Friends helping friends: The story of how the BC Liberal – SNC Lavalin connection persists with Christy Clark.

Click on the photo below to see Gwyn Morgans person contributions to the BC Liberals and Christy Clark.

Gwyn Morgan

Now…. let’s go back and read this story, detailing some of the conflicts behind the proposed Victoria LRT line, SNC and Clark.

The BC Liberal – SNC Lavalin connection: Moral hazard is when they take your money and then are not responsible for what they do with it.

And yes…. no surprise here… SNC gets the new skytrain line project:

SNC Lavalin awarded Evergreen Line rapid transit project in Metro Vancouver

Former SNC head Pierre Duhaime formally charged with fraud.  ( yes that would be the very same Pierre whose indignant quotes regarding the corruption report in Quebec are included in the first link above)

In a related story, the revelations and allegations keep piling up in Quebec’s Charbonneau inquiry into corruption in the construction industry there : an engineering firm confirmed today that it engaged in  “inappropriate conduct” in the financing of political parties in Quebec and the awarding of municipal contracts as outlined in recent allegations to the province’s corruption inquiry.

One can only wonder if there is a politician in British Columbia who is ready to take on similar and ongoing allegations relating to bidding “irregularities” for both provincial and municipal contracts in our fine province, several of which I’ve written about here on this site.

When companies bidding on contracts:

  • wine and dine politicians and senior staff members;
  •  engage in the excessive financing of political parties and candidates;
  • advise and mentor politicians while holding active contracts;
  • provide access to entertainment, go on personal vacations with and otherwise provide gains to provincial and municipal politicians that would, without a doubt, be considered a conflict of interest or influence peddling….

… then we have entered the realm of corruption.

It has been revealed in the ongoing corruption inquiry in Quebec that Habs tickets were the currency of choice for companies eager to corrupt city and provincial officials and staff.

Hmm…anybody sweating yet?

We find ourselves with a premier who campaigned on bringing open government to the people and then quickly revealed herself as being more secretive than Campbell ever was. A premier who mandates transparency and accountability to ensure tax dollars are being spent wisely to give British Columbians a better quality of life… but applies that mandate selectively, targeting her foes and protecting her friends.

My repeated calls for a full investigation into the government bidding process within all ministries of the government of B.C. ( and certain municipalities) have gone unheeded or acknowledged by any party in British Columbia, even when bolstered with a federal report indicating a lack of accountability, experience and transparency in the process.

To do anything less, is to condone corruption within government by our elected officials, by those deemed with the power to stop it.

Time for Minister Rich Coleman to step down – calls to Surrey Councillors absolute political interference in process.

There is more to come on Coleman and the Gateway story – it’s huge and is still developing on several angles, but Alex Browne of the Peace Arch News scooped a hint of it with this story just out:

“BC Liberal MLA Gordon Hogg says he is “surprised” and “disappointed” to learn that B.C.’s minister responsible for gaming made personal calls to Surrey councillors during last week’s public-hearing process on the Gateway casino-entertainment complex.

 “I’m planning to have further discussion with my colleagues on this,” the Surrey-White Rock MLA said Tuesday.

Hogg said it’s a matter of concern for him that his BC Liberal colleague, Rich Coleman, was talking to council members between two public hearings on the South Surrey project.

Hogg said such conversation was open to interpretations that it was an attempt to influence the decision.

Repeated attempts by Peace Arch News to reach Coleman since Monday morning have been unsuccessful.

Couns. Tom Gill and Bruce Hayne confirmed to PAN independently Tuesday that they had both received calls from Coleman between the first public-hearing session Jan. 14 and a second session Jan. 18. Both councillors said Coleman advised them that if the project didn’t pass, Surrey would not receive any other applications through BC Lottery Corporation.”

This is not only unregistered lobbying, this is political interference from a Minister who should, by position, remain exempt from comment or influence in any manner. As a former RCMP member, Coleman more than anyone, should know this.

I would hope Coleman would do the right thing and step down immediately, but failing that, Christy Clark needs to do the right thing and ask him to stand down pending a full investigation into this proposal from beginning to end. Well done to Alex Browne of the Peace Arch News for this!!!!

*** A little bit of connection here…. Senator Larry Campbell has a seat on the board of directors of Great Canadian Casino…. perhaps Coleman was/is gunning for a seat on the board of Gateway Casinos ?

“Democracy is the best revenge.” ~Benazir Bhutto

Very early Saturday morning, in a divided vote, Surrey city council turned off the lights to Gateway Casinos south Surrey gaming proposal. It was an epic evening with passionate presentations, and on twitter, excellent debate and commentaries. Although I was nearly propping eyelids open with toothpicks by the nearly 2 am vote, I stayed up to follow and hear the council and mayors closing comments prior to their votes. Pros and cons  considered objectively, I believe the right decision was made.

Clearly, Rich Coleman doesn’t agree.

While reading his petulant comments in The Province story by Sam Cooper yesterday -more befitting in tone to a toddler temper tantrum than a government minister –  I couldn’t help but shake my head at the arrogant sense of entitlement he demonstrated.

“B.C. Lottery Corp. has lost confidence in Surrey politicians and will not “waste time and money” coming to the city with new gaming proposals, says Rich Coleman, the provincial cabinet minister in charge of gaming.


It was Surrey that originally approved casino zoning on the site, Coleman said, and the city asked B.C. Lottery Corp. to include amenities such as the hotel and gaming centre.

Surrey would have received about 10 per cent of annual profits, or $6 million per year, and would also benefit from an increased tax base, Coleman said.

“We met the conditions they asked us to, and the councillors still decided they didn’t want it,” he said.

Coleman said the government will not propose the gambling complex for another site in Surrey, and there are other municipalities that will likely be approached.

“We won’t have any confidence [in council’s decision-making], so we won’t waste time and money,” Coleman said.”

ColemancountryI’m sorry, but what kind of pompous ass, government minister, no less, makes this kind of comment ? Oh wait…what was I thinking… it is Rich Coleman after all…. So, what is the big problem here Rich? Why the outrage ? Did the city of Surrey rain on your parade?

Get an umbrella.

It’s a sad day when a government minister insults municipal politicians because they listened to the people  who voted them into office in the first place.

They call it democracy Rich. Something your government has demonstrated, time and time again, to know little about.