Surely this must be a violation of the Elections Act…

Forwarded Message —–
From: Kevin Falcon <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 7:37:04 PM
Subject: Down to the wire


Down to the wire

Dear Friends:As we enter the final days before voting ends on the HST referendum I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the status of our effort on the ‘NO’ side to keep the HST. Our efforts to engage with British Columbians and get their input into how to improve the HST are paying dividends. Since announcing the reduction of the HST to 10 per cent and ensure families come out ahead, we have closed the margins significantly and we are within reach of a slim victory. In fact, some polling suggests we are in a statistical tie when you factor in the margin of error. With a race as close as this has become, I am asking that each and every one of you commit to a final push in your riding to try and identify every last possible vote and move us across the goal posts to deliver a victory for British Columbians.It’s undeniable that implementing the HST has caused us some political pain but the fact remains we can, and will, get past this difficult issue and get back to what we should be focused on – building support for the only truly free enterprise party in BC and providing British Columbians with strong, effective governance and leadership. 

With a victory within our grasp, I am asking all of you to spend as much time as possible focused on getting the vote out in your community to ensure British Columbians are returning their ballots and marking them with a ‘NO’ to higher taxes and a 12 per cent PST plus GST.

Ballot packages must be received by Elections BC, a Service BC Centre, or an Elections BC Collection Centre before 4:30 pm, Friday, August 5, 2011.

British Columbians need this victory for a strong economic future. We are close and I’m convinced a final push by us all will be enough to secure the win and help get the province back on track.

Regards and good luck,

Hon. Kevin Falcon
Minister of Finance

Authorized By Jim Pipe, Financial Agent BC Liberal Party.

AND the new photo showing the front of Mayor Dianne Watts car after her 2010 accident  in which many media reported she was hit by the other car…)

For those of you who don’t read the Globe and Mail… you should.

And here are a  just a few reasons why- you won’t read any of this in the Sun or Province. Just like you won’t read about Dianne Watts lawsuit there either.

( and here is a beta form of those contracts for very easy reference, courtesy of NVG) 

Wow… National Public relations… who did a lot of work for the old premiers office… helping the ” independent advisory panel”  with advice and reviewing the draft report. So how independent was that panel when a

By none other than Sean Holman, of Public Eye Online ( which is on my sidebar). Thank you Sean!

 Now… scroll down for news on the Dianne Watts lawsuit, the HST agreement  that allows the Liberals to raise that tax as easily as they can lower it, and other stories… and how about we start adding some new reasons to the 1oo reasons the BC liberals should go – factual links to things that have happened since Christy Cluck Clark took over the reigns without being elected.




“Christy Clark demonstrating how she wishes she could get rid of reporters who ask hard questions.”

Letter from a new reader

 ” Message: Hi: I listened to you on John McComb’s program yesterday….after studying all the reports on the HST, we determined that if all the economists suggested it was good for the province, we should put our personal feelings against Christy Clark and the Liberals aside.

 We voted to keep the HST.

 After listening to you, we have had second thoughts and our old seething feelings of anger have risen once again.
> I wrote to elections BC this morning to ask how we can change our vote since we already mailed in the ballots. I also have written to Christy Clark to protest about the “retreat” she and her party members (along with some family members) took to Harrison last week. I got a generic response on the party line and was irritated to receive such a vague response. I have since written to request a complete breakdown of the expenses of this unnecessary expense to the taxpayers. What did it cost us to change from Gordon Campbell to Christy Clark – the hiring of her new staff and firing of his staff and their pensions, etc? And, translink now need to tax us more for the Evergreen Line – why don’t we get the money back from Basi and Virk? Thanks….maybe you could look into the excess “feeding from the public trough”. For many years I worked at a facility where politicians rented our meeting rooms and held their meetings….complete with breakfast, lunch, snacks…why do we have to
> pay to feed them? Most working people in BC have to pay for their own lunch!

I asked if I could publish this letter, since it speaks to so much of the frustration people feel about our new premier and the old players from Campbells era, and she replied with a Yes, and the following response:

 I read just today that Translink issued $5,000.00 worth of free transit passes to the ministers during the Minister’s Confernce last week…I have mixed feelings about that.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Translink issued free bus passes to all seniors in BC?  We just spent three weeks in Scotland and there seniors, from age 60, receive a free life-time pass.  A lovely way to thank and reward our seniors who hav paid into the tax system for so many years. 

Thank you.  I will continue to watch your fine work.
( name withheld upon request)  
ps: I have had no response from elections Canada or Christy Clark’s office.

” Circumstances do not make the man… they reveal him.” ~ James Allen, former defence minister of New Zealand

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. what does this one tell you?  ( And a reminder to scroll down and read the HST agreements that the government would rather you not see, and how far they would go to prevent that from happening.)

HST agreements for easy reference – Vote Yes to say NO to the HST

The Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement between British Columbia and Canada, signed by Colin ( it wasn’t on the radar) Hansen and Jim Flaherty in November 2009. ( PDF format- this document was removed from the BC government site )


** Note: In this agreement, it states that the provincial portion of the HST “may be increased, or decreased, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement after a minimum period of two years from the Implementation Date. Following that two-year period, any change in the PVAT Rate in respect of the Province, as permitted under the provisions of this Agreement, will not occur more often than once in any twelve-month period. “

Which means that once a year, the province can not only decrease the tax if they wish, they could increase it as well…. something you may not be aware of.

Also of importance is this statement:

“Canada may propose any tax base change in respect of CVAT and the Province agrees to be bound by all tax base changes that are implemented in respect of CVAT.” CVAT refers to the federal portion of our HST.

“If there is a change to either the CVAT rate or the PVAT rate of a participating province in a tax entitlement year, the share of tax revenue of Canada and of each participating province for that tax entitlement year will be re-calculated to account for the rate change and be effective as of the effective date of the rate change.

Meaning the CVAT – the federal part of the HST- can be changed as well. How often and how large, I can’t tell, but the way I read this agreement tells me that we have little say over whether or not the Feds can up their portion of the tax or not.

So sad for you, and me, and the rest of BC that are not aware of this agreement and what it means for sovereignty of this province. And every country that has had a Value Added Tax like our HST, has increased it greatly.

When you read the above link, read all of the first section, then fast forward to Annex’s ‘B’ and ‘C’ for some interesting info on transitional payments and changes to the either the federal or provincial parts of the HST.

A dire warning to all. Beware what promises are made now, that reduction will disappear, if in fact it occurs at all. They can turn around and raise that HST even higher than it is right now.

 Read the agreement.

And of course, you must also take a look at the Reciprocal Taxation Agreement between British Columbia and Canada, signed June 30th, 2010, by Colin( it might have been on my desk)  Hansen. ( again, PDF format)

Research, and educate yourself. Take part in your future, don’t sit back and let others do it for you~!


Vote Yes to say No to the HST.  “Decide what you believe and stand up to be counted.”

Certified General Accountants Association spreads the love of the HST… but is this conflict for members who promote the HST to clients?

The Certified General Accountants Association is spreading the love with a Pro-HST message that was sent to all it’s members and students. In fact,many accountants are now sharing that message even further, with their clients, which makes me wonder if that might be a conflict, considering how even Kevin Falcon has admitted the HST is not good for everyone, even all businesses.

On the CGA-BC website, it states that the organization is responsible for protecting the publics interest when dealing with CGA’s, but is it in the publics interest for members to promote the HST to their clients? What do you think?

Here is a copy of the email sent to all CGA- BC members and students:

Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 4:20 PM
Subject: The HST Referendum: A Message to CGA-BC Members and Students

The HST Referendum begins today. Once mail service starts sometime next week, you will receive a ballot and be asked to return it with your vote to Elections BC by July 22, 2011. Your Association asks that you review the facts and make an informed decision about which tax system is better for British Columbia.

Since 2005, CGA-BC has argued in favour of a more equitable and transparent value-added tax. Although no tax is perfect, the HST is the right tax system for our times. It is a key component in creating a competitive environment that will create jobs, reduce red tape, attract new business, and more efficiently and fairly generate the revenues necessary to pay for the things we care about.

The HST replaces an expensive, cumbersome tax system that was heavy on red tape and low on value. It replaces two taxes with one tax, and with government legislation now passed to reduce the HST from 12 per cent to 10 per cent over the next three years, the HST will undercut the combined PST/GST taxes by two full percentage points if accepted.

Read our cover feature on the HST in the summer issue of Outlook magazine. It includes a series of articles written by Michael Kane and Jack Mintz and features prominent CGAs such as Dave Fairhall, FCGA; CGA-BC Chair Bruce Hurst, FCGA; and Past-Chair John Pankratz, FCGA, and others who make the case for the harmonized sales tax.

The Positive Impact of the HST


§       At 10 per cent, the HST will be two points lower than the 12 per cent PST-GST

§       The average B.C. family will now pay $120 less per year than they did under the PST-GST

§       In addition to low-income families receiving up to $230 per person in HST credits, children and seniors will receive annual transition cheques of $175 until the 10 per cent HST rate takes effect

§       83 per cent of small businesses support a 10 per cent HST, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses

§       The HST is an efficient consumption tax with no loopholes, exemptions for special interest groups or deductions

§       The HST taxes the growing part of our economy services thereby providing $800m additional revenues British Columbia needs for health care and education by 2014

§       The HST removes tax duplication throughout the value chain eliminating the costly compounding effect of PST which was applied at every level from raw materials right through to the retail level.


Please note that to keep the HST you must vote No on the ballot. The Association encourages you to please vote in this important referendum.



Gordon  Ruth, FCGA

Chief Executive Officer


10% instead of 12% HST is goooood…. right? Not So Fast!!! Reality check from a reader.

Via email:

The Liberals are SPINNING!

With 2 or more kids it’s not hard to spend $1000 for back to school.
This summer when you shop for school supplies, computer items, clothes & shoes* ( based on purchases for kids under 16, in adult sizes, which are taxed ) consider what you used to pay in tax, what you currently pay in tax, and what you MIGHT get to pay in tax in 3 years.
Old System:  PST (7%) and GST (5%) 
Spend $1000 PAY 
$50.00 GST, no PST ( yay!- parents used to be able to sign a declaration adult sized clothing was for child under 16, right at the till)  

Current System 12% HST
Spend $1000 pay 
$120.00 HST 

Future System 10% HST (if they can be believed)
Spend $1000 pay 
$100.00 HST

 I think a good deal would be to go back to that $50  tax/$1000 spending in taxes I used to pay rather than hope they follow through with the reduction that would allow me to only pay twice as much  tax, at $100 HST/$1000 of spending.

 I am getting tired of hearing everyone tell me that reducing the HST by 2% means we will pay less.

 Just because it’s less than what we are paying now doesn’t mean it’s less than we were paying 2 years ago for many items we purchased!

Granted those items that were previously subject to both PST and HST will be lower IF they reduce in 3 years, But we first must believe they will AND then we must wait until 2014. 

 A one-time payment for some people with kids and low income seniors isn’t enough to pay back what I will spend.

Seems Cristy Clark and the Liberals AREN’T putting Families first after all!

BUT no worries, one of those places that has less tax now than before is some thrift stores —- we can all shop there!

* the tax amount scenario above applies to all items that used to be PST exempt under the old system that are now subject to HST such as:

Lease of Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Fuel Efficient Vehicle
Purchase of an Alternative Fuel Vehicle  and Fuel Efficient Vehicle
Motor Vehicle Parking
Admission to Professional Sporting Events (e.g., Hockey, Football and Soccer Games)
Movie Tickets
Golf Memberships
Driving Range Fees
Gym and Athletic Memberships
Ballet, Karate, Trampoline, Hockey, Soccer Lessons etc.
Tickets for Live Theatre
Admission to Museums and Art Galleries
Music Concerts
Ski Lift Passes
Camping Sites
Domestic Air, Rail and Bus Travel Originating in British Columbia
Snack Foods (e.g., Chips and Pop)
Restaurant Meals
Massage Therapy Services
Over-the-Counter Medications
Certain School Supplies
EnergyStar Windows
Thermal Insulation, Weather Stripping and Caulking
First Aid Kits
Smoke Detectors Valued Less Than $250 for Residential Use
Food Producing Plants and Trees (e.g., Tomato Plants, Plum Tree)
Household Moving Services
Safety Helmets for Sports (e.g., Hockey Helmets, Snowboard Helmets, Bike Helmets)
Adult Sized Ski Gloves for Children
Adult Sized Ski Boots for Children
Children’s Sized Ski Boots
Adult Sized Clothing for Children
Shoe Repair
Tailoring Services
Used Adult Clothing Purchased for Less Than $100
Domestic Air, Rail, and Bus Travel Originating in B.C.
Camping Sites
Basic Cable Television
Local Residential Phone
Repair to Certain Household Appliances (e.g., Stoves, Ovens, Refrigerators, Washers, and Dryers)
Repair, Maintenance or Renovation Services for Real Property (e.g., Plumbing Electrical Wiring)
Landscaping, Lawn-Care, Private Snow Removal and House Cleaning
Computer Software Repair Services (e.g., virus removal or software installation)
Funeral Services
Fitness Trainer
Hair Stylist/Barber
Esthetician Services (e.g., Manicures, Pedicures, Facials)
Accounting Services
Interior Design Services
Wedding Planning Services
Veterinarian Services
Dry Cleaning
Catering and Event Planning Services (e.g., planning, consulting, coordinating and organizing)
– ONLY those items that had both PST and HST before will see a reduction of 2%, but not until 2014 AND only if the Liberals stay true to their word.

VOTE YES to eliminate the HST  to go back to the old PST/GST System. 

(Funny that you have to vote YES when you really mean “NO – I don’t want to keep the tax!!!” )
If you decide to vote NO and keep the HST make sure you understand what it’s all about and aren’t just buying into SPIN!
Forward this to everyone in your mailbox from BC so they can make an informed choice — I did :)
** In case you are one of the few not following the comments on these two posts, check it out as Smart Tax Alliance co-chair Mike Jagger( whose company did work for Gordon Campbell)  and other Pro HST  individuals try to tell us over and over why the HST is good for business, and therefore everyone in BC… and check out the letter the Chamber of Commerce is suggesting for its members… to give information on the HST to their employees.

Testimonials for Provident Security, owned by Mike Jagger, co-chair of Smart Tax Alliance and champion of the HST

Gordon Campbell · Premier of British Columbia ·

“Provident’s quick response, around the clock service and professional staff was an important element in solving the security concerns in our office…” 


And what is behind his motivation to get the HST in action? From his own site…. 

Published October 13, 2010 · PROFIT Magazine · Written by Ian Portsmouth

Mike Jagger might share that sentiment. For close to six years, his Vancouver-based security business has been fighting the B.C. Ministry of Finance over provincial sales tax he never charged his customers because he’s sure it doesn’t apply to the products in question. Still, he has paid out $300,000 in remittances and penalties-and still owes more. “It’s the principle of the thing,” says Jagger, president of Provident Security Corp., a 175-employee firm that provides security personnel and such services as alarm installation and monitoring. “We’ve spent more on all the back and forth than the amount we owe.”

What really burns Jagger up is the unresponsiveness of government agents to his inquiries; through the beginning of October, ministry staff had still not replied to a letter Jagger had sent them in February. And when they have responded to past calls and missives, he says, they’ve simply restated their position without addressing any of his specific points.

Jagger vows not to give up his PST fight, although he has put this old saw into practice: “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” This year, he joined a 25-member advisory panel that meets every two months to discuss business issues with B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and Finance Minister Colin Hansen.

“The ability to get yourself to the table in advance is so much more productive,” says Jagger. “It’s easier to help shape new policies than to get government to change bad ones.”


Employer/employee coercion on HST vote has no place in a democratic and free society.

” An important public message from your friendly neighbourhood blogger.”

What would you do, if you walked into work on day, after spending the weekend posting Vote Yes to No HST signs… and found this on your desk?

Sample Letter from Employer to Employee

[Insert company logo]


May XX, 2011


Attn Employees:


With the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) referendum only a few weeks away, I want to talk about the sweeping positive impact the tax has had on our company and our jobs, and how the new changes to the HST ensure that our families will be better off than with the PST-GST double tax.


At 10%, the new HST will cost less than the 12% PST-GST. The average B.C. family will now pay $120 less in sales taxes each and every year. As well, children and seniors will receive a one-time $175 cheque to help with their costs until the new 10% HST is in place in a few years.


I want you to know that the HST is making our company stronger. It’s protecting the jobs that we have today, and has the potential to spark additional hiring in the future. A recent report conservatively forecasts that British Columbia will gain more than 24,000 new jobs by the end of the decade, something that would not be possible under the previous PST-GST system.  I hope we can be a part of that number.


It is important for the future of our company British Columbia sticks with the 10% HST. Turning back the clock to the GST-PST would put our jobs and our families at risk . Bringing back the 12% PST-GST means:

  • $120 more per year in sales tax for our families.
  • Payback $1.6 billion in HST funding to the federal government
  • B.C. businesses would incur an extra $150 million in new fees to administer the PST-GST
  • Hiring 300 PST tax collectors at a cost to taxpayers of $35 million per year


Bottom line – the HST is good for our business and the HST is good for B.C.  To learn more on what the HST truly means for you and your families, I recommend you visit or


I urge you to ask me if you have any questions or concerns about the what the HST means for you.



[insert name]


Wow. Imagine how you would feel.

 Imagine if it became known to your employer, perhaps who is a member of the Smart Tax Alliance, that you were volunteering for the Fight HST, or were simply opposed to the tax because you took time to find out the truth? How would you feel going to work everyday if your boss was putting it out there that voting in favour of the HST would help you keep your job?

Sounds like coercion of the worst kind to me, and guess what? This letter was sent to all BC Chamber of Commerce members in the province and is now posted for all to use and share lovingly with their employees.

Here is a copy of the email that was sent around:

From: Neal Wells []
>> Sent: 14-Jun-11 7:22 PM
>> To: Neal Wells
>> Subject: HST ballots in the mail – important information for your
>> business
>> Dear BC Chamber of Commerce business members,
>> Over the next few weeks British Columbians will be receiving HST
>> referendum
>> ballots in the mail. A “No” vote will keep the HST, and a “Yes” vote
>> will
>> return BC to the PST/GST system.
>> Attached you will find 5 documents for your use which have been supplied
>> by
>> the Smart Tax Alliance (STA), an organization of almost 50 Business
>> organizations including the BC Chamber of Commerce. These documents will
>> enable you to communicate the facts about the HST to your employees,
>> should
>> you chose to do so. It also outlines why the BC Chamber supports
>> maintaining the tax and the recently announced changes that will see the
>> rate drop from 12 percent to 10 percent.
>> The referendum ballot represents a very important decision for BC. The
>> HST
>> is the largest tax policy change in decades, and addresses many of our
>> competitive and economic weaknesses in the province. Specifically, the
>> tax
>> encourages investment and provides the opportunity to spur economic
>> growth
>> and job creation over the medium term, making BC more competitive.
>> Thank you for reviewing these materials and for sharing them with your
>> employees and their families. For more factual information and resources
>> about the HST, please visit the BC Chamber HST page:
>>, or the STA website:
>> The STA website also allows you to sign up to receive information
>> directly:
>> I hope you will support making an informed decision and vote No to Keep
>> the
>> HST.
>> Sincerely,
>> John Winter
>> President & CEO
>> BC Chamber of Commerce
>> D 604 638 8110
>> E<



Most people recall the business boycott fellow writer/blogger Norman Farrell and I started last year against those businesses in support of the HST. We received many emails from Chamber businesses who were outraged at the Chambers implied support of its members, because many small businesses were in fact, NOT in support of the HST.

This letter is a “voluntary” suggestion from the Chamber of Commerce, which is a member of the Smart Tax Alliance and has been actively lobbying the government for years to enact the HST. They will do anything to make sure this tax goes ahead, because for the large businesses and corporations in their membership, it is crucial to increasing the bottom line on their profits – which are not being passed onto to you and I.

Even more disturbing, is this email I received from a reader who just recently went through a job interview… and was denied a position she was suited for because of her volunteer work for Fight HST. Her name and identifying particulars have been removed to protect her identity, since she is still seeking employment. But here is the funny thing about democracy – you can’t control it. The people are standing firm in the truth rather than the rhetoric of the Smart Tax Alliance and Mike Jagger, who, for those not in the know, is a friend and supporter of Kevin Falcon during the leadership race. So when you see his smiley face on that HST information package that was sent out, you know why it is on the pages of a Finance Ministry propaganda package.  Who is tracking the number of jobs lost because of the HST?? 


Sent: June 15, 2011 3:04 PM
To: Laila Yuile
Subject: My funny job interview

So I went for this job interview today, it was my 2nd time for an accounting office in ( XX city). I had seen at least 4 people and thought things were going ok/good until I met the 5th person which happens to be the owner. Now, I didn’t put this on my resume but I honestly and innocently answered this man’s question. Cause why? Because he asked.

He said, “So I see that you have done some activities, hobbies and you have some interests?” Yes as he mentions what they are on my resume. And I also answered. “I have done some volunteer work for Fight HST for the community that I live in, collecting signatures.” That’s all I said.

Well, no sooner after I had finished my answer, he replied, “Well that’s unfortunate. You are no longer a candidate for this position for this office.” End of story.

 He also mentioned that I had a lack of knowledge about the HST which concerns him. Surprised by his sudden reaction and his comment, I wanted to hear his view. It felt like a debacle which had nothing to do with the job, my qualifications, education and/or skills. A complete 180 degree turn to uneasy and thinking the worst of me. Why? Because of HST????????

He quickly defends himself and his strong political views by giving examples why HST is a good, no wait, GREAT thing for everyone. Of course, some accountants wouldn’t agree and possibly people in his office. That’s just too bad he says. Wasn’t a good strategy on my part telling his office (him) that I’m a part of the Fight HST. There was no fricken strategy, I was being honest in telling him about me and what I had done and getting a good sense of who I was as a person, isn’t that what interviews are about??? All I did was collect signatures in my community and volunteered my time. That’s it. He didn’t care. It didn’t matter I volunteered. His opinion is what counts.

Now that I got a good sense of this owner, not because of this one thing but there were a few other things which I found troubling, I think I’m the lucky one.

And, if they did call, I can vouch that I will turn this position down mainly because of an unnecessary sour turn of views. And to put it simply who wants to deal with an owner who is not supportive of your views, endeavors and growth and will always view you as a HST hater. I can imagine the surmounting amount of sh**y jobs suddenly appearing on your desk that wasn’t part of your job before making it harder, difficult and uneasy.

Just thought I pass this on as my experience of being turned down because I volunteered for Fight HST. How completely insane, stupid and moronic. I wasn’t afraid to let him know that I had volunteered. I never thought Fight HST was a negative thing and I still don’t. Was it stupidity on my part? Should I not have revealed who I volunteered for? I mean, it wasn’t on my resume, I added it on top of what I had done. Should my volunteer time with Fight HST reflect on my ability to do the job?

The question remains why are we not able to voice what we are so proud of being a part of? Whether you’re volunteering, have interests, or hobbies or your active in your life. It’s who we are as a person, tells others what you’re passionate or motivated about personally. How can we be judged by that? It’s what we already do.

PS: My resume now states proudly that I volunteered for Fight HST whether it’s a good thing or not.

Tell me what you think of my experience.



HST referendum ” Voters Guide” really Ministry of Finance PR document, shows Clarks government up to same old tricks as Campbell

I have always greatly admired independent MLA Vicki Huntington, and she has been a strong and vocal advocate for her constituents. Often, the information she shares with her community should be shared with all British Columbians and this is no exception.

Read on, and see what Vicki and her office employees discovered after receiving the HST referendum ” Voters Guide”  in the mail like many British Columbians did… the one emblazoned on the back page with ” An important Message from Elections BC.”

Deceptive HST “Voters Guide” taints independence of legislature

Delta, B.C., 13 June – Did you receive the HST Referendum “Voters Guide” the other day? I did. And so did the good people whom I work with at the Ladner constituency office. The guide struck us as a peculiar, agenda-driven voter information package, so we phoned Elections BC to confirm that they had sent it.

No such luck.

An Elections BC employee advised us, in no uncertain terms, that the Ministry of Finance was responsible for the booklet – not Elections BC. The folks at Elections BC are an independent, non-partisan office of the Legislative Assembly, after all.

We’re all used to receiving sneaky junk mail designed to deceive – only usually it’s from bad credit card companies, “sweepstake” marketing surveys and the like. Not propaganda from the Ministry of Finance. Add another page to the HST’s long story of deceit.

The booklet doesn’t identify its source. The only indication that you are reading a government-produced document is a dime-sized “British Columbia” logo positioned on the front corner, brushing up next to an image of a pencil eraser. Flip to the back page though, and you see, in emphasis, an “Important Notice to BC voters from Elections BC.”

This “voter’s guide” is a government PR document deliberately designed to make you think you are receiving valuable, non-partisan voter information from Elections BC.

Exploiting an independent office in such a premeditated and consciously partisan manner is simply unacceptable. It is beneath a government to do so, and disrespects voting British Columbians. Yet it is so typical of this government, isn’t it? The more we are told “things are different,” the more things stay the same. It is almost as if this government can’t help itself.

The BC government has a long way to go to prove that “change” is more than mere electioneering. It is one thing to see that the time-old “buy-the-vote” style of politics is clearly alive and well in BC today. It is quite another observe the contempt displayed by those in power when they seek to deceive the very people whom they represent.

The brochure, at its core, is deceptive: it purposely misleads the public and sullies an independent office of the Legislature. It is unacceptable politics. Good tax or bad tax, the government deceived us. And it continues to deceive us. And I am really tired of it. ~ Vicki Huntington”

The key line in this song is the very last one…

“Meet the new boss – same as the old boss”

For all the changes the songwriter was preaching throughout the song he ends by saying…nothing has changed.

Sound familiar?  

We  “Won’t get fooled again.”  ( Thanks to MLA Lana Popham who posted this video on Facebook- wonderful choice!)

Countdown to  tonights game… and tomorrows rally. Scroll down for the full scoop.