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One tough question for the BC Government

In the days since the horrific failure of the tailings pond dam at the Mount Polley Mine, and the silence that initially followed from our government and the company, one thing is clear to me. Sadly, as a province we … Continue reading

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BC Liberal members decline and ignore requests for interview with leading LGBT blogger and advocate as ‘too risky’.

News today that Liberal MLA Mary Polak’s campaign manager has  resigned over anti- gay comments might surprise some, but not many in the LGBT community in BC. The entire story brings to light the issue of lesbian,gay, bi and transgender rights in the province, and why for … Continue reading

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Bait and switch toll reduction won’t help BC Liberals.

From my new post headlined over at HuffPost BC : “The Port Mann Bridge project has been steeped in controversy from its humble beginnings as an economically prudent plan to twin the existing bridge at a cost of $1.5 billion … Continue reading

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Returning Monday September 10th with new stories, new posts.

Generally speaking, summer is a bit of dead zone for political stories, however this summer has been a non-stop series of eyebrow raising news items that have continued right into September. I’ve taken a bit of break for the last … Continue reading

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“Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.” ~ Irene Peter

Never would you find a more fitting quotation to apply to our newly unelected Premier’s cabinet appointments. Just because everything is different, doesn’t mean anything has actually changed at all. I, like many others, watched the live feed  of yesterday’s undemocratic … Continue reading

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Self-conceit always leads to self-destruction…

By now you may have heard of the days events –  Bill Bennett was kicked out, literally it seems, of the caucus, perhaps even the building. CKNW has been the best source of news on this so far this afternoon, … Continue reading

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” Just the tip of the iceberg…” : Why Railgate and the Basi-Virk trial are about so much more than just Basi and Virk.

* * * * * Facts are technically accurate statements made by the mouth or penned by the hand. Truth is a larger statement, a holistic statement. Truth is not just factually accurate, but also utterly honest. Truth is the … Continue reading

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Breaking news: Supreme Court rules in” Tercon Contractors Ltd. vs British Columbia(Ministry of Transportation)

 ” The appeal from the judgment of the Court of Appeal for British Columbia (Vancouver), Number CA033983, 2007 BCCA 592, dated December 3, 2007, heard on March 23, 2009, is allowed, the order of the Court of Appeal is set aside and the judgment of the … Continue reading

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