Campbells Carbon Tax and the Working Joe (and Jill)

In recent weeks, there has been plenty of talk about the cost of living, the inflation rate, fuel prices and foreclosures. It’s enough to drive a man to drink.

I’m tired of hearing about global warming, climate change,carbon tax, and the like. Enough is enough. Our premier doesn’t give a damn about me, or you, or any of our families. He doesn’t worry about things like missing a credit card payment or putting gas in the tank, or whether or not his kid can play football if you cant afford the registration fees. Does he even drive himself anywhere, anymore?  It is simply not his reality.

 And so, the carbon tax really doesn’t mean anything to him other than some really bad PR right now. It wasn’t motivated by a care of the environment, it was motivated by an egomaniacs delusional fantasy about self importance. This, from a man who spends vacations in Hawaii, living the high life, while the rest of us are forced to stick our feet in the kiddie pool with a heat lamp to get a tan. He couldn’t buy enough carbon credits to offset his air travel in one year, and  this summer so many of us cant afford to fly anywhere for vacation… I think he would do the environment a much better service by  simply shutting his mouth to prevent hot gas from escaping everytime he speaks.

I am an average Jill. I come from a forestry town up north, one that is going to be hurting badly when the beetle kill wood  being logged runs out. My dad has always worked harder than anyone I know, and he would give any of his friends the shirt off his back. His job is dangerous at times in the pulp mill. Chlorine gas leaks, black liquor tanks, complicated machinery. Many of his friends have died younger than they should have: cancer , heart attacks, strokes. All to make sure that pulp keeps being processed. Pulp is huge for BC.

There are thousands more men and women like him in our province, and if it wasn’t for them, Gordon Campbell wouldn’t have anything to run. The men and women building that ill-fated sky train line into Richmond. The young crane operator who died. The men who spend days and nights, long and lonely on the road to bring us our food, and clothes and whatever else is transported by semi. Men like my husband and his coworkers who take so much abuse and flack just trying to make a living. Construction workers, truck drivers, labourers, taxi cab drivers, you name it.

These men and women work hard to provide for their families, sometimes dirty, no thanks, shitty jobs just to make ends meet and feed their kids.

Will they be able to heat their house and feed the family this winter? The sad truth is, some will, some won’t. There will be children who are too cold, or too hungry to fall asleep this year. There will be more kids without presents at Christmas and so long to that hockey team little Billy wanted to play on.

You think I’m kidding? This is the reality thousands are facing with this extra tax, and it is the way the current government sees fit to thank all of us for working hard to make him look good.

This is how the province thanks them. A $100.00 bribe and a whole lot of worry for the future. He gave us our own $100.00 back, and then tried to say how lucky we are for getting it… go figure. And we should buy light bulbs with it, or weather stripping – as if.

I have a neighbour who works extremely hard. She has several kids that she takes care of for daycare, and she walks all over the neighbourhood several times a week delivering the local paper from a stack on top of her stroller. She does it rain or shine, and her kids help her out. I bet that rebate cheque was a nice windfall for her, but I wonder what happens when it gets really cold out in the winter? Did she save it for then ? Our houses are older, and the heat escapes everywhere. Its expensive to heat them already, and the price of natural gas is going to be rising again. Thanks Gordon.

The premier doesn’t seem to realise how many average people there are who are living pay-cheque to pay-cheque. He doesn’t seem to realise that they can only take so much, and that people are starting to clue into the reality behind this tax. His narrow views and hidden agendas have lasted this long because the average Joe honestly didn’t pay much attention beyond  whining about the local  political scandals, but that is quickly coming to an end.

The carbon tax has woken people up, and how! More people than ever are talking, seeking information, and really delving into how he has run his administration to the point that Basi-Virk is becoming a household word…..

 In forcing this tax upon us, Old King Gordo inadvertently opened his own can of proverbial worms. We shall see how he harness’s them all…

A reform is a correction of abuses; a revolution is a transfer of power.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton

I perceive that, in revolutions, the supreme power rests with the most abandoned.
Georges Jacques Danton