Followup shortly, meanwhile the media wades into the Premiers expenses this morning.

Nice to wake up and see a story I researched and broke here, on July 30th, finally making headlines this morning and being the subject of the Question of the Day on NW, CBC, Global and news 1130 this morning!!

Just listened to Bill Good justify all of the premiers spending on his show… gag…and focus on Coffee bills where there is so much more. Followup post shortly, but if you want to see the real meal deal on the expenses, head over to the original story here:

“Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.” ~ Irene Peter

Never would you find a more fitting quotation to apply to our newly unelected Premier’s cabinet appointments. Just because everything is different, doesn’t mean anything has actually changed at all.

I, like many others, watched the live feed  of yesterday’s undemocratic proceedings, and I say undemocratic because in this rare instance, democracy has not yet reared her lovely head. There is nothing democratic about swearing-in a leader that has not been duly selected by vote of the people, and if anything, Ms.Clarks glowing expression throughout the ceremony smacked of smug regard in the faces of those who bode her no good will.

However smug she is now, she would do well to enjoy her time in the big chair and take as many photos as possibly to sit and bitterly reminisce over in the cold, dark days of certain defeat. Defeat, because in choosing her cabinet she has effectively terminated whatever chance she may have had in showing cynical British Columbians that she is any different from Campbell at all.

Where to start? Appointing the privatization king, Kevin Falcon, to finance minister and deputy premier was the hail Mary of all mistakes. Falcon, who so proudly pointed out endlessly on his leadership campaign that big business is his best friend, will prove  a big barrier to the Liberals winning any election based on the overwhelming public perception that he is Campbell incarnate. If he runs the ministry of finance like he ran the ministry of transportation, we can look forward to a heavy push towards privatising services across the board, as well as a strong surge of P3 projects in entirely new  and possibly untested venues. Family first values? Not with this Falcon. He is well-known for stating that he prefers China’s undemocratic methods of forcing projects on people without having to deal with things like public consultation! And we know he loves the HST, so good luck with that one.

And what possibly can I say about Rich Coleman except that he’s been around the Liberal block so many times he’s gone a little past his expiry date and should have been left on the back shelf like sour milk.  Remember, it was under Coleman’s watch that 10 jails, 24 courthouses and the Vancouver pre-trial were closed.He was also the minister that rejected calls for a public inquiry into the death of Frank Paul – not once, but twice, first in 2001, and again in 2004. Toss in some issues with the BCLC …. and it’s clear Christy’s choices again leave the people of BC lacking.

Where I find Ms. Clarks mindset for her families first agenda so troubling is to have allowed Mary Polak to stay in cabinet at all, appointed to  Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation. This woman is so clearly unqualified to handle any position of authority with regards to decisions that directly affect humans of any age, that she too should have been shelved on the sour milk shelf with Rich Coleman. Seriously. She leaves the ministry of children and families with a black cloud of shame over her head for failing the vulnerable and special needs children of our province, a horrific mark on her, and on the Liberals who instead of addressing what they have done wrong, will deflect and make some ridiculous statement about how much money they have put towards families.  Is Polak the right choice to steer Aboriginal issues in this province, a segment of our population that is plagued with addiction, poverty and youth depression and suicides? Never.

What I find so interesting is that Christy is facing a variety of difficult challenges in the province, challenges that mean balancing economic hardships with environmental concerns that have been blatantly ignored by Campbell’s government. In appointing so many of the same key players with the same values Campbell demonstrated – ” friends take care of friends” – Christy has revealed her  stunning lack of depth in understanding the electorate in the province she is now deemed with running. Does she not get that people don’t want to hear or see Patrick Kinsella’s name in connection with yet another premier? Does she not care that we find it repugnant that she has chosen people working with Enbridge and SNC- Lavelin to head up her transition team? Maybe not, after all this is the premier who loves Manswers…

Clearly, contrary to her claims, Ms. Clark did not listen to the people of BC while working as a talk show host on CKNW, because if she did she would have some inkling that her future as premier is bleak and short. Being a mom does not make you a better premier, but being a person with integrity does. By refusing to discuss the documented proof of her involvement with key players in the sale of BC rail, by refusing to call even the most limited inquiry into the payment of Basi and Virks legal fees, she has effectively killed her own claims to creating an open and transparent government, a contradiction in terms to her own actions she will not be able to back out of at the polls.

As opportunistic as the rest, she has surrounded herself with corporate players and backroom manipulators rivalling the worst -or best- of Campbell’s era, signalling that her hockey mom, families first persona is just that. And considering how Ms. Clark has bought and paid for a good part of Vancouver’s media,(  including CTV’s Chris Olsen ‘ On your side’, who is obviously no longer on your side, after all ) – I suspect she has  already anticipated the need to create the biggest PR team in BC history to create a bed of roses out of her pile of dung.

“Scope changes” to South Fraser Perimeter Road fuels rumours that the project is dead – and the Liberals are out of money.

What?? You don’t say??  Are the Liberals once againover budget, and underfunded – before a project even starts? NOoooo…. say it ain’t so!!!!

A little birdie flew by my window tonight, and whispered some sweet nothings in my ear… oh so sweet… regarding that often protested and over-hyped South Fraser Perimeter Road( part of the Gateway project) we all love to hate.  I swear, I nearly had a braingasm when I heard this.

Apparently, there have been several small configuration changes already to the plans, and rumour has it that even now, after the bids have been in for several weeks, the Liberals( Ministry of Transportation)  are considering some ” scope changes ” . Which could mean there are “cash flow problems” that require a significant reduction in the magnitude of the project…..

Hmmm. Have the Liberals gone and distributed the pie before it was actually made and baked again?  Because there was already a change to the structure of construction payments done, to reduce the need to raise financing to do the project…. 

Now. Between you, and I, (and all the Public Affairs Bureau employees who are no doubt in “code red” mode right now), this information set my bullsh*t detector off like you wouldn’t believe, partly because of the way the MOT rammed the Port Mann Bride through even after the winning bidder lost their financing.  It would seem to me that the Liberals have a public procurement policy in place that seems to be rigid and besieged with rules, yet those same rules are able to be altered at a moments notice. Again- see that Port Mann link just above.

Again, as with most major transportation projects in BC, the shortlist of proponents is a who’s who of favorite BC Liberal bidders, and nary a truly Canadian company among the various consortiums.  See what I mean:

Fraser Transportation Group – includes Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras, S.A. of Spain and Zachry American Infrastructure of Texas as equity partners and Dragados S.A. as the lead design build contractor.   

 South River Connector – includes Babcock & Brown Public Partnerships Limited Partnership and Bilfinger Berger Project Investments Inc. as equity partners, with Peter Kiewit Sons Co. and PCL Consultants Westcoast Inc. as the design build contractors.

 The Riverway Partnership – includes the Spanish firm of Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte, S.A. and the Canadian firm of SNC-Lavalin Inc. as equity partners, with Ferrovial Agromàn, S.A. of Spain and locally based SNC-Lavalin Constructors (Pacific) Inc. as design build contractors.

With the exception of SNC-Lavelin, it seems that as usual,BC money is flowing out of the province. Nothing new there. And of course, all the same names, in all the same places. SNC is not without some .. creative employees, if you recall.

But, here is the thing about all of this. It stinks. It doesn’t make sense! What if the BC liberals have hedged a bet on what they thought was a sure thing… but got it all horribly wrong ?

Charlie Smith, of the Georgia Straight, seems to be thinking the same thing. Here is an excerpt of an article I just found that will surely make you go ” Hmmmmm…”

The B.C. Liberal government has tried to position our province to be the beneficiary of growing transoceanic trade.

Part of this strategy is the Gateway Program, which is an unprecedented, multibillion-dollar road-building exercise that includes a new Port Mann Bridge, a widening of Highway 1, and a South Fraser Perimeter Road.

Agricultural land is being sacrificed for pavement and to create space for containers coming from China.

Metro Vancouver has previously reported the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure secured approximately 110 hectares of agricultural land for the South Fraser Perimeter Road and the Golden Ears Bridge projects.

According to the theory of comparative advantage, we can rely on people in other parts of the world to grow our food because they’re better at this than we are. We’ll just trade for more of it as we need it.


This weekend, China reported its first trade deficit in six years. According to Xinhua News Agency, the country posted a $7.24 billion trade deficit in March. This will come as no surprise to anyone who read Rubin’s 2009 book, Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the End of Globalization (Random House Canada).

China still has a trade surplus through the first three months of the year. And overall trade still grew, which will be cited by those who don’t see any economic transformation occurring as a result of diminishing oil supplies and climate change.

Here at home, Statistics Canada reported last month that the pace of Canadian exports slowed in January. Exports to the U.S. declined 0.6 percent and imports fell by 0.5 percent.

Exports to countries other than the U.S. rose 3.8 percent, whereas imports from countries other than the United States decreased 3.9 percent, led by a fall from the European Union.

For the past 25 years, the corporate sector in Canada has promoted trade as some sort of economic panacea. You’ll sometimes hear economists say that countries that trade don’t go to war.

But all might not be as well as it seems, particularly if oil prices continue rising. The current price of US $85 per barrel is relatively high on an inflation-adjusted basis.

As this chart indicates, oil prices have only surpassed this level on an inflation-adjusted basis three times before: 1980, 1981, and 2008.

The inflationary period in the early 1980s triggered the worst economic slowdown since the Second World War.

Everyone knows what happened to the world economy in 2008. International trade plummeted as a result.

It could happen again.

I’m beginning to wonder if the B.C. Liberal government and its cheerleaders in the media are looking in the rear-view mirror–and not to the future–when they promote policies like the HST that blindly assume that more international trade is inevitable.

Ahhh… I love Charlie, I really do. This is a great piece, once that should be read far and wide with the rest of this blog. Of course, I have a soft spot for Charlie since  he did this wonderful bit that contains THE video Gordon Campbell would rather you not see.

Clearly, something is amiss in Lotusland this evening, and I’m not talking about the Canucks loss in OT. This HST petition is about so much more than the HST. It is about everything this man has done to BC in his alleged Golden Decade ( of delusion) and British Columbians have focussed all of that anger, on the HST

You all need to be asking some questions tonight. When we live in a supposedly free country, why is everything such a damn secret?  Have the Liberals put themselves in a position of possible litigation again if they do not proceed with this project? Are they relying on this supposedly ” revenue neutral” tax to pay for overpriced projects deemed necessary far before the current world economic conditions existed?

It may be speculation at this point, but I have learned where there is smoke, there is usually fire. I suspect this latest news is the spark for something far bigger.

 Time for Campbell to go.

**** Update to this post HERE – Sunday May 9th/2010 :

Three years ago today…

… I hit the PUBLISH button for the very first time, here on this blog! That is right, it was April 16th, 2007, and I was heading towards the finals of CKNW’s Talk Show Idol competition. At that time the blog was intended to update my friends and family, many of whom live up north and could not often listen to my segments live. After the last Laila Yuile show aired on NW, emails came flooding into the inbox and through the contact page by the hundreds, every day for weeks, encouraging me to continue what I loved doing on radio, here.

And so, I did, and  will continue to do so as long as there is someone out there interested in reading my truth, and the truths of others. There is one thing I have learned in my life, that has struck me as being something so important to all people, and that is to be heard. To know that you matter, and what you think and believe matters. To find and see the humanity in others that is in ourselves, and know that we are not alone, that someone does care, and there are others out there just like yourself.

 So long as you continue to share your stories with me, I will share them with others. As long as I continue to see outrage and injustice, you will find the stories here, and I will bring you the stories that are often passed over by large media. As long as you are here, I will be too.

The endeavor that did have a final destination at one point, has become a journey. 796 posts, 8, 258 comments and thousands of visitors from all corners of the globe. You would have thought it?   The top all time post  in those three years speaks to how we interact with others, and how the smallest gesture can have lasting impact. It is Mother’s Day Between Strangers.

Why not look back through the  Best Of  section and see some other popular posts, or go back to the beginning and see how it all started. Archives are located on the left sidebar. Thank you all, for sharing this journey with me!

“When you have decided what you believe, what you feel must be done,
have the courage to stand alone and be counted.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

” Vancouver’s Olympics head for disaster” ~ The Guardian

This link is appearing everywhere online, and has been sent to me by a number of readers.

An interesting commentary, it at first appears to be an overseas Op-Ed, but on further examination the author turns out to be a local freelancer, who was in fact interviewed by CBC yesterday! ( thank you C.!)  ** note how many links it has from local sources documenting the harsh financial realities of our fair province, an amalgamation of why so many people are feeling more concern than excitement.  Although the author tends to- as one reader put it- hyperbole, I still think it presents a fairly accurate representation of how many people are feeling in these days before our world debut.  ( someone might do well to stick this right on top of Bill Good’s desk – I hear many are getting tired of his incessant nattering over the lack of enthusiasm over the games. Reality check Bill- we don’t all live in fancy condo’s on the harbour and have two jobs to count on, let alone one for the many laid off and out of work people all over the  province )

An excerpt:

              It’s now two weeks until the start of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games, a city-defining event that is a decade in the making. But a decade is a very long time. Much of what seemed sensible in the early 2000s has proven to be the opposite: for instance, allowing investment bankers to pursue profits willy-nilly was acceptable when Vancouver won the bid in 2003, but is now viewed as idiotic. So it comes as no surprise that just days before the opening ceremony, Vancouver is gripped by dread. Not the typical attitude for a host city, but understandable when you consider that everything that could go wrong, is in the process of going wrong.


            “The Bailout Games” have already been labelled a staggering financial disaster. While the complete costs are still unknown, the Vancouver and British Columbian governments have hinted at what’s to come by cancelling 2400 surgeries, laying off 233 government employees, 800 teachers and recommending the closure of 14 schools. It might be enough to make one cynical, but luckily every inch of the city is now coated with advertisements that feature smiley people enjoying the products of the event’s gracious sponsors.

Conservative estimates now speculate that the games will cost upwards of $6bn, with little chance of a return. This titanic act of fiscal malfeasance includes a security force that was originally budgeted at $175m, but has since inflated to $900m. With more than 15,000 members, it’s the largest military presence seen in western Canada since the end of the second world war, an appropriate measure only if one imagines al-Qaida are set to descend from the slopes on C2-strapped snowboards. With a police officer on every corner and military helicopters buzzing overhead, Vancouver looks more like post-war Berlin than an Olympic wonderland. Whole sections of the city are off-limits, scores of roads have been shut down, small businesses have been told to close shop and citizens have been instructed to either leave the city or stay indoors to make way for the projected influx of 300,000 visitors.

While  most of the local media are pushing the feel good, rah- rah, “it’s all good” mantra, we are begining to see the international media descend in droves and are looking for other stories about the impact of the Olympics from residents and freelancers alike. Keep your eyes peeled…

The same names in all the familiar places…

From Alex G. Tsakumis’s site, Rebel with a Clause, as he comments on Bill Tieleman’s departure from CKNW :

 …I suspect, STRONGLY, that there is more to this than meets the mic…

Two items: Tieleman has NEVER backed away from naming Christy Clark as someone of interest in political issues emanating from the Basi-Virk trial (which always rankles the dimbells at NW) and Bill has been APPROPRIATELY critical of the shameless Premier and his pathetic excuse for a govt.

You don’t think that the bias angle is possible?

Well, let me light another bomblet…

During the 2005 municipal election, I was still on the Board of the NPA in Vancouver. (I didn’t become a scribbler until later in 2005). My youngest daughter was going through life saving heart surgery about the time of the mayoral nomination, fought by Sam and Christy. I resigned from the campaign committee to assist my wife with caring for Giulia (who is fully recovered, thank God), but had an interesting conversation with someone, who stunned me with his revelation…

He knew that I was supporting Sam (and not just because Sam was clearly the better candidate, but, too, because Christy’s then husband would have turned City Hall into a federal Liberal Martinite outpost).

Then this same fellow said to me that while he was supporting Christy, he had some regrets…

“You know, Alec, I’m working awfully hard on getting her a sealed deal at NW for as long as she wants. She should go do that instead of Mayor. CKNW will do her political career much better and keep her name circulated and current…then we can run her for whatever she wants”  I was so stunned, I wrote it down, it’s verbatim.

The man’s name?

Patrick Kinsella.



Bill Tieleman leaves the Bill Good Show

A sad day, in my eyes, as Bill announces he has not been able to reach an agreement with CKNW for his appearances on the station.

 Bill will continue to share his views on everything political in his 24 Hours column, The Tyee and of course, his blog! As well, Bill has recently made  a couple of appearances on the blogger panel of CBC’s show Politics and Power, so watch to see where Bill pops up next.

Everybody’s talking – but is anyone really listening ?

(   Everyone is talking about the fantastic Jon McComb interview with Wally Oppal that took place Friday afternoon, in which he basically gave the Attorney General a verbal beating while taking him to task over the current state of affairs in Metro Vancouver. David in North Burnaby posted this fantastically blunt piece over the weekend, targeting both the inefficiencies of the judicial system and it’s woeful keeper in BC, Wally Oppal ) Check him out over at…..

For Gordie Campbell – Some Free Advice

” Now, its become clear recently that, despite Himself’s clear belief, the Gordie Campbell Crew may just have their work cut out for them to beat Carole the Nice and Co. in the next election.
And so, since nothing says “uppity peasant” like presuming to advise King Gordie, allow me:
Step one must be replacing his current miserable excuse for an Attorney General with someone who is, unlike Wally Awful, not so far out to lunch he’s picnicking on Pluto.

Anyone who heard Wally’s sputtering attempt at defending his pals on the bench Friday on CKNW’s The World Today with Jon McComb must by now understand what some of us have maintained since his appointment:

As a judge, Wally was part of the problem for so long there’s not a chance in hell he could be part of the solution.

Clearly, Wally is of the school that holds the answer to crime is warm and fuzzy hugs and umpteenth chances, you know, all that good stuff that got us into the mess we’re in now. Reminds one of Einstein’s Scientific Definition of Insanity: to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

Now, that’s not to say I find Wally a complete waste of air, he’s really quite amusing in his woolly-headed way. To hear Wally charge his critics with being “irresponsible” is, after all, the height of unintended comedy. Boffo laffs, in his way, is Ol’ Wall.

Hey, Wally, twiddling your thumbs while gangsters spray bullets in shopping mall parking lots is irresponsible. Presiding over a system in which judges grant anyone and everyone bail while handing down ridiculously light sentences and doing bugger all about it is irresponsible. A system that allows the Bacon brothers and their ilk to roam free is irresponsible. Sitting on a report on sentencing we all know is going to reflect badly (to put it mildly) on your buddies in the judiciary is irresponsible.

You may have noticed that Wally’s standard line of bovine excrement inevitably kicks off with a nice, pompous “the public needs to understand…” – why Wally and his high-minded friends are so much more enlightened than us rabble about crime and punishment, how its all Ottawa’s fault, how, really, in the end, really nothing can or should be done. And as long as Wally’s in charge, nothing will be done.

Well, what Wally needs to understand is that even with that ol’ ethnic block vote thang, he can get his sorry ass blasted out the door if the voters decide they’ve had enuff. We can only hope.

In the meantime, he should be gone from cabinet.”


Jon McComb has been highlighting the concerns over the judicial system and how criminals are sentenced in  BC for the past several weeks. Here is an excerpt from his CKNW web page:

Over the past few weeks, Jon McComb has voiced concerned over how violent offenders are sentenced in BC, which has prompted The World Today to take a closer look at sentencing in this province. If you have been personally touched by the justice system in BC please email us your story to
If you are fed up with how the Provincial and Federal governments are dealing with the gang and gun violence on the Lower Mainland send them an email:
Federal Public Safety Minister Peter van and
Federal Justice Minister Rob and and
Provincial Attorney-General Wally Oppal
Provincial Solicitor General and Minister of Public Safety John Van  
Listen every weekday from 3pm-7pm to hear the latest local, national and international news stories of the day.  
Give us a call at 604-280-9898 or 1-877-399-9898. E-mail:
If you have any questions or concerns contact Jon’s producer Jenn Pelat  at:


I’m a proud woman. I like to handle things myself, without relying on anyone. I don’t like to admit I’m in need of help, ever.

Today, that’s all changed. I’m not happy,my morning is messed up and I’m cranky. Actually, I’m so pissed off that its totally disrupted my whole routine. Why, you ask?

Because (Rogers owned) City TV has fired Simi Sara and Dave Gerry, their Breakfast Television hosts. I found out from a friend in the industry last night. This may not mean much to you, but to me, someone who finds very little of anything that is on TV worth watching or even relatively amusing, ITS HUGE!!!!!!!

Morning TV in this city has, in my opinion, sucked for far too long. Because of this, sometimes I have chosen to listen to Phil Till on NW, because the innuendo between Madryga and Till is quite titillating- dirty older men- but if Madryga isn’t on, the show just isn’t as fun. Sure, there’s Global Morning News, but its not what I would call compelling or even funny morning TV- nothing against the crew, but my parents watch it along with a million other older people. Canada AM has its moments- their weather guy is freaking hilarious- but what it comes down to, is that neither of the shows have what I call….

” The Dave Factor ” . ( insert claps of thunder here)

You heard me right. It’s the Dave Factor.

You can’t teach what Dave Gerry has, and neither can you replace the natural chemistry and comraderie he shares with Simi. Hes dirty, cheeky, naughty, incredibly intelligent … and we love him for it.

 He is irreplaceable.

 And this morning, when I woke up, I had forgotten that they were let go, and turned on the TV , only to see Tasha in Simi’s seat. Erghhhh. Again, nothing against the rest of the cast- they are fun and round it out well, but like so many other viewers I know, Simi and Dave were the draw, and now that they are gone – thats it for me. 

No more BT.

 Back to Till and Madryga and overt sexual innuendo to get me going in the morning. Perhaps if Till could get more of those hard hitting editorials in to fire things up, it would be even better.

Last year,while I was competing in CKNW’s Talk Show Idol Contest, I invited Dave, along with New York Times best-selling author, James Finn Garner, as guests to talk about political correctness- or more precisely, how I think we’ve all just gone too far with the whole shebang. I was honoured when he accepted. James and Dave were sooooo funny, and so well-matched in both humour and wit as guests. What started as poking fun at over sensitive members of society, somehow led to a conversation about wearing kilts and letting the air flow around “the boys”. That led to what people might do – or wear- in the privacy of their own home, in the basement, with the curtains closed, in front of their computers………

Had the listeners been able to see the reactions of those in studio who were listening, they would have appreciated how hard it was for me not to lose it on the air. The judges were laughing so hard they were on the floor. Tom Jeffries was cracking up. It was all just so wrong – and yet so  damn funny, and it still makes me smile.

Dave! DAVE!!!!! Are you listening? Reading this? Where are you? I need you…… I, I think- wait, no ( gulp) I know – I’m addicted to you in the morning, like some women are addicted to shopping, or chocolate, or men who are bad for them!!!  I need help, I admit it.  I love it when you talk about your wife and we all know you are going to get trouble when you go home. Or when you go where you KNOW you shouldn’t go and Simi is shaking her head at you to shut up – and then, you boldly go there anyways….. well I… I just love it. You do your own thing Dave, and you do it like no one else.

So, if you are out there reading this, Dave, I hope someone else snaps you and Simi up together, and quickly. I’ll be there to watch or listen, and so will all your fans from BT. Where you go, we will follow. We need you- I need you!!!!  I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms already.

So heres an invitation to come and blog with me if you are up early in the morning with nothing to do. Do a guest blog! Keep us going through the dark and cold times.

There are legions of fans out there like me, who are missing you – and like a good cup of strong coffee that gets you going in the morning……… only a little bit of Dave will do ya.

; )


***** UPDATE:

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me personally through the contact form to voice their agreement with this blog post.  I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my addiction !  Good grief- I never thought I would say that about a television program!  Unfortunately, I’ve received so many letters that there is no way I could possibly write everyone back, but I would ask all of you,to take a minute and forward those very same letters to CityTV management so they are aware of your discontent. 

It starts here.

 It ends here.

 Make your voice heard, and do it now.

Then, tomorrow when you wake up, do it again. You get the idea.

You are a viewer who has a direct impact on their advertising revenue. Whos going to advertise if no ones watching?

Spend your coffee money on Speakers corner. Talk about why Dave and Simi must come back, and what it means to you!

Here is a link to their contact page, numbers & address.

Citytv Vancouver
180 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 3T9

Main Switchboard: 604-876-1344
Toll-free number for B.C. residents only 1-888-336-9978


I for one, have no reason to tune in anymore, regardless of who the new hosts will be, or the new direction the show takes.  ” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! “

**** Letter from Dave and Simi on the home page !

Open Mouth, firmly insert foot, Corporal Dale Carr

That is exactly what Corporal Dale Carr seemed to be doing last night , in an on air-interview with a reporter from Vancouver CTV 6 0’clock news. ( I am trying to locate a working link to the clip, however the CTV news archive player is not working- email me if you have a link) Carr was trying to address how the public has a perception that the officers were standing there doing nothing, no CPR etc, when in fact, he says, they were doing continuous monitering and Robert Dziekanski was alive when medical help arrived.

Not so, says the reporter, according to internal security radio broadcast transcriptions obtained from YVR, that Dale Carr obviously had not seen yet. The security radio transcripts tell another tale, one of a man with no pulse, no respiration, and a different version of the timeline the RCMP are giving, of what occurred after Dziekanski went down . Gone immediately was Mr. Carr’s professional demeanor and he was immediately on the defensive. Whose notes were those, and how could they have know what the officers were or were not doing considering they werent there? Blah, blah, blah. He cannot understand how they were accurate, he would like to see them etc…

And so on. But the damage was done.

He was caught off guard by the CTV Vancouver reporter who had information he did not, and it made him look bad- really bad. He really needs to learn when to just shut his mouth and say no comment. Really.

But it gets worse.

Richmond fire dept arrived on scene , and they say Dziekanski was dead when they arrived, and that the officers even refused to take his handcuffs off for further assessment, as they still considered him a threat. ( ????)

 It just keeps getting worse for these cops. I watched the video again, and yes, I will say that it looks like they checked his pulse maybe once or twice, but ” continuous monitering”? I don’t see it.

This is all about damage control, and not about justice and answers. The RCMP cannot quash all the evidence, all the time, and thank god there are reporters who think of things like getting  security radio transcripts before the RCMP get them- because you can bet the public would never have even heard about them. Thank god the Richmond Fire Rescue is speaking up that he was in fact dead when they arrived, not alive as the RCMP are claiming.

I was brought to uncontrollable tears again today as I watched the video , and this morning as I write this, I am filled with both abject sadness and anger at Robert Dziekanski’s death. At the RCMP’s response. At the injustice’s that are, in fact, occurring behind the scenes, behind closed doors as you read this- and you and I both know it’s happening. I would like to believe the truth will prevail, but the cynical side of me tells me I’m dreaming. What do you think about what is going on now? How do you feel about all of the investigations?

I wish there was something I could do to change it all.

I’m Laila Yuile, and this is how I see it.