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Newton residents left in the dark over proposed community court in Surrey with no response from Attorney General Susan Anton

It was back in January 2014, following the death of Julie Paskall, that both Mayor Watts and the NDP renewed calls for a community court in Surrey. Watts met with Attorney General Susan Anton in February, where it was agreed … Continue reading

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Bringing community pride and respect back to the streets of Newton.

The wonderful Jude Hannah of ReNewton Nation posted a blog post recently that has been picked up by the Surrey Now and run as a column: “Newton’s crisis is now an opportunity” . In her column, Jude speaks to the horror … Continue reading

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With more opportunity, comes more opportunists… ~Amy Gardener

I know many of you are waiting impatiently for my new post on a major issue involving one of my favorite contractors, but after reading something in a news story here in Surrey, I couldn’t let this pass. Former Liberal … Continue reading

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City staff recommend third reading be granted to draft Official Community Plan Monday March 31st as development continues at a breakneck pace.

City staff have now completed the corporate report Surrey council asked for following the recent public hearing of the Official Community plan (referred to as the OCP) , and are recommending that council grant third reading. http://www.surrey.ca/bylawsandcouncillibrary/CR_2014-R048.pdf While city staff acknowledged … Continue reading

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RCMP take lumps along with praise at community meeting – Newton residents look forward to next step.

I apologize for the lateness of this post – it’s been a hectic week with back to school, followed by immediate return of stomach flu as a result. I still haven’t posted my weekly 24Hrs column here yet – which was … Continue reading

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“Political Incompetence Kills.”

As a community of students, families, teachers and friends mourns the loss of a teenage girl killed in the horrific accident yesterday in Surrey, questions are rising as to why this happened in the first place. Yes, the girls were … Continue reading

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City of Surreys corporate interests vs. the will and well-being of the people

” Surrey- the future lives here.” – City of Surrey motto. ” In Surrey, cash from developers trumps the safety of the citizens” ~ Death by Diesel website. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away from the … Continue reading

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And the Darwin award goes to…

…the person/persons/committee  within the city of Surrey who decided to remove over 200  bus SHELTERS from the streets – just in time for winter. But first, what is a shelter, anyways? ( humour me – methinks someone in the city doesn’t know … Continue reading

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City staff listen to Surrey residents and say no to increase in monster homes

However, there is a catch, albeit one I think many Surrey-ites can live with. In last nights council meeting, city council said no to the proposed increase requested by the Surrey Ratepayers Association, and told city planners to approach a … Continue reading

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Demoralized staff, unsafe homes and questionable motives – the issue of Surrey’s ” Monster Homes”makes front page news in The Province

Welcome news greeted me on the front page of the print edition of The Province this morning , one that left me thanking the author of the article, Kent Spencer, and the powers that be for giving this issue some  … Continue reading

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