Kevin Falcon will not commit to a full BC rail inquiry.

Just back from the Vancouver Sun live chat with Kevin Falcon, in which every question I submitted was given to Falcon except the last, because time ran out.

So, what can you expect from Kevin Falcon if he were to be the leader of the Liberals, or worse yet.. shudder… premier?

He will continue to use and promote P3 projects far and wide, because in his own words, the government can’t build projects on time or on budget or as good as a private partner can. He says that P3 projects are not off the book debt, and are a great way to build the things we need. He also claimed the Sea to Sky was built on budget and for less than the government could have as was the Canada line.  ( yes, clearly although he was transportation minister, he has no clue it has been shown time and time again that the projects would have been cheaper if the government had built them. )

He skirted right by the shadow tolls issue and did not address it.

When asked if he would commit to a full BC rail inquiry into the sale of the railroad and the legal fees paid to Basi and Virk, he emphatically stated ” NO, I will not commit to a full inquiry into the BC rail sale…”  but ” I will agree to an investigation into the legal fees being paid to Basi and Virk”

Falcons reasoning was that the people who admitted guilt as to the statement of facts is what the government had been saying all along, that it was a couple of criminals responsible and one person with some unethical behavior but that was it. But he sure wants to know why the legal fees were paid because that was something he sure didn’t agree to.

Falcon does plan to continue the South Fraser Perimeter road because he sees the bigger picture of what our future needs… ( I suspect he has no clue what the opening of the expanded Panama Canal is going to do to our ports in terms of traffic… can you say the port expansion and SFPR will become redundant?)

He also talked about the importance of our natural resources in terms of using them,making jobs for people in the north, etc etc..

Yes, it is clear to me that a vote for Kevin Falcon, is a vote for Gordon Campbell et al. All over again… Those liberals who want to rid themselves of the Campbell era stink would do well to step away from the Falcon, who is looking more and more like another Campbell buzzard.

” Friends take care of Friends.” ~ Norman Farrell

Norman always has something thought provoking on his site, and often sees and finds something others may not. Case in point, the connections between Deputy Finance Minister Graham Whitmarsh and should have been soon to testify in the now defunct Basi-Virk trial…Gary Collins!!

Appears they share a common past with Harmony Airlines…..

Well, if that just doesn’t make you go …Hmmmm!

 Go read all about this, and more,at Northern Insights/Perceptivity

RossK has much more on this aspect up at his place right now…. apparently(courtesy of Sean Holman’s archives) the two men in question, have an even more coincidental relationship : Whitmarsh was ” relieved” of his duties at Harmony just one small day prior to Gary Collins resignation…. 

Go on, read it all !

 ( and perhaps go back and read these oldies, but goodies,for some insight into how this completely honest, open and transparent Premier handles his open, honest and completely transparent government…. )

Patrick Kinsella and BC Rail statements give us more questions than answers

 And why isn’t  Gordon Campbell telling us everything in the latest twist to the BC Rail Corruption Scandal ?

After days of government stonewalling, new statements from B.C. Rail and Patrick Kinsella contradict the evidence and raise more questions than they answer.

1)      Kinsella claims he was hired by B.C. Rail to help with the Core Review, but that process ended in 2002 and the decision to privatize B.C. Rail was made later that year. So why did B.C. Rail continue to pay Kinsella $6000 a month until 2005?


2)      Internal emails between B.C. Rail executives at the time Kinsella was hired say he was paid because he is a “backroom Liberal”, directly contradicting a statement released by B.C. Rail last week.  Which statement is true:  the one made by executives when he was hired or the one made six years later by a government in full damage control?


3)      The premier, the Attorney General and the transportation minister refused to answer questions in the legislature, saying the matter is before the courts.  But if it’s okay for B.C. Rail, a crown corporation, to comment in a press release, then shouldn’t it also be okay for the premier to answer questions?


4)      Kinsella received almost $300,000 in taxpayers’ money from B.C. Rail, but the public still doesn’t know the specifics of the work he did. Did he produce a final product, such as a report? If so, will the Campbell government release that report, since it is a document paid for by the public?


5)      Gordon Campbell claimed that the Core Review was supposed to save taxpayers money, so why did the process end up costing B.C. Rail $300,000?


6)      Gordon Campbell hand picked John McLernon as the Chair of B.C. Rail, saying he would be a key player in transforming government. Why would a crown corporation chaired by a Campbell insider need to spend public money to hire a B.C. Liberal lobbyist?

7)      What qualifications did Kinsella have to work on the Core Review, other than being a close friend of the premier and co-chair of the 2001 B.C. Liberal election campaign?   

8)      Patrick Kinsella’s specialty is lobbying Did Patrick Kinsella engage in any lobbying activitities while he was working for B.C. Rail?


9)      Who did Patrick Kinsella report to?  Did he ever report to the premier or the premier’s office?

10)     When will the public know the full truth about the B.C. Rail corruption scandal?

Gang violence, government corruption and the BC legislature. Sounds like an old-school mob movie? No – just business as usual in provincial politics

This is war: Gang Warfare on the streets of Vancouver, Surrey, Montreal and Ottawa

( Thanks to for this insightful piece.)

Nearly 700 police officers were involved in today’s major raids on gangs who allegedly traffic cocaine in Montreal and Ottawa. 47 people have been arrested so far on various charges, including gangsterism, weapons possession as well as drug-trafficking. It begins to look as if that’s the way to do the job. But the lesson passes unremarked by the leadership of British Columbia.

In Vancouver, where 6 people have been shot in the past 7 days, the premier says he will shift police around, ask Ottawa for better wire-tap laws, and (in his opinion) provide families with a sense of safety. The man is a fool.
Julian Sher, author of two books on Organized Crime in Canada, said in a CBC interview that it’s impossible to have any effect on organized crime without having a serious plan of infiltration. He agrees with Jerry Paradis, a BC provincial court judge for 28 years, who says that putting more police officers on the ground won’t lessen the danger to ordinary citizens, who are at risk of getting caught in the crossfire. “The police will be unaware of when the next explosion will happen. They don’t know about [the shootings] until they happen.” The only method that works is when a brave cop puts his life on the line by taking up with the gangs, running with them, learning their secrets, and never forgetting that he’s a cop there to arrest the gangsters.
So Campbell and his Attorney-General are talking nonsense about putting more cops on the street and about how this can be done by shuffling cops from one unit to another without hiring new ones.
Campbell and Oppal can’t help but know that a drug war has broken out on the streets of Surrey and Vancouver. They can’t be so stupid as to not know what’s really going on. Although that’s exactly what the premier told us when he returned from his Hawaii holiday after the police raid: “I know nothing,” he said. Prime Minister Martin stood up to say the same thing. Fools. They were briefed, as much as 3 weeks before the raid was launched. Do we think they never asked “Why?”

How can they forget that it was a drug trafficking investigation which led police to make that unprecedented raid on the B.C. Legislature? Such a thing had never before happened in Canada. It was about drugs … drugs which, in B.C., add up to to $6Billion a year for marijuana alone … and traded in the U.S. for cocaine which came back into Canada. Traded for guns, too. They knew that. Solicitor-General Rich Coleman told us about the guns himself, saying that some of them ended up in the hands of the insurgents fighting Canadian troops in Afghanistan. How could they fail to see their duty, when the opportunity presented itself to put these issues on trial?

Caught on wire-taps and available as evidence were the cell-phone conversations between Ministry of Finance aide, Dave Basi, and his cousin, Jasmohan Singh Bains who in 2003 was thought to be the new Mr Big on the West Coast. The Bains trial was held in Victoria in June 2008, the guilty verdict was given in August 2008, the 9-year sentence was pronounced in September 2008, but nothing was known of this until December 2008 … why? We’d be fools ourselves to think that the Attorney-General, and therefore the premier, had paid no attention to the Bains trial. So … was Dave Basi a witness at that trial? Probably. But we the people don’t know.

Drug charges were actually laid against Dave Basi as well as Jas Bains after the Legislature Raids. We know this from a little exchange in Supreme Court:

Ms. Winteringham [Crown Prosecutor] said the defence was simply wrong when it stated that the investigation, code named Project Everywhichway, suddenly veered off course to target Mr. Basi … In fact, she said, Mr. Basi emerged as an early person of interest in a drug investigation that was triggered when informants told the RCMP that the arrest, in May, 2002, of U.S. drug dealer Cirilo Lopez had created an opening for a new drug boss on Vancouver Island. “The word on the street was that Jas Bains was going to be the person taking over,” Ms. Winteringham said.

There were 26 calls recorded between the cousins in the summer of 2003.Then, all of a sudden and without explanation, the drug charges against Basi were stayed. Why? Does this make sense? I don’t think so. But it’s a great pity that the police didn’t seize the opportunity to learn more. Instead, over 5 years have passed with an official silence offering, in effect, a protective cover.

Retired judge Paradis put it this way, with regard to the drug wars underway on the streets of Vancouver:

“I’m satisfied in my own mind that although organized crime is involved in other things at the moment, while this particular or several gang wars may be due to other things that I’m not aware of, I have no doubt in my mind that it’s [an] attempt to either get status or maintain status in the drug market and protect turf,” he said.
In my view, the leadership in British Columbia has failed to take action when it could have and should have. The people of this province — even their children — are in danger. Therefore, the BC government is in serious default in its duty to protect the people of this province.
– BC Mary.   


But, that’s not all.

 A new development in the trial stemming from the BC Legislature raids leads me to this piece by Bill Tieleman …….. a MUST read, if you ask me, because it would make any sane person question the BC Liberals and their style of  rule. 

Now why would the BC Liberal MLA caucus want to block a freedom of information request on their communications? WHAT could they possibly have to hide?

But, theres hope……. again, thanks to Bill Tieleman, who posted this yesterday on his site :

 ” BC Liberals internal polling shows them 9% behind New Democrats – Dave Hayer, Pat Bell, Shirley Bond headed for defeat, even Kevin Falcon in trouble

Internal BC Liberal Party polling results obtained just days ago have created a panic amongst cabinet ministers and MLAs – because the poll shows that the BC Liberals are 9% points behind the New Democratic Party, according to a very reliable source.

My source also told me today that this polling shows that both Prince George cabinet ministers, Forestry Minister Pat Bell in Prince George Northand Education Minister Shirley Bond in Prince George-Mount Robson, would lose their seats if the numbers held up.

Also headed for defeat – Surrey-Tynehead MLA Dave Hayer, who allegedly trails the NDP in his riding by 18%.

Perhaps most shocking is a riding result showing Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon in a neck and neck race with the NDP in Surrey-Cloverdale.

The BC Liberal polling also indicates its MLAs in the Burnaby-North and Burnaby-Willingdon, John Nuraney and Richard Lee are in serious trouble, along with Kamloops-North Thompson cabinet minister Kevin Krueger and in the riding of Kamloops, where Claude Richmond is retiring.

My source indicates that gang shootings, Olympic costs and the troubled economy outside Metro Vancouver and Victoria are all taking their toll on BC Liberal fortunes. ”  

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