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Kevin Falcon will not commit to a full BC rail inquiry.

Just back from the Vancouver Sun live chat with Kevin Falcon, in which every question I submitted was given to Falcon except the last, because time ran out. So, what can you expect from Kevin Falcon if he were to … Continue reading

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” Friends take care of Friends.” ~ Norman Farrell

Norman always has something thought provoking on his site, and often sees and finds something others may not. Case in point, the connections between Deputy Finance Minister Graham Whitmarsh and should have been soon to testify in the now defunct Basi-Virk trial…Gary … Continue reading

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Patrick Kinsella and BC Rail statements give us more questions than answers

 And why isn’t  Gordon Campbell telling us everything in the latest twist to the BC Rail Corruption Scandal ? After days of government stonewalling, new statements from B.C. Rail and Patrick Kinsella contradict the evidence and raise more questions than … Continue reading

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Gang violence, government corruption and the BC legislature. Sounds like an old-school mob movie? No – just business as usual in provincial politics

This is war: Gang Warfare on the streets of Vancouver, Surrey, Montreal and Ottawa ( Thanks to http://bctrialofbasi-virk.blogspot.com/ for this insightful piece.) Nearly 700 police officers were involved in today’s major raids on gangs who allegedly traffic cocaine in Montreal and … Continue reading

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