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“The government paid for a report on what it will be taking in, not on what it will be paying out. A report on revenue only tells half the story.” ~ Bob Mackin,investigative journalist

That headline, my friends, is the most important thought to keep in your minds when you hear anything to do with this ” independent economist” who was paid, very well in fact, to produce a report for the Liberals who have managed to get … Continue reading

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Weekend roundup for your reading pleasure!

With this stunning and somewhat rare West Coast Sunshine, we should all be outside enjoying the weather before it returns to nasty rain again!  However, I know a lot of people down with flu and colds now, and so I’ve compiled a few … Continue reading

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Bob Mackin : Will the gendarmes guzzle in Green Timbers?

Never could figure out why the new (p3) E division headquarters in Surrey was costing so darn much, other than that fact P3’s always do gouge the taxpayer. Might it have something to do with an area within the new headquarters that … Continue reading

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