Debbie Does Christy Clark… and how!

You know what I really hate?

A contrived photo-op. You know the kind, where the politician of the moment sets it all up to do or say something and it all looks hunky dory for the select press invited to show up.

Something Christy Clarks camp seems to be very inclined to do, since Christy can’t seem to handle anything unscripted or unauthorized in terms of reporters questions. And in agreement with fellow blogger Harvey Oberfeld, I refuse to refer to Christy as premier since she has yet to be elected to that position by the electorate of British Columbia.

Thankfully, my comrades in arms are everywhere and this evening Debbie left a comment worthy of a front page post, because she was witness to such a contrived photo op that it left her gagging.  But it was not only the fake aura of the event that turned her stomach, but the details that weren’t reported that really takes the cake.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the gory details yourself :

Today in Tsawwassen Christie Clark, Kevin Falcon and the education minister showed up at a local elementary school to announce $8 million in funding for playgrounds. Of course, the playground was full of children playing on the well appointed playground (that the parents had fund raised for). Clark talked about how the government was now going to fully fund school playgrounds because they were a vital part of keeping our children healthy.
A couple of things struck me.
First, I bring my children regularly to this playground and there are usually only a couple of children playing there. I recognized a good number of the Liberal friendly Delta School Board Trustees were there, including Dale Saip (the erstwhile and bankruptcy revealed former Conservative candidate) and Laura Dixon a well known Liberal supporter. They had called friends and family to show up and provide backdrop for this announcement. Miraculously after the cameras left, so did all the children. More phony baloney.

Secondly, this press conference was not held in front of one the 44 schools who have no playgrounds because 10 years ago wooden playgrounds were declared unsafe and removed. There was no funding made available by the Campbell/Clark government to replace them. Guess who was education minister?{ CHRISTY CLARKE}

 Funding to replace the playgrounds had to be raised by parents, who were also dealing with( PAC)  grant cuts. So,the less well off schools were left to choose between books and playgrounds. Not much of a choice. The hypocrisy was palpable and was asked about by a reporter who had that question ignored.

Thirdly, while it seems the Provincial Liberal candidate was invited, along with the Liberal supporting school trustees and even our Liberal loving mayor, Lois Jackson was invited, Delta’s Independant MLA Vicki Huntington, was not.

 Pretty poor manners I’d say but typical of the “openess” of the Campbell/Clark government.

What was interesting though was that members of Mothers Against Power Poles had been tipped off and they advised Ms Huntington of the press conference, which she and the spokesperson for MAPP, Heather Coles, attended. Ms. Coles talked to the media before the press conference (oops) and reminded them and the Premier that the Liberals had promised not to put dangerous high voltage lines through Tsawwassen ~ A promise they reneged on promptly after being re elected.

The Premier’s handlers did not like this outburst and attempted to shoo Ms Coles away after promising to arrange to speak with her later. But Ms Coles stood her ground and insisted on talking to Clark in front of the media. Good for Ms Coles.

As an aside, for those of you who wondered what happened to CTV’s Olsen On Your Side, well  he has a new job acting as the chief media guy for Christie Clark, a sort of Olsen On Christie’s Side.

 I guess he must have missed Pamela too much.

What I witnessed today was the typical Dog & Pony show we’ve come to expect from this bunch. Not a thing had changed except for the media handlers.