Breaking news – Abbotsford South BC Liberal Riding Association Directors and President resign, citing ” Unfair, not democratic ” election of candidate Darryl Plecas.

A stunning turn of events in the valley, my good friends over at Abbotsford Today have the breaking news.

“In a letter issued this afternoon the BC Liberal Abbotsford South Riding Association has resigned saying the election of Darryl Plecas was “both unfair and not democratic.”The letter came from former Riding Association president Stephen Evans”

And here is an excerpt from that letter:

“The appointment of Darryl Plecas was both unfair and not democratic.  The Riding Association was not consulted on this appointment.  If the Riding was consulted, the Riding Association would have stated that the memberships and Riding Association Funds were not generated by Darryl Plecas nor his campaign team.   The only reason for Darryl Plecas’ appointment was that he could not defend a challenge from Moe Gill if there was a fair nomination process.  This leads to the question that if Darryl can’t beat Moe Gill in a fair nomination process, how can he win against John van Dongen in an election?

It is also important to note that Darryl Plecas is an untested politician.  It is also alleged that Rich Coleman and Darryl Plecas are related in some manner.”

You can read the rest of that story at:

Clearly, the powers that be running the show at BC Lib headquarters are bound and determined to demonstrate to the public that they don’t even care about democratic process in their own den of inequity. Good grief. At least this riding association has some sense and walked.

This comes on a recent scathing column also run in the Abbotsford Today highlighting some Pro’s and… ahem… Cons of having Plecas as a candidate in which Mike Archer leaves readers with this line:

“It also speaks volumes as to the lengths to which the BC Liberals will go in their desperate search for candidates to join their own sinking ship.”

I couldn’t say it better, myself.

Speedy Van Dongen lives to drive another day – 4 months from now


“I am very busy and sometimes in too much of a hurry and I think some of the public can identify with that.”  ~ Solicitor John Van Dongen in regards to his bad habit of speeding.

This statement above alarms me for two reasons. One, he seems to be trying to justify his criminal behavior, and Two, he is blatantly trying to generate some public sympathy and empathy towards him, as if  this ( exhibiting such a pattern of  driving behavior that merits having our licences revoked) is something we can all relate to.

As if that someone how makes it all A-OK…

As a parent, and a member of the community, I strive to set a positive example for both my kids and others. One would hope( naively) that politicians would try to follow the same ideal.

However, it’s getting a little old for Gordon Campbell and his cronies. I am not one to take bad behavior lightly, however, criminal behavior that has the potential to harm, maim or kill innocent victims is- and always will be – completely unacceptable.

We moan and groan and make tut-tut sounds at the mountie that hit and killed a young man on his bike in Ladner, who was allegedly drunk. “Throw the book at him!” I’ve heard several times. That  darling, beautiful little girl that was killed by a drunk driver  while feeding horses will never grow to bring her parents grandchildren, and her parents have worked hard to ensure other families don’t go through the same thing. I can’t even begin to count all the innocent victims of  street racers and other speeding idiots on our highways.  And now it turns out our top cop in in among those whose history is so questionable that his licence must be revoked for 4 months. I’ve never even known this to happen to someone! 

We crucify those who break the laws , demand action from our politicians and justice from the system.

But what example does it set when  politicians exhibit  documented criminal behavior – and still are able to maintain and hold office?  What does this say about our government when this is considered to be acceptable with the office of  two such important positions?

I did not agree with the Premier staying in office after his drunk driving incident. I don’t care if it happened on vacation in another country, it speaks to his lack of judgement. But alas, we heard the apology, the statements that it was his private life and didn’t affect his ability to lead out province. Again, I don’t give a hoot. I don’t care if he sought treatment, and I don’t care if he took responsibility for his actions, the bottom line is that he is damn lucky he didn’t kill someone.

As is Solicitor General John Van Dongen.

Or SpeedyVan Dongen as I think of him now. A busy man, yep, gotta  lot on my mind, gotta get there quick……All hallmarks of driving behavior that offers the potential to kill other people. And he knows it. That picture in The Sun sums it up very well.

Speed Kills.

But, of course he isn’t stepping down, and of course the Premier will stand by him because that’s the standard we have here in BC – a double one.

There is clearly one set of rules for unacceptable behavior for you and I, and one for the Premier and his colleagues.

This is an embarrassment to our Province, to have a Premier with a very public drunk driving incident while in public office, and a Solicitor General who has had his licence revoked and can’t even drive to work. And who is going to be footing the bill for Van Dongen to get from Point A to Point B now that he can’t drive ? Are his transportation costs going to paid for as an” expense?”  Is he going to hitchhike back and forth from Abbotsford to Vancouver to Victoria? Or is the Premier going to give him a bus pass for Greyhound?

Do the right thing, Speedy, and step down.  In your  very public and respected position of authority, you must set – and live –  by example, more so than any other person.

And if you think remaining  in office is just fine, and the Premier supports you, maybe you and he can make time to come over and explain to my daughters grade 12 law class why you expect them all not to speed, but its ok for those in charge to break the law – again and again and again…