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I started getting hits from this link today, and would love to both share it with all of you:

I would  really love to hear from whoever created this amazing web that tells a story so much better than even my 100+ Reasons the BC Liberals need to Go. It’s quite stunning! email me or let me know in the comments section below!

Who’s been naughtiest in B.C. Politics?



“The holiday season is here and children everywhere are writing to Santa, hoping that they haven’t made the naughty list. It turns out that it’s not only children who should be worried this year! I received a tip recently from a source in the North Pole and Santa is more than a little upset with the B.C. Liberals…

In fact, he said and I quote : “Why can’t they seem to get it right when it comes to all the most vulnerable children?”

Shameful truth be told, my source indicates that Santa has received more letters from children living in poverty in B.C. over the last 9 years,than anywhere else in Canada – and he’s not too happy about that.

In fact,my source indicated Santa’s been taking a good hard look at who’s been particularly naughty this year and has already ordered a rail car full of B.C. coal ! He still needed some help to decide who’s been naughtiest of all when it comes to politics in B.C. and I was more than happy to assist!

The Top 5 Naughty List in B.C. Politics

5)  Richard Butler, the lawyer representing the province in the Basi- Virk indemnity case who just filed a new affidavit that details how the earlier affidavit he filed was false.

Despite being a lawyer for many years, and knowing full well the penalty for perjury in the court, he now admits he “mis-stated” his original affidavit, claiming a faulty memory when it came to declaring if our government actually had detailed billing when it came to Basi and Virks lawyers…all very crucial information about the plea deal given to the two men which many believe, was in exchange for their silence.

When a lawyer ‘forgets’ and files false statements on behalf of the government ,whose been stonewalling their own auditor general who just wants the truth , that’s huge. Naughty naughty naughty. Not just coal for his stocking, but some Ginkgo Biloba in 1000mg tablets to help with his memory.

4) Bill Bennett.

To be brutally honest, I seriously thought Wild Bill must have fallen off of his quad, and was suffering a head injury after I heard him accusing NDP MLA Jagrup Brar of being infatuated with Communist Cuba!  Seriously, one of the craziest statements ever made by any politician, but even more so for a ‘top lieutenant’ in Christy Clarks election readiness team. Bill later had a sock stuffed in his mouth and was sent back out to the mountains, where his mouth couldn’t do any more harm.

3) Colin Hanson.

The man instrumental in the mess of lies and deceit behind the HST debacle – for that alone he’ll be getting a truck load of coal – has jumped from the frying pan, into the fire.

After announcing he wouldn’t be running for MLA again, he announced he would however, take on the role of deputy campaign manager for the BC Liberals in the 2013 election. Seriously? Seriously? You want to actually help this bunch of bungling,unethical politicians get re-elected? Oh, Colin, Santa isn’t going to like that, but maybe he’ll bring you a pair of hip-waders for all the crap you’re going to wading through next year…

2) Rich Coleman.

It’s really getting predictable that when the shit hits the fan,you can usually find Rich Coleman getting his raincoat on. Where do I begin? How about with one of his biggest backers, Patrick Kinsella, whose name seems to go hand in hand with backroom deals for the BC Liberals?

Coleman been very naughty this year, recently in the news for some downright unethical deals and donations between a BC brewer and his office, that resulted in some tax policy changes that.. surprise surprise.. would benefit the brewer to the tune of millions.

Story breaks, words get tossed around like special prosecutor and of course.. ” it was all just a misunderstanding” Sure. Just like bullying a potential candidate for his party into signing a letter he didn’t want to sign was too…

1) Christy Clark.

Without a doubt, Clark takes the number one spot on my naughty list, and it sure doesn’t have anything to do with her dubious appearance on the National Posts Vixens in Vancouver list… thanks to Ian Reid for that one. Stay tuned for a new pilot on Fox next year : “Premier on the Prowl “- grrrowwl !

Unfortunately, the still unelected premier has made a mockery of democracy by refusing to call an election early and get a mandate from the voters – something she promised while campaigning for the Liberal leadership.

Follow that with an endless stream of artificial photo ops, bad press and poor decisions, and you have one big reason female voters don’t like her. Whether its claiming  false job creation numbers,or claiming tough times and tightened belts, then spending $15 million on ads ,everything she says is contrived gibberish.

She has government workers on an attack site on the public dime, gone on a spending spree on the public dime, and goes through staff like some people go through tissues.

I think the people of B.C. would agree: Santa, instead of that good old B.C. coal, how about sending her one nicely wrapped reality check?

Happy Holidays, and I’d love to see your  political choices for Santa’s naughty list!

One of the most important graphs and the two most important posts, you will ever read about BC’s coming debt load.


Our good friends over at Blog Borg Collective has a very important post up this morning that clearly show the amount of debt the province is carrying – without including crown corps etc. The chart  above is from one he has embedded in his post today….. and all I can say is a big thank you to the BC Liberals for accumulating so much debt that they have to avoid having a fall session so they wont be held accountable.

What the hell did they think would happen when they reduced  all corporate and personal taxes to some of the lowest points ever ? Without generating new revenue streams as replacements? Natural gas prices are down, China is heading into some rough economic times and our government is putting everything they have into exports to China and Asia……Well, good luck with that and good luck to the incoming government after our election next year, trying to wade out of this one. Don’t expect miracles. Now go, read the post and weep.

When you are done that, come on back and read this post explaining how this all came to be. The best explanation of how the BC Liberals created their own crisis to introduce P3’s to the province. Looking back at the last 10 years, I think it’s bang on.

Editorial from a former editor : “Selling off the furniture to pay for the groceries”

So, last night I received this email from a former Postmedia editor, an update, a tip on the Dan Murphy story. The kind of thing you can take to the bank, if you know what I mean. I stand by it, and my source, who also forwarded me this link to a story this morning…the same link a reader sent to me today in the comments later on :


 Postmedia Network Canada Corp. has agreed to sell its Toronto head office for $24 million, money it will use to pay down its debt, the company said Tuesday.

The property is home to the media chain’s corporate head-quarters and the National Post.

The sale to property developer Rose and Thistle Group Ltd. is conditional on Postmedia leasing another property within 30 days.

The former editor had this to say: “They’re selling their house to pay the bills. Same thing happened in Vancouver when we moved from our own building at Sixth and Granville to downtown rental space, which has since been downsized about four times.That gives you an idea how much more they borrowed than they should have been allowed to and how tough a time they are having making money off the crap they are producing.It’s what’s so infuriating for journos when they go through all that lecturey bullshit about new revenue models online and “the old model is broken”. It isn’t. People want news and will pay for it, and cross-platforming really works well, both for content and profit. They just haven’t got a clue about either.”

Keep in mind, this was after the second great email to come my way from said former editor, one they agreed to let me publish, despite the fact ” the writing isn’t good”. I told them it doesn’t always have to be to reach people, sometimes it needs to be real, like regular people write to each other, you know?

So here it is, timely I think, because of the Dan Murphy Incident… I feel that deserves capitals, for some reason. Perhaps because it’s only the second time I can recall one of the troupe speaking out, since Kai Nagata walked away from a budding career… for not so different reasons.

Here it is, raw, unedited. Editorial from a former editor.

Just thinking.

 Not to belabour this when the focus is Enbridge, but I meant what I said. Much of the problem here is media concentration, and the poor managers at the company that has managed to assemble most Canadian papers under one roof.

 People like Godfrey, and many of his managers, have zero understanding of the product they produce. Zero. That’s just a fact. They are running a chain of newspapers, which used to be like cash machines. And that’s why the hedge fund lent them money. Hedge funds get in and out fast; they expected this chain of Canadian newspapers to bring in cash. Sadly, the people running them (and Godfrey is a classic example) don’t know what to do to keep their product lively, bright and appealing. They don’t understand that people still want news. Or at least a print or online product organized around a core of news.

 They talk ads, and deals and leveraging but they don’t talk news.

 They don’t invest in news. In fact, they pull money continually away from their newsrooms.

They de-invest in their product.

 And then they lose readers, and advertisers, and money. 

Godfrey did a tour of Postmedia newsrooms a month or so back. He was at both the Sun and Province. He told them the papers are losing money faster and faster that advertisers are bailing, that the banks have gone to electronic media, for example, and those were big advertisers.

 So when you have big ad money at risk, as with Enbridge, what do you do? If readers are bleeding away and advertisers with them, the ones who remain, and are willing to pay for print ads, or those lucrative few seconds at the beginning of online video clips, what do you do?

 Postmedia has massive loans to repay. 

 The problem is that whole process that allowed a chain to grow and grow, for Conrad Black to assemble so much, and then Canwest, and then the same jokers who drove Canwest into the ground to get their hands on even more money and resurrect it as Postmedia.

 This mess means that some guy can sit atop an empire, at a desk in Toronto, and take a call, and make a call, and what used to be an independent paper on the west coast is told to kill an opinion piece.

It’s a piece by a very popular cartoonist, an artist who the managers in fact like very much. He’s smart, he’s good and he attracts clicks, as we say. But they have no choice in the matter.

 If that video had been a shared piece with the Sun, well, it would have been pulled from both outlets, because they’re all under the same thumb. 

 That’s a problem for communities all across Canada who need and deserve accurate, complete news. A lot of them got it, in varying degrees, when papers were independent. Or when there was competition. But all that is gone. 

 And when the guys left running what is almost the only game in town (commercial media-wise, anyway) are incompetent with news, well, the problem is heartbreaking.

 So yes, the Enbridge thing is a scandal. And Postmedia’s response is a disgrace. 

 But it isn’t the first time it’s happened, and it won’t be the last.

 That it can happen at all is just as troubling for journalists.


Christy Palin strikes (out) again.

I’ve  previously made the comparison between Clark and Palin here on, and I’m afraid Miz Clark has once again drawn my attention with her horrific grammar.  Ouch. This was painful to read it’s just so wrong!

Christy Clark:  “Me and my team and our party are going to be working very, very hard over the next 389 days to talk to British Columbians about those risks and reaching out and finding out what it is they want from their government and how they think that their government could better reflect them. And I’m going to be leading that effort.”  ~ from CBC

If you aren’t outraged, you haven’t been paying attention – part II

A long time reader, Gordon, otherwise known as Canadianbud, left this comment yesterday on my recent post When the solution becomes part of the problem, and after reading it, I really felt it was worthy of a post itself.

 Having worked in the non-profit sector for a while in the early days of Campbell’s cuts to social services and related agencies, I have personally worked with many wonderful people like Gordon who faced multiple barriers in their lives that made regular fulltime employment hard to find, along with those who simply wanted the world to give them a free ride. 

This commentary speaks to both the growing frustration felt by those who have been intentionally marginalized by the Campbell/Clark governments, and to the outrage many of us feel by the growing gap between rich and poor.  That’s why I am here, to give a loud, angry – no, outraged voice for the people who might not have one. I don’t have a quick fix for you nor do I have a party label or a rigid ideology to go with that, but I sure as hell know that what’s going on in this province isn’t working, and hasn’t been for some time.

Maybe I can help change that, and so can each of you, if we keep revealing, keep discussing and keep fighting to right what is wrong in British Columbia.

Thank you Gordon.

I’m permanently disabled.
My total income from government disability (and all other sources) totaled (gross) $9,140 for 2011. (I get about $900/month now).
For 5 years after my first stroke (1997-2002) I struggled on $490/month ( $500 -$10/month to pay back damage deposits from having to move to rooming houses) selling off everything of value, before finally applying and getting my disability-1 for 7 years (I didn’t and don’t like to think of myself as permanently disabled, but I am).
Then Campbell came in 2001 and ripped everything up in the social system saying this would weed out the klingons and abusers of our system.
That’s when doctors started charging $50 for a basic form up to $200 for a disability form. Check it out for yourself.

So, after Campbell made it near impossible to get back on the system due to paperwork and costs, I went up Island to Nanaimo to work in an MSN call center.
You could NOT get welfare in Nanaimo at that time unless you had a rejection notice (FACT) from RMH (the people who owned the fully American call center in the Country Club Mall, totally SUBSIDIZED by our government in order to “promote jobs”). That in itself should have been illegal. But, understandable I guess in order to get complacent people on welfare actively job searching.
We weren’t considered human there, just expendable if we didn’t meet their (RMH’s) unreasonable (profit based) time quotas.
Sure enough, within the year my disability interfered enough to get me “medically released”.
I tried for work again in 2003 at the West Corporation (AT&T wireless call center out on Keating Xroad) but had a seizure and was put on medical leave, they then “terminated” me as an “abandonment of position” even though I had doctors notes and letters excusing me.

So, I’m the thief, the abuser, the klingon of the welfare tit eh?!
That’s the feeling and looks I get (my disabilities aren’t readily apparent, I don’t use a wheelchair for example) when mentioning my income.
The ignorance is maddening.
I get a few thousand a year, yet politicians and so called officials steal or waste millions every day/month, and people have the audacity to take the stance you have, to make unrealistic suggestions on how to live with a situation you absolutely have NO CLUE ABOUT, on an amount that is unlivable.
An MLA recently tried it for a month AND COULDN’T DO IT. .
I’ve been doing it for almost 14 BLOODY YEARS. What do you think I have left? Barely my dignity.. and I can’t even afford that anymore.

AND, just as ONE example of where we really see abuse, Ida “CHOMP CHOMP” Chong spent over $6,000 in one year JUST FOR HER 1 MEAL PER DAY PERK (per diem) .
How much does she make a year? How much of her travel, food, lodging are covered by taxpayers and why? Now multiply that by every MLA and MP.
Don’t have the money for schools and such eh?!
Why is all this travel (including Clark’s jet-setting) when things can be done over a video-conference.. isn’t everything electronic these days anyways?

The people you see on Pandora street DO NOT REFLECT EVEN 1% of a percentage point the “type” of people receiving assistance, yet they are the first people you think of when the words “welfare recipient” are put out, and then all of a sudden everyone that’s on welfare is a scammer, etc.
I do see the abusers of the system, I hate it, they make the ones who need/depend on it look bad. But, I will not turn into a dicktator and tell people what or where they should be when I have no idea of who they are, or more importantly, where they’ve been or may be in life as a person.

How about not outsourcing all our jobs (see any “made in Canada” products on shelves lately?) and creating work here.
How about making jobs easier with technology rather than eliminating them completely so people have some job options, especially for people like me who are so bored, have capabilities and WANT TO WORK.
Instead, EVERY DAMN MONTH I worry myself sick (stress is a major trigger to my disability, fancy that) that there won’t be a cheque in the mail (as has happened many many many times) and I’ll have to go through all the BS it takes to get things straightened out in this red-tape govt.
That means missing many meals, adding late payment charges to my bills, and my eviction notice will have to wait.

I’m so mad, yet God bless those who do understand and have empathy. We will prevail. We will make things right. Just give us a chance.

” Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity” or… “How the BC liberals are now overspending to fix the corrections crisis they created.”

                                                                          The BC Liberals: Same crap, same people, different motives

Indeed, one should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity, in particular when it comes to politicians and government – case in point, the BC Liberals…As you heard here first, Christy Clark made the announcement yesterday that the Osoyoos Indian Band has been selected as the party who wins the opportunity to host a new prison here in Beautiful B.C.

Yes, the bells and whistles rang as the Queen of ” Gosh Darn, I am just so amazed to present this opportunity”  heralded the new (P3, no less) prison plan that she says will bring greater public safety, lots of jobs and all sorts of other wonderful feel good benefits.

Fair enough, Christy. Questionable at best Attorney General Shirley Bond even had the balls to toot the governments own horn on how this particular project is the first part of the Gosh Darn amazing Liberals phase 2 of the super amazing corrections capital plan !!  Yes, the Liberals have been making “record investments”  in the corrections system here in BC .Three other capital projects have already been completed or are now underway as part of Phase 1 of the Province’s corrections capital plan:

  • 20 new cells at Prince George Regional Correctional Centre (completed).
  • 104 new cells at Alouette Correctional Centre for Women (nearing completion).
  • 216 new cells at Surrey Pretrial Services Centre (site preparation began in January 2012).

Ahhhhh… smell the fresh air… the winter jasmine… the super amazing BS spin that only the BC Liberals spinmasters can concoct- and Olson on your side is leading the pack for them. Sad, he really is no longer, “on your side.” ( But I digress)

Rest assured, we do need more corrections facilities in BC, absolutely!!

After all, since 2001, the BC Liberals closed 10 jails in BC, trying to pinch pennies on their budgets, closing the minimum and medium security jails and moving all the prisoners to maximum security facilities.   You can read their action plan from 2002 – 2005 in this PDF document HERE public_safety_and_solicitor_general

Among the closures were Terrace Community Correctional Centre, Rayleigh Correctional Centre, Chilliwack Community Correctional Centre, Mount Thurston Correctional Centre – including Chilliwack, New Haven Correctional Centre, Stave Lake Correctional Centre, Alouette River Correctional Centre, Vancouver Pre-trial Correctional Centre, and Hutda Lake Correctional Centre.

Yes, they closed them, moved the prisoners and put the then supposedly ‘surplus’ inventory up for sale, sometimes not even indicating an asking price, as detailed in this older news article archived by another site. A cursory search indicates some of the properties were sold for mere pittance compared to the cost of building any of the new expansions, and a tiny fraction of the cost of the new prison slated for Oliver.

One facility, the Bear Creek Correctional centre, has changed hands several times and remains to this day vacant and empty, surrounded by fencing to keep out vandals. The sawmill has been dismantled on site, but apparently the buildings remain. Why not simply purchase it back and do what needs to be done to get it up and operating? Could this be done with any of the other sites that were sold? What the hell were they all thinking?

One would wonder if it is a particular brand of stupidity that makes a premier talk about the amazing investments her government is making in corrections, when she was actually still a sitting MLA under Campbell when all these cuts that led to the current disaster were made in the first place.

She’s walking on very shaky ground on this issue, among others,as her past history has proven impossible to shake. But never forget, simply tossing her out and replacing her with a new leader is not going to save this sorry bunch, most of whom have been right alongside the great one past and not so great one present, the entire time. Not just closing prisons, but also closing courthouses, family justice centres, probation offices, and on.. and on. Just head back up to the top and read my ” 1oo Reasons the BC Liberals must go” if you really need a refresher. It remains on the top of this blog until they are gone, and feel free to add to it with Ms. Christies crackers faux pas.

I would remind you that this corrections issue is not the first contrived rescue scenario played by the Liberals, who cut personal income taxes straight to the bone over the last ten years, then used the resulting lack of revenue as a justification to promote P3’s, the HST, business tax breaks, you name it. And yes, Ms. Clark was still fawning over Campbell in much of that time as well, as much as it makes me shudder to think of it again. But back to the state of corrections in British Columbia.

Never forget that it was because of every cut made by the same BC Liberals who even now, even now, claim economic restraint yet spend thousands on a SuperBowl ad, as if people watching the Superbowl are really concerned about her gosh darn amazing jobs plan.Seriously. Between her and Falcon there is no hope, none whatsoever.

So, in light of the latest attempt to fix what they broke, I thought it fitting to offer up the headline as a campaign slogan for Christy and crew:


All I want for Christmas is a municipal auditor just like John Doyle…

I’ve been a very big fan of  provincial Auditor General John Doyle, ever since I first started looking into the various P3 projects in the province. Even then, he appeared to me to be one man with unbroken integrity, and not at all afraid to wade deeply where none had gone before to get at the heart of the often questionable Liberal method of accounting. He replied to every email of mine with thoughtful,informative answers,and I felt secure that Mr. Doyle would eventually uncover every detail needing to be uncovered.

He continues to impress by leaps and bounds and every British Columbian should be sending the man a Christmas card of thanks this year for looking out for all of us. Vaughn Palmers column in the Sun today tells us why…and the news is startling.

 Not often do accountants engage in the bookkeeping equivalent of hand-to-hand combat.

But there was some of that at a meeting of the public accounts committee of the legislature one day last week, as BC Hydro’s chief financial officer and acting CEO Charles Reid squared off against Auditor-General John Doyle.

The occasion was supplied by the committee review of Doyle’s recent report on Hydro’s growing practice of defer-ring current expenses to future years.

The flashpoint was provided by Doyle’s bald assertion that although every penny of the soon-to-be-$5-billion balance in the 27-and-count-ing deferral accounts will have to be repaid, neither Hydro nor the government has any detectable plan to do so.

Read more:

Laila Yuile on The World Today with Jon McComb this afternoon to talk about the search for the HST agreement – and the reality check coming for BC’ers in 2015.

Join me as I chat with Jon McComb this afternoon right after the 4:30 news spot, until about 4:45 and a reminder you can listen in live online, as well as radio !  We will be talking about my search for the HST agreement, as well as the reality check likely to come for British Columbians in 2015 if the HST is not extinquished in the referendum…

If you were unable to listen live, you can go the CKNW audio vault, , select Thursday July 21st, and pick the 4:pm time slot. Fast forward to the 4:40 mark, and listen in to the interview which plays until about the 4:53 mark.

The HST agreements can be found at this link( or scroll down)

And the search for those documents can be found here:

Of course, you might also enjoy reading comments from Mike Jagger, of the Smart Tax Alliance that is pushing for the HST, and a couple other important HST related stories  HERE: