Open Mouth, firmly insert foot, Corporal Dale Carr

That is exactly what Corporal Dale Carr seemed to be doing last night , in an on air-interview with a reporter from Vancouver CTV 6 0’clock news. ( I am trying to locate a working link to the clip, however the CTV news archive player is not working- email me if you have a link) Carr was trying to address how the public has a perception that the officers were standing there doing nothing, no CPR etc, when in fact, he says, they were doing continuous monitering and Robert Dziekanski was alive when medical help arrived.

Not so, says the reporter, according to internal security radio broadcast transcriptions obtained from YVR, that Dale Carr obviously had not seen yet. The security radio transcripts tell another tale, one of a man with no pulse, no respiration, and a different version of the timeline the RCMP are giving, of what occurred after Dziekanski went down . Gone immediately was Mr. Carr’s professional demeanor and he was immediately on the defensive. Whose notes were those, and how could they have know what the officers were or were not doing considering they werent there? Blah, blah, blah. He cannot understand how they were accurate, he would like to see them etc…

And so on. But the damage was done.

He was caught off guard by the CTV Vancouver reporter who had information he did not, and it made him look bad- really bad. He really needs to learn when to just shut his mouth and say no comment. Really.

But it gets worse.

Richmond fire dept arrived on scene , and they say Dziekanski was dead when they arrived, and that the officers even refused to take his handcuffs off for further assessment, as they still considered him a threat. ( ????)

 It just keeps getting worse for these cops. I watched the video again, and yes, I will say that it looks like they checked his pulse maybe once or twice, but ” continuous monitering”? I don’t see it.

This is all about damage control, and not about justice and answers. The RCMP cannot quash all the evidence, all the time, and thank god there are reporters who think of things like getting  security radio transcripts before the RCMP get them- because you can bet the public would never have even heard about them. Thank god the Richmond Fire Rescue is speaking up that he was in fact dead when they arrived, not alive as the RCMP are claiming.

I was brought to uncontrollable tears again today as I watched the video , and this morning as I write this, I am filled with both abject sadness and anger at Robert Dziekanski’s death. At the RCMP’s response. At the injustice’s that are, in fact, occurring behind the scenes, behind closed doors as you read this- and you and I both know it’s happening. I would like to believe the truth will prevail, but the cynical side of me tells me I’m dreaming. What do you think about what is going on now? How do you feel about all of the investigations?

I wish there was something I could do to change it all.

I’m Laila Yuile, and this is how I see it.