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Returning Monday September 10th with new stories, new posts.

Generally speaking, summer is a bit of dead zone for political stories, however this summer has been a non-stop series of eyebrow raising news items that have continued right into September. I’ve taken a bit of break for the last … Continue reading

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” Circumstances do not make the man… they reveal him.” ~ James Allen, former defence minister of New Zealand

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. what does this one tell you?  ( And a reminder to scroll down and read the HST agreements that the government would rather you not see, and how far they would … Continue reading

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“The incestuous relationship between government and big business thrives in the dark.” ~Jack Anderson

From the Fraser Surrey Docks press release: Fraser Surrey Docks was a fitting background for the official launch of the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR)project on Monday, January 12th 2009, which was attended by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier … Continue reading

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We are all Egyptians.

Fighting the good fight I believe that any individual who has spiritually awakened in our time, to the degree that he or she finds a higher and deeper motive for living, is going to be driven to fight the good … Continue reading

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Falcon added $2billion debt as transportation minister – and that doesn’t include the Shadow tolls

Will McMartin did an outstanding job on his piece about Falcon in the Tyee today.   Fact, not fiction and cuts right through the Falcon leadership rhetoric. Highlights include: :  Kevin Falcon added close to $2.6 billion in infrastructure debt during his … Continue reading

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Kevin Falcon will not commit to a full BC rail inquiry.

Just back from the Vancouver Sun live chat with Kevin Falcon, in which every question I submitted was given to Falcon except the last, because time ran out. So, what can you expect from Kevin Falcon if he were to … Continue reading

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The Macquarie Connection

 **** Updated January 12th,2011 While not evident in researching this post, it has been brought to my attention that Macquaries interest in the Casino was reduced in a debt reduction transaction that took place in August of last year, which received very little … Continue reading

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Sea to Sky shadow toll story makes national news courtesy of Mark Hume and the Globe and Mail

Mark Hume of the Globe and Mail has done an outstanding job of taking the Sea to Sky highway shadow toll story to an entirely new level in the Monday edition of the paper, and managed to get some rather … Continue reading

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Sea to Sky operator awards Transtoll technical advisory contract to ensure accurate shadow toll vehicle counts on the Sea to Sky highway – despite the government making repeated,public denials that shadow tolls even exist.

The latest development in my ongoing investigation into the province’s many P3 projects has been the surfacing of a news release from Transtoll, courtesy of a reliable source, that announces that the company was awarded a contract in June of this … Continue reading

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At last! The ministry of transportation responds to my questions…

****Updated at the bottom, Tuesday Nov. 2, 8pm. Sometimes what is more telling about a situation isn’t what is said,  but rather, what is not. Since the publication of my first story on the shadow tolls on the Sea to Sly … Continue reading

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