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Surely this must be a violation of the Elections Act…

Forwarded Message —– From: Kevin Falcon <k.falcon@bcliberals.com> Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 7:37:04 PM Subject: Down to the wire   Down to the wire Dear Friends:As we enter the final days before voting ends on the HST referendum I wanted … Continue reading

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For those of you who don’t read the Globe and Mail… you should.

And here are a  just a few reasons why- you won’t read any of this in the Sun or Province. Just like you won’t read about Dianne Watts lawsuit there either. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/british-columbia/bc-politics/firms-with-bc-liberal-ties-awarded-secret-contracts-in-pro-hst-campaign/article2109375/ ( and here is a beta form of … Continue reading

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Letter from a new reader

 ” Message: Hi: I listened to you on John McComb’s program yesterday….after studying all the reports on the HST, we determined that if all the economists suggested it was good for the province, we should put our personal feelings against … Continue reading

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” Circumstances do not make the man… they reveal him.” ~ James Allen, former defence minister of New Zealand

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. what does this one tell you?  ( And a reminder to scroll down and read the HST agreements that the government would rather you not see, and how far they would … Continue reading

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HST agreements for easy reference – Vote Yes to say NO to the HST

The Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement between British Columbia and Canada, signed by Colin ( it wasn’t on the radar) Hansen and Jim Flaherty in November 2009. ( PDF format- this document was removed from the BC government site ) bc_citca_nov09 … Continue reading

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Certified General Accountants Association spreads the love of the HST… but is this conflict for members who promote the HST to clients?

The Certified General Accountants Association is spreading the love with a Pro-HST message that was sent to all it’s members and students. In fact,many accountants are now sharing that message even further, with their clients, which makes me wonder if that might be … Continue reading

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10% instead of 12% HST is goooood…. right? Not So Fast!!! Reality check from a reader.

Via email: The Liberals are SPINNING! With 2 or more kids it’s not hard to spend $1000 for back to school. This summer when you shop for school supplies, computer items, clothes & shoes* ( based on purchases for kids … Continue reading

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Testimonials for Provident Security, owned by Mike Jagger, co-chair of Smart Tax Alliance and champion of the HST

“Gordon Campbell · Premier of British Columbia · “Provident’s quick response, around the clock service and professional staff was an important element in solving the security concerns in our office…”   http://www.providentsecurity.ca/testimonials/   And what is behind his motivation to get … Continue reading

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Employer/employee coercion on HST vote has no place in a democratic and free society.

” An important public message from your friendly neighbourhood blogger.” What would you do, if you walked into work on day, after spending the weekend posting Vote Yes to No HST signs… and found this on your desk? Sample Letter … Continue reading

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HST referendum ” Voters Guide” really Ministry of Finance PR document, shows Clarks government up to same old tricks as Campbell

I have always greatly admired independent MLA Vicki Huntington, and she has been a strong and vocal advocate for her constituents. Often, the information she shares with her community should be shared with all British Columbians and this is no exception. … Continue reading

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