The world according to Christy Clark. Keep your ibuprofen handy

H/t to one of RossK’s readers who posted this link over in the comments section at his site.

Listening to the premier talk about her plans for the province is always entertaining, but where it gets really funny on this one is at the 5:20 minute mark, where she goes on about how all this LNG we are going to be producing, is going to get shipped to China and will be displacing ‘dirty coal’ …… yes, she really does say that: dirty coal.
Would that be the same ‘dirty’ aka thermal coal coming up from the US, to be shipped out of the newly approved and highly controversial coal facility at Surrey Fraser Docks to China, among other parts of Asia ? The one her government is so much in favour of?

Or all the thermal  coal we’ve been shipping from Deltaport and other terminals for years and years? And will BC stop shipping that thermal coal when ( and more likely if) BC LNG ever comes online? Not likely. So BC LNG is not going to do anything to make cleaner world in the air,least of which, in China.

That’s a facepalm moment if I ever saw one.

Worthy of it’s own post : “The BC Lyberals: A New Error for B.C.”

Ivana C. Justice, a long time reader, occasional commenter, devout British Columbian, left her own 10 point version of a more realistic BC Liberals Platform, in the comments below the post below –  definitely worthy of its own post! Thank you Ivana !!

“The B.C. Lyberals: A New Error For B.C.”

1. University priority placement given to foreign students – high tuition fees. Teachers without a contract for over a year, cuts to special ed programs, sports and the arts.
2. Patients treated by Dr. Timbit
3. Public/Pirate partnerships and corporate greed, aided and abetted by a complicit government absent of environmental, fiscal and social responsibility. Patrick Kinsella.
4. Gang wars. Ultimate fighting. Missing women. Casinos.

5. Highest child poverty rate in Canada. Absolute failure to protect aboriginal children in foster care.
6. Fish farms. Photo-ops. Muzzled scientists.
7. Logging Cortez Island, IPP’s, mill closures, pine beetles, exporting raw logs.
8. Highest government salaries. Highest cost of living. David Hann. Gwyn Morgan.

9. FOI process that’s a sick joke. No meaningful public consultation. Rich Coleman. Kevin Falcon. Special Prosecutors.
10. BC Rail. BCIMC. TransLink. BC Ferries. BC Hydro. BC Place. Canada Line. Sea-to-Sky Highway. Convention Centre…and on and on and on……

Bits and Bites – Wednesday April 15th, 2009

Good morning to everyone, sorry for the late posting but if you had 4 kids from 10 months to 17 years, you might understand…

I was sitting in the chair at my surgeons office yesterday afternoon, which overlooks the new Canada line along Three road in Richmond. A gorgeous sunny day, the view through his floor to ceiling windows afforded me the opportunity to see why this line is not going to make enough money to break even. The  roads and parking lots below the  Canada line are filled, bumper to bumper, with luxury cars, and within them are people who will never step onto any form of transit in their lives. The people who currently take the bus will be the same ones who take the skytrain, and rest assured, it will not entice any new users simply because it’s there. And realistically- how many people are likely to haul their luggage down into  the horrifically steep  bowels of the Burrard, Granville and Waterfront stations, to connect to this line,  when they could simply take the shuttle or a taxi? Really, the access points are not travel laden tourist friendly.  This is clearly not a case of ” If you build it, they will come.”  My question is, how long will it be before the government admits defeat on this world class, worst case scenario decision?

Talking about worst case scenarios… the reason why I was at the surgeons office again was to check on the periapical cyst in my jaw, which is still giving me grief. Despite having the best dental insurance, I’ve spent enough on this one tooth to have been able to take a long cruise, a vacation to the Bahamas, or buy a good used car-  possibly even all three. You heard me. It started with a filling that fell out of a molar ( Cha-ching$). Then, the remaining tooth was not suited to a re-fill, so I had a crown put on(cha-ching$). The root canal abcessed( cha-ching$ on meds), so another root canal had to be done ( double  cha-ching$, because Blue Cross only covers one root canal per tooth!). This lead to the episode entitled ” When Good Root Canals Go Bad…” meaning, something happened that shouldn’t have and a cyst developed around the root. So, off to the surgeon, ( Cha-Ching$) who removed the growth and part of the offending root. Despite the best efforts, that tooth continues to be a problem and the lump is back, leaving me with some options to have more surgeries – that in the end may not work ( Cha- Ching$) – or have the tooth removed and get an implant. ( BIG Cha-Ching$$)

So, in two weeks, I’m having the freaking tooth pulled out, and will be forced to go toothless back there for about 8 months while my jaw bone heals itself so that I can have the implant done. Lesson here? Sometimes it’s better to listen to your inner voice saying ” Just pull the damn thing.” rather than the dentist who needs to pay for his Mercedes…

For those of you following the BC Rail/ Basi-Virk Hearings, please go over to  blog of my dear friend BC Mary and read some riveting new posts she has up on the link between Accenture and Enron( WOW!! Who knew?) , as well as a wonderful guest blog by Paul Nettleton, the former MLA for Prince George – Omineca. In his post, Paul addresses the need for everyone to fight for honesty, openness, transparency and accountability in the government- and how that related to his own experiences with Premier Gordon Campbell…

As many of you know, my eldest is graduating highschool this year, and with that accomplishment comes the never-ending flow of money out of my wallet to cover all associated costs. I’m lucky in two ways though. First, she is a very un-demanding and simple girl who doesn’t go for the designer gowns and expensive accoutrement’s that are likely to be worn only once. Secondly, I can afford to pay for the items she does need, like her grad gown.

So many of us take things like that for granted, but what about if you are a single parent on a limited income- or maybe, no income? Paying for even the most basic dress or suit rental would be an impossible dream. There are many, many kids out there in homes like this right now, contemplating not going to their grad gala because they have nothing to wear, and I consider this to be a shame. High school graduation is not only a wonderful achievement, it is also a right of passage for every kid, and one that should never be denied.

That is why I want to bring something special to your attention: Surrey’s Cinderella Story. This is an annual, one day, non-profit event that provides formal wear and pampering to some of Surreys high school graduates who need it most.  They are looking for donations of new or slightly used men’s and women’s formal wear, so these kids can attend their grads with pride and honour.  Specifically, they need dresses, suits, dress shirts and ties, shoes and purses and jewellery. In addition, they also need volunteers to solicit donations, help organise the event and assist students in picking their items, and be part of the post event crew.  I’m not sure what the current wish list is, or how its changed but give them a call to find out.

I urge anyone looking for a good cause to step up and help out. These young men and women deserve it. You can contact  the following people for more information:

Parm Brar: 604-595-8890  or email:

Laurie McMurtry: 604-614-6642 or email:


Like Hockey? Love the Canucks?  Ready for the opening round game tonight? Can you actually afford to go to tonight’s game? Not I, my friends- there is no way to justify the cost of those tickets when you have 4 kids around…. Recession or no recession, beer sales will rocket during this playoff run, especially in light of all the band-wagoners out there. You know who you are. You don’t watch all season, you make fun of the devoted fans who stick through thick and thin, and now that the Canucks have actually made it this far? You suddenly go get a jersey and car flag so you don’t look like the only geek not cheering on the Canucks. But don’t worry. We still know who you are because you stick out like a sore thumb. Don’t ask how we know, we just know.

That’s it  everyone – short today because the baby is wrapped around my ankle right now, teething yet again,my four year old is trying to get his inside out underwear, back the right way out, and some Jehovahs Witnesses are knocking on my door…I think I must be on the ‘still not converted’ list this week.


Why you should NOT insult your dentist while he is doing your root canal

It all started innocently enough, two years ago.

I had located a new dentist since moving, and booked an appointment to have a tooth checked. It was causing me a little pain when eating hot or cold food-irritating but not life threatening.

I liked him right away. He was a bit younger than me, hip ( or so he thought), and he appeared to know what he was doing. He took some xrays, and told me that I needed a root canal. The filling had deteriorated so badly that the roots were compromised.

WHAT??!!  A root canal? I shuddered then, and I actually just shuddered as I am writing this. Brrrr.

I told him no, just give me a new filling, or something else – anything but a root canal. I’d never had one, but I’d also never heard anything good about them either. He advised me that he does it all the time, its merely a bunch of old wives tales and he assured me that everything would be ok.  I agreed, albeit with great reservation.

The big day came and I sat in that reclining chair as he worked on my tooth. The sickening scent of cloves lay heavy in the air. Having nothing with which to amuse myself, I found myself oddly drawn to his head, or more precisely, his hair. I noticed he had several grey hairs on the top of his head and found this surprising considering his young age. Maybe it was the drugs, but for some reason, I just couldn’t stop staring at those hairs. I was totally fixated on them. They all seemed to be sprouting from the same follicle! Then,just as i was really getting into the search for more grey hairs, he did the unthinkable. I was helpless in my slack jawed stupor to stop him .

He popped in an Usher CD.

Then, without missing a beat, he starting singing softly as he drilled. ” Yeah, yeah , yeah.. uh huh,.. yeah yeah yeah…uh huh…” I swear to God, he was swinging his hips.


Ok, for the record, getting a root canal is bad enough without having Usher whispered in your ear the entire time.What is this- a disco or a dentist office?  I sat, I suffered, and I kept staring at those damn grey hairs on his head.

We were nearly half way done, when he gave me a ‘mouth break’.  Just so you know,two hours is a long time to hold your mouth open. I sat up, and he asked me how I was while he was still humming another Usher song. I narrowed my eyes and looked at him.  I asked him: ” You like Usher?” and massaged my jaw.

” Oh yeah!! Totally! Don’t you?”   

“No”, I told him: ” This is a No-Usher zone, ok? It’s my root canal.”  He looked at me funny,as If I were the crazy one, but then he popped out the CD. As I leaned back into the chair again, he asked me what I was looking at while he had been working.

To this day, I still do not know what came over me.

 Maybe it was the drugs, maybe it was the Usher torture, but I told him the truth.  “Oh, nothing much. I just noticed  all the grey hairs on the top of your head. ”

It was classic, I must say. His eyes bugged right out of his head and his mouth dropped open. The assistant covered her face with her hands and laughed her butt off in the corner.

” You. Are. Joking. Me.” he said. ” I have grey hair? No! No! Where? ” He ran out of the room and into the bathroom where apparently he checked his hair. Vain much?

 When he came back, he looked slightly traumatized, but continued on as professionally as before, although he was a tad rough this time. He fitted the crown over two appointments and before the second one, the assistant phoned to ask me not to mention his hair again, because he had given grief to everyone since my last visit, asking them over and over if he looked old, or if they noticed any new grey hairs. 

He left the practice shortly thereafter and returned to the States,and a few months later I had a walloping infection in the root canal tooth. It abscessed. It wasn’t pretty and it hurt like hell, and guess what?

I had to have another root canal, on the same tooth.

 And guess what else

The other dentist broke a pick off inside the root which could not be retrieved because it was so small. I was freaking out. He kept telling me  that this was ok, it happens all the time, and that as long as it filled the tip of the root nothing would happen.

Sure. Well guess what? Something happened.

 I developed a small, hard lump on the gum under that tooth. Not painful, but weird, you know? I went back to the dentist ( yes I know I should have found someone else), he took an xray, and says he is stymied. He has no idea what it is.  I ask him if it couldn’t be the metal thing he broke off inside the tooth.  Nope. He can’t do anything  himself, but… he can send me to a root canal specialist. Lucky me.

I went, I listened, and I walked out knowing I would never go back to him again. He tells me that something is wrong( I knew that already,moron, that’s why I’m here) , and that he should do another root canal on it. But, he says, it might not work, and it wont get rid of the funny lump, so then you will need apical surgery. This is where they cut the roots of your tooth off. I could look like I had a stroke if he nicks a nerve or a muscle. (Wow! Lovely! Where do I sign up ? ) That might not work either, so then I would have to pull the tooth out.

See ya. I don’t think so.

So, at this point, even though I have excellent dental insurance, I had already spent about $2000 on an extra root canal and a crown. This new root canal would cost $1200.00, and then a new crown- $1000.00, and so on…. It is ONE tooth!!!

So, two years since the start of this ” Good Tooth Gone Bad” episode, i have nearly reached the closing credits. By the time you read this, I will be in surgery, having the lump removed because occasionally these things turn into cancer or they just make your face really ugly. It’s not nice surgery ( is there such a thing?), and I wont be able to eat for days.Ok, a day or two.  AND, I’m told my face and lip may be numb or feel like pins and needles- for a long time, perhaps forever. To top it off,I’m going to look like I went three rounds with Mike Tyson. (Such a hot look for a woman.) Then, I  will probably have to have the damn tooth removed, and I am thinking that I should have just done that in the first place.

Nice, just freaking peachy.

And this, my friends, is why you should never insult your dentist when hes working on your root canal.

I ‘ll let you know how it goes in tomorrows Bits and Bites.

Dave Gerry guest blogs Monday morn’

Lucky me, I’ll be taking the morning off, courtesy of guest blogger, Dave Gerry! Grab your coffee and stop by on Monday, November 24th, as Dave Gerry shares what he’s been doing at home for the past little while.

 All alone.

 In the dark…

and on his hands and knees. (visuals included)