Another fine example of irony, this time over bringing foreign workers into B.C.

While  some unions in B.C are fighting to stop foreign workers from coming to B.C.,

“Unions in B.C. will be back in court this week trying to stop a group of foreign workers from coming to Canada to work at a new coal mine in Tumbler Ridge.”

… the British Columba Construction Association is continuing it’s quest to bring foreign workers to B.C, this time in California.

The British Columbia Construction Association is heading to California in a continuing effort to recruit skilled foreign workers to fill in-demand jobs in the BC construction industry….The trip will focus on a job fair in Indio, California on December 4th. Previously the BCCA travelled to Ireland in October and had more than 2,000 applications for skilled trades jobs…BCCA vice-president Abigail Fulton said foreign workers are sought only after effort has been made to find Canadians to fill skilled trades jobs.”