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Surrey transit after dark reveals ‘Boulevard of broken dreams’…( and they wonder why more people don’t take transit)

Come my friends, let me tell you a tale of harrowing adventure, for I have seen the dark side and survived to see the light… Last night, I took the #321 bus from Surrey Central Station down King George Boulevard … Continue reading

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Why you should NOT insult your dentist while he is doing your root canal

It all started innocently enough, two years ago. I had located a new dentist since moving, and booked an appointment to have a tooth checked. It was causing me a little pain when eating hot or cold food-irritating but not … Continue reading

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The mystery of Canada and Canadians

Most Canadians are familiar with the complete lack of knowledge that many other inhabitants of the world still exhibit about us and it appears that a good portion of the world still thinks we live in igloos and paddle canoes for … Continue reading

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