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One of the most important graphs and the two most important posts, you will ever read about BC’s coming debt load.

Source: http://www.fin.gov.bc.ca/PT/dmb/ref/netDebt.pdf Our good friends over at Blog Borg Collective has a very important post up this morning that clearly show the amount of debt the province is carrying – without including crown corps etc. The chart  above is from … Continue reading

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“Official truths are often powerful illusions” ~ John Pilger

” Hi Laila…Remember the Principle of Parsimony, aka Occam’s Razor that says: “simpler explanations are, other things being equal, generally better than more complex ones.”  The illusion of a fixed price contract is great optics even though its an illusion.  As you quite … Continue reading

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Falcon’s “dire” financial estimates of HST reversal misleading – but “more effective if one were looking to lay the blame for provincial fiscal challenges onto the referendum results.”

I’m playing catch-up this weekend and next week after some new information came forward on an old story Friday, taking my attention away from more current news. However, before I leave you this morning, I wanted you to take a … Continue reading

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A message from Christy Clark to her supporters: ” I have a Great Job Plan, Dix is evil, please give me money!”

Ok, ok, so I paraphrase, but this is essentially what Christy Clark told her supporters via an email update this evening, here for your reading pleasure after making its way to me from a former supporter. Please ensure you do … Continue reading

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Incongruity of HST fallout and “repercussions” signal new low for BC Liberals and media messengers alike.

Yes, I am still on vacation- some lovely photos on the way – but two things happened in the last 24 hours that made the bile rise in my throat, and I can no longer contain myself. First bile raising incident: I had … Continue reading

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Surely this must be a violation of the Elections Act…

Forwarded Message —– From: Kevin Falcon <k.falcon@bcliberals.com> Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 7:37:04 PM Subject: Down to the wire   Down to the wire Dear Friends:As we enter the final days before voting ends on the HST referendum I wanted … Continue reading

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For those of you who don’t read the Globe and Mail… you should.

And here are a  just a few reasons why- you won’t read any of this in the Sun or Province. Just like you won’t read about Dianne Watts lawsuit there either. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/british-columbia/bc-politics/firms-with-bc-liberal-ties-awarded-secret-contracts-in-pro-hst-campaign/article2109375/ ( and here is a beta form of … Continue reading

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Letter from a new reader

 ” Message: Hi: I listened to you on John McComb’s program yesterday….after studying all the reports on the HST, we determined that if all the economists suggested it was good for the province, we should put our personal feelings against … Continue reading

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Kevin Falcon admits with HST, not everyone is coming out on top

ON CBC tonight: http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/Canada/BC/1258521056/ID=2022903172 What gives? Falcon openly admits HST hurts some, not everyone is coming out on top but tells business owners ” we should overlook that for the overall benefits” Sniff.. sniff… what’s that I smell?  Victory? In … Continue reading

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10% instead of 12% HST is goooood…. right? Not So Fast!!! Reality check from a reader.

Via email: The Liberals are SPINNING! With 2 or more kids it’s not hard to spend $1000 for back to school. This summer when you shop for school supplies, computer items, clothes & shoes* ( based on purchases for kids … Continue reading

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