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The world according to Christy Clark. Keep your ibuprofen handy

H/t to one of RossK’s readers who posted this link over in the comments section at his site. Listening to the premier talk about her plans for the province is always entertaining, but where it gets really funny on this one is at … Continue reading

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Worthy of it’s own post : “The BC Lyberals: A New Error for B.C.”

Ivana C. Justice, a long time reader, occasional commenter, devout British Columbian, left her own 10 point version of a more realistic BC Liberals Platform, in the comments below the post below –  definitely worthy of its own post! Thank you Ivana !! “The … Continue reading

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Bits and Bites – Wednesday April 15th, 2009

Good morning to everyone, sorry for the late posting but if you had 4 kids from 10 months to 17 years, you might understand… I was sitting in the chair at my surgeons office yesterday afternoon, which overlooks the new … Continue reading

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Why you should NOT insult your dentist while he is doing your root canal

It all started innocently enough, two years ago. I had located a new dentist since moving, and booked an appointment to have a tooth checked. It was causing me a little pain when eating hot or cold food-irritating but not … Continue reading

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Dave Gerry guest blogs Monday morn’

Lucky me, I’ll be taking the morning off, courtesy of guest blogger, Dave Gerry! Grab your coffee and stop by on Monday, November 24th, as Dave Gerry shares what he’s been doing at home for the past little while.  All alone.  In the dark… … Continue reading

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Corny, but true

people are like tea bags: you don’t know how strong they are , until you dip them in hot water……lol….  yeah, yeah, I know….. DEAL with it….lol

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