A Canadian made automobile that cant be sold in Canada and no one seems to know about…and other amusing items

Rick Mercer had an interesting feature on the show this week, the ZENN car. That’s right, a Zero-Emission, No Noise car ( hence the name ZENN) that is fully battery operated and can be plugged into any electric outlet to recharge. It runs at a cost of pennies per mile, and  is fully made in Canada, and yes, it gets better, it costs around $12,000.00!!

It sounds too good to be true! A Canadian made car, with zero emissions, no-noise? Why, if everyone in large metro areas started driving these, we could make the Kyoto accord in no time……. but wait, I’m up on current events, I like to think I’m environmentally savvy – so why haven’t haven’t I heard or seen anything in the news about these cars?

Oh, that great old Canadian government again. Up until just recently, the car wasn’t considered to be street-legal in Canada, and the market has been in the US and over seas.  It seems the Canadian government needed to take its time allowing such a clearly needed and amazing vehicle on the roads. Now the Federal stumbling block has been removed, it is still going to be quite a while before you see these cars zooming along with NO NOISE in metro areas, because BC is the only province in which they will be allowed to be sold. Each province makes it’s own regulations regarding the use and sale of non- standard vehicles, and so far, the rest of the country hasn’t addressed it…..sad , but true.

I love this car, and I’d love to see more of them around – it’s perfect for those in the city, zipping around taking the kids to school, running errands, and for those who drive a lot in the city for work related duties.  See for yourself at http://zenncars.com/

Another item to shake your head at : The Surrey Leader front pager this week is about a Surrey man whose plan to get some deals and  go shopping for the day across the border was thwarted by US Border guards. Martin Rooney heads to the US all the time to visit friends and shop without hassle, but this past week a border agent asked him what he did for a living. He replied he was on a disability. “What’s the disability?” he was asked, and Martin replied it was because he had HIV. He was then told he needed  a waiver to enter the US, as the US does not allow those with “a communicable disease of public health significance ”  into the country without a waiver stating they are allowed to do so, authorized by US immigration officials.

It gets better. He was then given an” orange card”, told to park his car, and was subjected to three hours of questioning, fingerprinting, and having his name run through the FBI database. What the FFFFF?????

He will not be allowed to return to the United States without the waiver – even for a day.

What do the Americans think this guy is going to do – try and stay in the US for their oh-so superior medical care? Hes visiting friends and shopping, not immigrating for pete’s sake. GET A GRIP. Maybe we should make Americans get waivers to enter Canada just based on the stupidity of their government.

And finally, let’s talk about the laughable responses coming out of the BC government regarding the tasering death of Robert Dziekanski.

We’ve had a John Les Flip-flop, and some are taking bets as to when the next waffle will occur, good old Gordo apologising more than a month after the fellow died,in a sudden fit of sorrow and  remorse (Ha!) and a host of other insincere, “oh shit, we better make this look better or we’ll all  lose at the popularity polls and get voted out” crap. The RCMP are even trying to recoup a little by saying that IF they find there is not enough research to clearly show the safety of the device, they would welcome a moratorium. Hmmmm, that would explain why even more Tasers were purchased right around the time of the death. 

The RCMP  as an organizational whole ,cant even agree country wide among themselves on what to do – in Newfoundland the use of the taser has been suspended pending further research. So why are the RCMP saying out West here, that they are safe and an indispensible  device for officers? Are cops getting lazy?

The general public is smart enough to see that the government and the RCMP are out to protect their own interests, and their spot in the popularity polls – its never about making things “right” unless its going to threaten their place in office. I will respect a politician much more when they  stick to their guns, right OR wrong, rather than one who says one thing one day, then flips as soon as he/she gets criticised.

Does anyone in politics really have a firm opinion on anything currently? Can they truly speak their mind?

No explanation has come from Canada Border Services/Immigration, or the Airport. A polish speaking man has been fired following questions as to why he wasn’t called to translate, since he was working at the time of the incident. Firefighters are questioning why they weren’t called – and after all this, we find out today there was a defibrillator a mere 20 seconds away,at the top of the escalator, and that someone on staff had been trained how to use it. Nice.

This man was killed, and the officers on duty at the scene bungled up big. BIG. Sounds to me like they wanted him to die, or why wouldn’t they have performed CPR, or  called SOMEONE for help – immediately?

It’s hard to have faith in the government, in our RCMP, and in authority in general when the response to an obvious mistake is to deny deny deny , cover it up, and don’t ask- don’t tell.  It’s time  we all learned a lesson about responsibility and owning up to our mistakes – the government and its agencies in particular.

I’m Laila Yuile, and this is how I see it.