer who refused to prosecute a man who was tortured into confessing. Lieutenant Colonel Darrel Vandeveldis is now at risk of losing his 19 year military career for doing so.

Thanks for making our day, Candace, and for all your fine work defending justice and the rule of law from thugs.

Email published with permission of author.

Congratulations to all the busy beavers posting over there, and if you haven’t been to visit, why not head over and check them out?  Consistantly great posts that hit the mark every time !

Last, but not least, I would like to thank my army of ” helpers”, who without which , it would be all that much harder to write the blog. You know who you are, and I thank you today for all that you do to get these stories out.

Take care , and see you again soon!

” Campbell’s cellmate: The story The Sun wouldn’t publish”

Part 2 of  the 4 part series currently being published online at The Legislature Raids is  a must read for this rainy weekend, so grab a hot drink and settle yourself down for a wild ride.

 ” BC  Premier’s Public/Private P3 Lifestyle “  is the latest of  installments that takes a  deeper look at the roles played by the media in manipulating what the public’s perception is of the premier and his Deputy Chief of Staff, Lara Dauphinee , pictured in this photo( credit to Patrick Tam, Flunging Pictures, who was so nice to allow me to buy and use two separate photos last year…)  :

Gordon Campbell & Lara Dauphinee : photo credit Patrick Tam-Flunging photos

Lara’s official role with the premier is  a somewhat contentious one, dogged by lurid allegations and unanswered questions for years.

  However, this installment brings yet another telling story about our premier,one that some would prefer to disappear forever – and this time,  from an anonymous poster in the comments section below the post: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=27776136&postID=4285230520503754100&isPopup=true


From Monday Magazine, reported by Brian Salmi


Last week, a mysterious brown envelope arrived at the office of the Terminal City Weekly, an alternative newsweekly in Vancouver. It contained an article, written by Vancouver Sun veteran reporter Petti Fong, with an anonymous note attached.
“This is their newspaper article that the Vancouver Sun senior management, at the behest of publisher Dennis Skulsky, refused to publish because they thought it made Premier Gordon Campbell look bad,” read the note.

The article, which Fong confirmed was hers, quoted excerpts from an interview she conducted with a man who was in the drunk and when the Maui cops opened the door early in the morning of January 10, and told the drunken and disheveled Premier to make himself at home.

Fong opens her piece thus: “Premier Gordon Campbell swayed as he tried to find a place to rest and fell asleep quickly on a soiled mattress the night he was arrested, according to a petty criminal who shared his Maui jail cell.” According to Fong’s source, a 33-year-old male indentified as Frank Alconcel, Campbell was hosed.

 Got your attention? I thought so. Now go read this, and everything else she has on The Legislature Raids.

Say, Gordo … Is this a date?

Guest commentary by BC Mary

The Campbell Government is good at dating.
 They nailed three election campaigns just right. They’ve managed to delay the date of the Basi Virk trial for 3 years and counting. Their CanWest minions made it clear, after July’s spectacular Supreme Court Sessions, that we could sleep peacefully on a beach until September and we wouldn’t even get sun-burned because nothing bad would happen all summer. 
But things were happening all right. July saw the face-ripping sessions where the government’s own lawyer explained to Judge Bennett that all the e.mail evidence requested 2 years ago, have been “lost”.  People’s eyes snapped open like daisies. Lost? How could the premier’s correspondence on a topic which is before the courts, and which had been ordered disclosed 2 years ago, suddenly go missing?
Eyes narrowed … Because we’d already been stunned by the news headlines on May 20, 2009 — 12 days after the BC election — telling us that the BC Rail trial judge was about to be taken off the case! Promoted to the BC Court of Appeal.Oh? Put those two items together, and howls of outrage drowned out the other news. 
August 17 was jotted down on many a post-it note, taped to quite a few well-known desks. 
On August 17 in BC Supreme Court, the judge who has presided over the Basi Virk / BC Rail Case for the past 3-1/2 years, will issue her ruling. Thankfully, she makes the final decision: will she see the case through to the end? or will she depart immediately for her promotion to BC Court of Appeal?  She makes the decision … unless Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm thunders in, deciding otherwise. It could happen. 
Many of us, including retired Professor Robin Mathews who has attended most pre-trial hearings, believe it’s important that Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett stay on the BC Rail Case.
 Strangely, it’s the Crown Prosecutor (presumably, representing the people of B.C.) who wants her gone … immediately.  It’s the Defence team which wants Judge Bennett to stay with the trial. What’s with that, we ask ourselves. 
So there will be historic fireworks in BC Supreme Court on August 17 as the Defence, the Crown, the special interest lawyers for Gordo, Gordo’s Cabinet, key lobbyists, and BC Rail … but strangely enough: nobody from CN, plead their cases for and against the obvious fact that Judge Bennett has absorbed 3-1/2 years of courtroom argument (little of which is written down) that cannot  be effectively transferred to a new judge. 
Besides, we ask ourselves: what’s to be gained by bringing in a new judge to start all over again?  
Oh. You already guessed. Well, that’s our best reason for NOT bringing in a new judge. 
As August 17 comes closer, eyes narrow again … because on August 17 when we should be paying attention to BC Supreme Court, the Campbell Gang is having a big party!!
No kidding. For the Canada Line’s inaugural trot from the airport to downtown. 
Never mind that the Canada Line isn’t quite finished yet. Never mind that Gordo’s Gang may have “sold” Canada’s 3rd largest railway (our BC Rail) for $1B (we’re not sure – maybe he did, maybe he didn’t), the people now have a new railway to pay for! Instead of BC Rail’s 1,500 km of mainline track from North Vancouver to Fort Nelson, with branch lines to Mackenzie, Dawson Creek, Tumbler Ridge, Fort St James and Takla … the people now have an itsy-bitsy trolley operating between Vancouver Airport and downtown and a tax debt of $2 Billion.  But hey! It’s party-time!
With some things on the Canada Line uncompleted, why the rush? Well, all I can say is that the government’s lawyer, George Copley , will be in BC Supreme Court that day too, trying to explain to Madam Justice Bennett what happened to those executive e.mails which have gone missing …  but hey, look away!

Never mind that an embattled judge presides while a dozen angry lawyers engage in the fight of their lives: look away!

Will evidence be allowed in court even if it incriminates the guy who wanted to get rid of BCRail and build a downtown 20-minute railway? Look away! Free rides on the Canada Line at this critical junction of B.C. history. 

I think that the biggest free ride in history may be happening right under our noses if we DON’T attend the August 17 pre-trial hearing on the BC Rail Case which is less and less about Basi, Virk, or Basi and more and more about the Executive Branch of this government … sorta like we always knew, you might say. 


BC Mary is the creator and author of The Legislsture Raids – the one stop reference of anything pertaining to the Railgate scandal, including links to court documents, media coverage, dates, and commentaries.

70 things Gordon Campbell still hasn’t told the public about the sale of BC Rail. Or the rest of the government.

First, let me say that my recent blog post titled : “  The Key to the B.C. Rail Sale lies in Premier Gordon Campbell’s beginnings in real estate and land development.”has become the second most viewed post in the two year history of this blog with a total of 22,435 individual and unique views!!

Think about that- over 20,000 people, the majority of them  British Columbians, have found and read this post, and in doing so, I hope have explored the other links on my blogroll which lead to other dedicated individuals that have been ” on the case”  for far longer than myself.

I’ve received letters from many of you who were shocked at the connections and deals detailed within the links in that piece,yet thankful to know it  – and I have to say as well, that it speaks volumes to me that many of you are hesitant to leave public comments, as mentioned in several notes. For some reason, people don’t seem to trust our current leader and his crew… ( Gee, ya think? ) Letters have come in from as far away as Texas and California from British Columbians living and working in the U.S. and the message is a resounding: ” Stay strong and don’t let up!”

This leads me to this mornings post. I would like to thank BC Mary for her seeming ability to never sleep and bring us everything and anything related to the BC Rail deal. If you haven’t read her blog previously, it is a one-stop location with updates that are sometimes posted several times a day. There are links to other independent bloggers, reports,analysis, news stories and guest commentaries by the wonderful Robin Mathews. Check her out at http://bctrialofbasi-virk.blogspot.com/

Also to be mentioned are  political commentator and strategist, Bill Tieleman, who often visits the court while in session to bring eye-witness accounts and his take on the proceedings. Spot on in his analysis, Bill’s office was at one point  the target of a break in where the contents were completely ransacked and a cryptic  message left behind – pointing to some sort of a RailGate connection . You can find all this and more at : http://billtieleman.blogspot.com/ 

Of course, there is The House of Infamy, Vive le Canada  and  The Gazetteer, who seems to be back from his work. And  there are others – all one has to do is read the blogroll of all the above to find one after another, after another interesting link.

Now, back to the 70 things Gordon Campbell STILL has not told the public about the sale of BC Rail, courtesy of one of the best news feature writers in BC ( IMO ) Charlie Smith .  In January of this year, NDP attorney general critic Leonard Krog tabled 70 questions about the now infamous privatization sale of BC  Rail to CN.

To date, I think none of them have been answered.( Correct me if I’m wrong- it’s been a long week!) Check it out for yourself at http://www.straight.com/article-194779/gordon-campbells-privatization-bc-rail-leonard-krogs-70-questions

Bits and Bites – SPECIAL B.C. RAIL EDITION – Wednesday June 24th, 2009:

 ~  In a shocking revelation heard in B.C. Supreme Court yesterday, George Copley (Lawyer for the Premier and Cabinet) said that the  4 years of emails requested by the defence as evidence in the BC Rail case, cannot be found and may have been erased – despite the fact that the law requires them to be kept for 7 years. The back – up tapes are gone.  The government alleges that nothing remains, and certainly for the Premier and other government officials whose communications had been requested, it could not have been a more convenient, or timely, disappearance… ~ 

Full stories from Mark Hume ( Globe and Mail) and Bill Tieleman( 24 hours and The Tyee )

Imagine a court case so replete with allegations of  government corruption and  corporate misconduct that some people are beginning to compare to Watergate.

A court case with the very real potential of exposing an entire administration to the minute examination of the courts.  Accusations of bribes, backroom deals, secret handshakes and whispered meetings have revealed long-standing and deep political connections and influence between corporate movers and shakers and high ranking politicians.

Sounds like a real political thriller, no? When you go back to what started it all, the circle is complete. I’m talking about the privatization of BC Rail, which some call the most corrupt deal the province has ever seen. (  for the most complete all-in-one rundown of the case and it’s players read this article by Bill Tieleman:” Railgate : A to Z “

Let us not forget that it was a drug and organized crime investigation that led to a raid on the BC Legislature right before New Year’s Eve in 2003, where boxes and other materials where taken away by RCMP. An excerpt from this piece by Robin Mathews tells the  tale:

“…A 20-month investigation by Victoria police and RCMP began to move like a juggernaut.  First a drug investigation, it became a commercial crime investigation, too, and then it landed in the legislature. 

The investigation became so hydra-headed RCMP gave it the name “every-which-way”.  A key contact point in the legislature was, apparently, wire-taps on the telephone used by Dave Basi, powerful aide to the Gary Collins, Minister of Finance.

And, then, on December 28, 2003, search warrants were put in action to “raid” offices of the B.C. legislature, many homes, and offices in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.  A year later Dave Basi, Bob Virk, and Aneal Basi were charged variously with counts of fraud, breach of trust, and money laundering.

On a BCTV program, December 29, 2003, Keith Baldrey recorded that “Bob Virk [is] in Transportation….  Transportation is  … responsible for the BC Rail initiative and Finance had a larger role … than most … and that’s again where Dave Basi comes in.”

Almost all the other people visited or searched as a result of the warrants – many connected to both the Gordon Campbell and federal Liberals – have had the search warrants involving them all-but blanked out, as protection.  Christie Clark, minister of education and deputy premier, was in line to have her home raided it is alleged.  But it is alleged that Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm reasoned with police to have them telephone in advance and make an appointment to visit. Thoughtful of him.

The “something” that happened obviously galvanized the Campbell forces.  The BC Rail sellout had hit what might be a network involving drug crime, breach of trust by public officers, bribery, money laundering, and perhaps much more. All of it might, perhaps surround, involve, connect to, and be part of – who knows? – the corrupt sale of BC Rail…”

 Those two  BC Liberal government aides  who where charged with breach of trust and fraud – Basi and Virk –  for ( allegedly) giving confidential government documents to a lobbyist representing a bidder in the BC Rail sale, have spent the last few years waiting for the lawyers to wade through thousands of documents in the pre-trial stage.

Which brings us to where we are now – the missing and presumably erased emails, some of which belonged to Premier Gordon Campbell and were to be used as evidence in the trial. NDP public safety critic Mike Farnsworth says that the fact the emails are ” missing” is suspicious, and was quoted in this CBC story as saying: ” Either it’s just gross incompetence or a deliberate attempt to pervert the course of justice.”

The defence  lawyer for Dave Basi asserts that the emails would in fact, clear his clients name, and would prove that his client was acting on orders from higher up – a likelihood I  fully support after having read through some of the 8000 documents released to the NDP earlier this year on a FOI request. 

Remember the incriminating notes in the notebooks of Yvette Wells that I blogged about back in March ? A gem that speaks volumes to the backroom politics and dubious nature involved in the entire deal…….

 Yvettee Wells  was the  Executive Director of the Crown AgenciesSecretariat at the time of the sale. The Secretariat is responsible for the accountability of  crown corporations, so keeping that in mind, it could be said that she was basically the person to oversee the accountability of the entire BC Rail sale  in her position. She would very much have been the “go-to” person of preference to reference anything to do with the ongoing negotiations.

Her notebooks were released because of the relevance of the information within them to the entire BC Rail deal, and they do not disappoint. Among all the hundreds of pages that I read through, the following excerpt clears any question as to the fairness of the bidding process for me. 

“dilema :

          – don’t want to mislead other bidders

           – don’t want to tell them CN are getting other info –  don’t want them to do work, spend $

           – don’t want them to drop out b/c if can’t resolve issues- we may go back to other bidders.

           –  CN got data from CIBC that they shouldn’t ” 

October 22, 2003 notes

It may be argued that these notes are nothing, but if the woman in charge of overseeing the deal is making notes about how to play some of the  bidders to keep them happy and hide the fact that CN was given information that they shouldn’t have, it is not a far off reach to believe Basi and Virk were operating on orders from higher up.

Which makes me wonder exactly what was contained in those missing emails from the Premier and co ? What little gems would those emails have revealed ?

 And speaking of the Premier, what does he have to say about the timely and suspicious disappearance of potential evidence that by all rights, should have been protected by law for 7 years?

 “The records that should be kept under the law have been kept,” & “I don’t know even what they are referring to,” –  Vancouver Sun

Emails are kept appropriately across government when it is a document that has specific relevance to, you know, government’s activity. It’s maintained,” – CBC

I’m not going to be talking about that,” – Globe and Mail

Campbell’s office said the premier would not be commenting while the case is before the courts.”The Province


However, in admitting the emails were missing and perhaps  even deleted intentionally, the government may have opened an even bigger can of worms, because such an action like this would not and could not have happened without an order from someone with a sizable amount of authority.  

 Going back pver the past 5 years, to the investigation that started it all and all the pre-trial allegations and revelations that have happened since , who in their right mind would delete these records?

Think about it.

Consider the potential ramifications if the contents did reveal  that the accused were acting on orders from within the goverment when handing over confidential documents…

 It could mean the end to several political careers and the kind of scandal that  follows a person for life. Government corruption at the highest levels. Bribery. Deceit. The revelations that those entrusted with the administration of the provinces assets have been conning us all along.

I’ll leave you with this excerpt from Gary Mason’s column in the Globe and Mail.

” As big a scandal as the raid on the legislature was, the destruction of these e-mails could be much bigger.

It all depends on where the search for the person who gave the order to have the files wiped out takes us.

And a search there must be.”

( for the complete history and ongoing developments including court dates, links and rousing, thought provoking editorials, etc – head on over to the only complete resource blog documenting everything surrounding the sale of BC Rail – The Legislature Raids

” It can’t be easy for Lara Dauphinee…But what about the rest of B.C.? ”

BC Mary, author of The Legislature Raids, has posted some stunning new revelations from former BC Liberal MLA Paul Nettleton,who was one of the few individuals who battled hard to stop the sale of BC Rail before it  actually occurred. This is the latest in a series surrounding the relevance of Campbells right hand lady, Lara Dauphinee, to the sale of BC Rail and the functions of the premiers office.

The revelations stem from incidents that Nettleton claims occurred between 1997 and 2003. Here is an excerpt :

” …Lara Dauphinee has two cranky bosses. She has two offices: Victoria, Vancouver. She has two homes – a penthouse condo in Vancouver, the other in Victoria. When she’s not traveling, that is. And then there’s all that other stuff.

Martyn Brown, the Chief of Staff, cannot be easy for Lara as a Deputy Chief. Rumour has it that the two have had serious disagreements.

Martyn was one of the diehards of the defunct Social Credit party. Then he tried to make the BC Reform party work. Next he naturally took up with Gordo’s LINO team (Liberal In Name Only) after it was whupped in 1996. The following 4-year period 1996-2000 steamed with Gordo leading the BC Opposition into a super-aggressive mode until, with a few dirty tricks, the LINO party achieved a massive victory in 2001.

And so Gordo’s first term as premier with 77 seats to 2, burst upon the province like the Wild West revisited. Ambitions were running wild. Stealth legislation was enacted. Tainted deals were signed. Christmas season 2002 was marred by a BC premier lying drunk in a Hawaiian jail. Christmas 2003 was marred by the only police raid on a provincial Legislature in Canadian history…”

Read the remainder of this post at  The Legislature Raids.

( And when you are done, come back, scroll down a post and watch the Video That Say it All: Gordon Campbell speaks out about Small Businesses and Cambie street merchants– and the press secretary bares her claws to ensure his bollacks remain intact  )
 Go on now. Do it. You know you want to….

New on The Legislature Raids: ” Can anyone do these two jobs at once: Deputy Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant?”

BC Mary has brought us another installment in her series on Gordon Campbell’s Chief of Staff /Executive Assistant , Lara Ann Dauphinee and explores another of the many questions surrounding her position and it’s entitlements…. Here’s an excerpt:

A family vacation

When Gordon Campbell went to Europe to “explore new approaches to improve” how medical services are delivered in B.C., he took his brother-in-law, the B.C. Health Minister, his Chief of Staff, and his Deputy Chief of Staff – Lara Dauphinee – with him. When Sean Holman noted this in his Public Eye Online, there were questions. One question was:

Why do both Chief of Staff Martyn Brown and Lara Dauphinee, deputy chief of staff and executive assistant, have to accompany the Premier?

Posted by Budd Campbell on February 22, 2006

And it made me think … if the Deputy Chief of Staff was in Europe … but wait … wouldn’t that be the premier’s Executive Assistant who was with him? See her carrying munchies? Working a recorder? That’s the kind of thing an EA does…”

Read the rest of this post at : http://bctrialofbasi-virk.blogspot.com/

What Would You Think If I Told you that your Carbon taxing,allegedly enviro-friendly, eco savior premier wanted to let oil tankers travel up and down the Beautiful BC Coastline – all to transport oil from Canada\’s biggest embaressment, the Alberta Tar sands?

There is one thing I have such a big problem with, and that is hypocrisy. You know what I mean, the one that stands there and preaches one thing and then does another when you aren’t looking. A la John van Dongan and his need for speed.

But our good old Premier is right up there too. You all know and have heard his spiel about saving the enviroment, global worming and climate change – thats why we have the carbon tax, right?

So why then, would someone who claims to want to keep BC strong, someone who talks about how BC is the most beautiful place on earth want to jeaopordize it all and let some oil supertankers go up and along our coastlines most fragile ecosystems to northern BC? Why would he do that?

I’ll let you decide.

To be honest, I’ll come right out and admit I was a bit slow to this information, but now that I have it, I am forever grateful to the individual who sent it to me. As I hope you will be after seeing this too. And let me assure you, this is no joke- A quick google search brings up a wealth of information that will chill you to the bone. This video is both hauntingly beautiful and scary at the same time.

You , Premier Campbell, are a hypocrite of the worst kind.


And while you are here, may I suggest you head over to www.bctrialofbasi-virk.blogspot.com, for her riveting look at Gordon Campbell and his staffer, Lara Dauphinee ? ……. and make sure to read the comments below the post as well.